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Civilization"s Leader: Bouddica

Civ Bonus: Druidic Lore+1 Faith per City through 1 unboosted Foremainder tile next to it. Increases to +2 Faith with 3 or even more unenhanced Forests. Roads execute not count as enhancements as much as breaking this bonus, yet camps would certainly.

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Unique Unit: Pictish WarriorRequires Bronze Working, Replaces SpearmanHas the same stats as a Spearmale (11 Combat Strength) yet removed bonus to Mounted devices. Instead, they gain a +20% Combat Strength bonus outside Friendly region and also require no motion to Pillage tiles. They will certainly earn 50% of an opponent"s CS as Faith on kill, meaning you can farm your initially Great Prophet by fighting Barbarians and various other Civilizations, along with the Civ"s passive Faith bonus.

Unique Building: Ceilidh HallRequires Acoustics, Replaces Opera HouseExactly the very same as an Opera Housage, except it offers +3 Delight - a major increase for Wide realms, whether your lands were gained via conquest or spamming Settlers.

Playing Against The Bouddica AI - Their Tendencies (XML Info and also Flavors)
WarmongerHatredWonderCompeteOffenseBuildDefenseBuildCityDefenseDoFFriendlyto CivsDenounceCivsWar w/CivsDeceptionLikelihoodCSCompCS War
Other InfoBouddica is an unfriendly neighbor and also not likely to authorize a DoF via you without several positive diplomatic modifiers in your favor. Thankfully, her Unique Unit is not extremely dangerous in the hands of an AI. What you would should problem around most is just how dedicated to spreading Religion she will certainly be - and capable of doing so, given whether or not she plays well the AI is going to get the passive belief generation and utilize the UU versus Barbarians, eventually beginning a Religion. If she"s your neighbor and also you are in the position to carry out so, squash her at an early stage to avoid a late-game war. Else, usage her aggression to obtain her to attack an additional Civ you understand you"ll have difficulties via and let them have actually the bloodburned they desire. Bouddica has actually a flavor of 8 in Joy and also Religion, so is most likely to be very angry if you spcheck out your own Religion in her lands.
Start Bias: Foremainder
To retain +2 Faith, just 1 of these 4 Forests deserve to be Improved/ChoppedWait till your Faith per Turn is high sufficient to shed this bonus prior to chopping/boosting tiles

Strategies/Ideas for playing The Celts:Due to the fact that of the substantial mid-game advantage from her UB, Boudicca"s Celts are finest played wide to take maximum benefit. The +3 Happiness will certainly completely counter the cost of a second City, it"s just a matter of maintaining your Citizens happy till you"ve reached that suggest. This likewise uses to the majority of Civs that are concentrated on Faith Generation. Faith is one of the few metrics that do not scale in this game, definition you will certainly only get more Faith by having even more Cities via Shrines and Temples and also experience no penalty for doing so, as long as you can save them happy. In my game, I used a Liberty begin to let me emphasis on structure up my first City to prepare for War via the neighboring Germans. I recommend using a build order of Scout > Scout > Monument > Shrine > Worker > Pictish Warrior x2 > Granary > Barracks and going straight for the cost-free Settler from Liberty. Your beginning Warrior can protect your first City. Having a Pictish out by the moment you"re all set to Expand with the cost-free Settler would be wise. Tech-wise, I acquired Pottery/Calendar then went for Bronze Working to unlock the Pictish Warrior and also Barracks. Afteward, a Library to fuel tech and Composite Bowguys were my next priority to aid me capture Cities.

So lengthy as you insist on a begin that has at least 3 Forests surrounding your first City, in addition to the usual needs of food and also luxuries to trade, you will certainly be in great position to uncovered a Pantheon within 5-10 transforms. Leave 3 surrounding Forests alone (Those ideal next to the City) and Settle your initially development in a comparable area if you deserve to. The Faith per Turn will certainly hit automatically, and also you deserve to amplify it with a Shrine. A Faith-creating Pantheon would be wise depending upon your terrain, but you might desire Culture to assist you in adopting new Policies. Only later on in the game would I chop those Faith-creating Foremainder Tiles. Your borders have to expand also to better workable tiles and you will certainly not require eextremely tile roughly your City enhanced appropriate ameans. Once FPT is high enough, chop amethod and gain those tiles improved. Even a trading post would break the bonus, but a road will not. With Liberty, you"ll gain Delight for each City you affix, and also in this situation it is good to perform at an early stage in the game to get extra ininvolved support a huge army.

I very recommend you go via Divine Warriors as your first Follower Belief. You have to gain initially pick if you expand rapid enough and also obtain those Shrines up. After finishing Liberty, Piety have the right to better aid you and also let you choose a strong Reformation Belief that will help you to either purchase Great People or Post-Industrial Units with Faith. Either one is a wonderful option. You have to have initially pick on regular Beliefs, however some AI begin Piety and also will certainly gain their alternative for Reformation. I took Tithe, Divine Warriors, and Religious Center for my Beliefs through Religious Texts as an Enhancer. This let me rise Faith/Happiness throughout the Realm, provided me even more gold for supporting Military as Religion spcheck out, and collection me up for astronomical Faith generation later on in the game. It is vital you Enhance your Religion fairly than usage Holy Warriors ideal away, bereason that will gain you initially pick on an Enhancer, then feel cost-free to begin spfinishing Faith on Units. Notice I didn"t acquire a building, so I had only two offers for Faith - buying Military Units or saving up for Great Prophets. Once the Religion is intensified, Pictish Warriors expense 110 Faith and also Compowebsite Bowmen ~150. You"ll have the ability to geneprice an added unit eextremely 8-10 turns via the +1 from Shrines/Temples via Piety. Getting a Grand Temple at an early stage will let you advantage from all these this faster, hence Puppeting any type of Cities you overcome is the means to go. After Composite Bowguys I went for Theology to unlock this National Wonder and also gain my religious beliefs spreading faster - through the desire to improve quickly, you perform not have actually Faith to spfinish on Missionaries.

In my game, I did build one Wonder, but provided I was Warmongering I kept it at Pyramids to assist me easily boost lands and also make City Connections to acquire the Gold/Pleasure from Liberty. After the second Great Prophet to Enhance my Religion, I used one to spreview it to some crucial Cities to permit it to spreview better, and also offered later Prophets for Divine Sites considering that I did finish the Piety Tree. Their Faith and also Culture was exceptionally valuable - you deserve to location those Holy Sites near Cities that need border development, for +3 Culture is incredibly considerable toward enhancing the price of new tile acquisition.

Make many kind of Pictish Warriors and also go out fighting Barbarians to get FaithUse this Faith to Found a Religion and consider obtaining the Divine Warriors Follower Belief

The Pictish Warrior is a terrific UU for a few factors. First the Faith on kill - searching Barbarians will prepare them for War and offer you extra Faith to rate up the founding/improving of your Religion. Their stamina is fairly high sufficient to manage the majority of units they"ll enrespond to in the Ancient/Classical eras. Second, it comes at an early stage but not as well early on - you will not be upgrading them to Pikeguys instantly, and their Combat Strength through the +20% bonus external friendly region is 13.2 - nearly that of a Swordsguy (14). Last, the no motion cost to pillage indicates they deserve to pillage/strike in the exact same revolve or even pillage 2 tiles to wreck your target"s happiness or deprive them of strategic resources. They save both no motion to pillage/international lands bonus when upgraded, but not the Faith on kill. That would be a bit overpowered. Regardless, you will want to make as many type of of these as you can to obtain those bonuses. I deliberately avoided Civil Service for a while to gain more Pictish out prior to they ended up being obsolete - I instead entered the Medieval via Theology to unlock the Grand also Temple. A Pikemale via these Proactivities is much much better than one without, and also you will certainly not need Iron to have a strong Melee unit, interpretation you deserve to probably trade it away. I never before used Horses, so those were able to go also. After all, the Pictish can pillage without activity and also that was fine sufficient for me. It costs a mere 75 Gold to Upgrade a Pictish Warrior to a Pikemale, so I highly imply you attempt this strategy.

While the Ceilidh Hall seems choose a stselection structure and may feel it comes a little bit late, its duty is evident as soon as you"re in the mid-game. With Acoustics researched, you will be able to expand your Culture to begin acquiring policies faster and also have good catalyst to acquire Monument > Ampitheater > Ceilidh Hall developed in all your Cities for Border Expansion and also Policy selection. After Piety, I imply a couple points in Aesthetics to catch up culturally and make producing these structures much faster yet would certainly not end up the tree. Going 1 better, Fine Arts might also aid if you deserve to obtain enough +Delight to make a big influence on your Culture. Use Writer/Artists Guilds as early on as you have the right to to begin accumulating society to safeguard your Ideology later on in the game. The Ceilidh Hall will let you select somepoint unwell-known favor Autocracy without going into Unhappiness - Puppets will even build them. Ultimately, it will let you construct the Hermitage quicker having incentive to develop these structures, and that will certainly additionally assist your Culture generation and proccasion differing Ideologies from hurting you. With the enormous Delight bonuses from Autocracy and Boudicca"s motivation to play Wide and Warmonger, you should even be in the positive enough to experience Golden Ages. Overall, I underapproximated the Ceilidh Hall and also this Civ in general. They are wonderful for guaranteeing you get a Religion on Immortal and also below and even have a better chance than usual on Deity. Playing a normal game, you must conveniently watch your Religion spread world-over and also might also take into consideration taking a Belief prefer Just War that rises Combat Strength near foe Cities that follow your Religion.

I took the Belief to permit me to buy any kind of type of Great Person with Faith (To the Glory of God) rather of Post-Industrial Units because without a Tradition start, you cannot buy Great Engineers. Having a huge, happy empire, I was additionally in fine place to just construct Units myself. This let me get late-game Wonders quickly via Great Engineers and also made it a opportunity to buy artsy types or Great Scientists without finishing Rationalism or Aesthetics.

Overall I think about the Celts to be a pretty solid Civilization and also recommend them to anyone who wants to try their hand also at spreading a Religion with a dash of Conquest. Domicountry Wins are the go-to once you"ve broadened a lot and conquered your continent, yet via a substantial, happy empire you are able to flourish both Wide AND Tall and also check out excellent Scientific output from those Cities simply from Population and also the fundamental Science structures. However, I cannot over-emphadimension simply how happy your Civ can be through Autocracy, obtaining +Joy from all Barracks, Armories, and also Military Academies among other points, and also various other Civs" Culture and its negative influence on Public Opinion have the right to be crumelted if you ssuggest take a couple of Cities. Once your Civ is stable, rush for Artillery and also some Naval power if you require it and also you will certainly be in a solid place to crush the other Civs roughly the world one by one.

Just to toss an concept out there, Order is not a negative selection either, for you have the right to get a Tourism increase for all Civs that are less happy than you. Given you will inevitably dominate many type of Marvels if you play the Celts as I did, you can certainly win through Tourism after a point. You"ll get one more rise from various other Civs that select Order, definition a complete of +68% to them. This would certainly job-related exceptionally well with Fine Arts from Aesthetics, for you might acquire the extra Culture from Happiness and have even more factor to press Joy extremely high and eventually alleviate diplomatic penalties through various other Civs. The just Ideology I would protect against with Boudicca is Freedom for it simply doesn"t fit via her playstyle.

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