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Malia Frey is a weight loss expert, certified wellness coach, weight monitoring specialist, personal trainer​, and fitness nutrition specialist. 

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Barbie Cervoni MS, RD, CDCES, CDN, is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and also education specialist.

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Cornstarch is a white, dense powder the is do from the endosperm the corn kernels. That is often used together a thickener in foods such as gravy, soups, and also stews. Some cooks usage cornstarch instead of flour to get their preferred consistency in specific recipes. It is additionally used in baked items or come coat meat and vegetables.

Corn strength is generally used in very tiny quantities when added to recipes. That contributes very few calories and also no considerable vitamins or minimal. It has actually a minimal impact on your everyday nutrition.

Cornstarch Nutrition facts

The following nutrition information is noted by the USDA for a one-tablespoon serving (8 grams) the cornstarch.


Cornstarch provides around 30 calories per tablespoon, mostly from carbohydrates. There room 7 grams the carbohydrates, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams the fiber. The carbohydrates in cornstarch come from starch.

Despite that is high strength content, study has argued that uncooked cornstarch is a low-glycemic food. Studies suggest that the is soaked up slowly in the digestive system. However, study has also reported that foodstuffs with cornstarch (such together stew or pudding) deserve to have a high glycemic index.

It need to be noted, however, the research right into the glycemic table of contents of cornstarch is minimal and available studies tend to be tiny and limited in scope. The university of Sydney, i m sorry maintains a big database that foods and their glycemic index, does not carry out a number because that cornstarch.


There is no fat in a one-tablespoon offer of cornstarch. Also a full cup includes less 보다 a gram that fat.


Cornstarch gives no protein. A one-tablespoon serving gives zero grams and even a complete cup only provides 0.3 grams.

Vitamins and Minerals

Cornstarch provides no far-reaching vitamins or minerals. Even if the is spend in larger quantities than is common in recipes, the powder does not add any significant micronutrients.

health Benefits

Many civilization who use cornstarch periodically in recipes might not an alert any substantial affect on their health by consisting of the powder in their diet. However there room some means in which cornstarch may be may be to affect health outcomes in select circumstances.

might Be beneficial in monitoring of Hypoglycemia

There is some evidence that a diet that consists of uncooked cornstarch might be valuable for those that are controlling hypoglycemia.

One research study review released by the American Diabetes combination examined studies investigating the usage of cornstarch-based nighttime snack and also its capacity to minimize nocturnal hypoglycemia, specifically in those with type 1 or kind 2 diabetes. In one study, researcher reported the raw cornstarch reduced nocturnal hypoglycemia by serving as a glucose reservoir in the intestinal tract, wherein it is digested gradually over a duration of 6 come 8 hours.

In another study, researchers discovered that when participants with type 1 diabetes take it a bedtime complement of uncooked cornstarch for four weeks, they experienced a 70% palliation in the frequency of self-reported hypoglycemia 3 hrs after sloop down of the supplement.

makes Liquids much easier to swallow

People who have an obstacle swallowing—a condition called dysphagia—may be able to use cornstarch to rise the viscosity of their liquids to do swallowing easier. Dysphagia is a problem that becomes an ext common as we age. Thickened liquids are frequently used in the administration of dysphagia to boost bolus control. A bolus is a little mass the chewed food. Thickened liquids also help prevent aspiration and also improve gulp down safety.

Corn strength is one thickener traditionally offered to thicken liquids for those v dysphagia. Much more recently, gum-based thickeners have actually been more widely used, yet there has been some issue over the security of gum thickeners, specifically in infants.

Unfortunately, thickeners, consisting of cornstarch, have the right to lead come liquids that room distasteful. These thickened drinks likewise increase the feeling of fullness resulting in tiny motivation and poor physiologic journey to consume castle which deserve to be problem if weight maintenance is one issue.

Healthier alternate to Corn Syrup

Some processed foods and even house recipes speak to for corn syrup together a thickening agent. Because that example, you might see high furustos corn syrup noted as an ingredient in some products, such together fruit pies. Sometimes, cornstarch have the right to be used rather of corn syrup. This substitution may administer health benefits, however the proof supporting this benefit is limited.

In one limited study, researchers contrasted health outcomes once a little group of males (21 total, 10 hyperinsulinemia, and also 11 non-hyperinsulinemic men) spend a diet v 20% that the calories coming from either fructose or high-amylose cornstarch. High amylose cornstarch is a type of cornstarch that has actually been manufactured to have actually a greater level the amylose and less amylopectin.

After five weeks, researchers found that as soon as their study participants consumed a diet high in saturated fat acids and also cholesterol, fructose raised the levels of hazard factors linked with love disease, especially in hyperinsulinemic men. Corn strength did not seem to administer the same increases.

The study has limitations, however. First, that was carried out in 1989 on simply a tiny group the men. There has been some much more recent connected research, yet those researches were performed on mice. Also, the typical consumer is not likely to discover high amylose cornstarch on save shelves. They could only gain these potential services if food manufacturers use it rather of corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup in processed foods.

Gluten-Free different in Recipes

Those v wheat allergies or who have actually celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or who follow a gluten-free diet for various other reasons may use cornstarch instead of flour in recipes. Because that example, in recipes that call for girlfriend to usage flour come coat foods prior to frying or usage flour to thicken sauces or gravy, friend can quickly use most brands of corn starch as a safe and simple alternative.

However, it's vital to pick your cornstarch carefully and look because that one that specifically indicates that the is gluten-free. Pure cornstarch is free from gluten and also is a usual ingredient in gluten-free foods.

That gift said, cornstarch is subject to cross-contamination. Plenty of brands the make cornstarch also make other varieties of flour. If the same tools is supplied to to produce and procedure corn starch and also a gluten-containing grain, then the cornstarch might not really be gluten-free.

May influence Weight ns

Researchers have considered whether or not a diet that consists of highamylosecornstarch may be beneficial in the treatment of obesity. Scientists have postulated the the slow-moving glycemic solution to cornstarch may assist reduce appetite, rise satiety, and reduce all at once energy intake.

However, in a study involving young healthy women, the results were no overwhelmingly positive. As soon as the ladies consumed a beverage containing the high amylose corn strength or glucose, the corn starch did not minimize appetite or power (calorie) intake even though glucose absorption was slowed.


Those v a corn allergy need to avoid cornstarch. The American college of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology states that an allergic reaction come corn may cause symptoms that variety from mild to severe. These symptoms may include vomiting, stomach problems, wheezing or an obstacle breathing, weak pulse, skin transforms including hives, swelling of the lips or tongue, dizziness, or confusion. In severe cases, anaphylaxis may occur.

Adverse effects

When the is spend in typical amounts as food, cornstarch is for sure for most people. There have actually been some concerns about the inhalation of corn strength in work-related settings, yet these instances are rare. Also, those who space allergic come corn starch must be mindful that it was used on surgical gloves till the FDA banned the in 2016. 


When buying foods at her local sector you can see some assets that encompass "modified cornstarch" as an ingredient. Some consumers who space trying to stop genetically modified (GMO) foods may have concerns about the product.

However, amendment corn starch is merely starch that has been modified for food processing purposes. Because that example, the may have actually been modified to enhance a product's shelf life. That does not suggest whether or no the corn it to be made from to be GMO or non-GMO. If you desire a non-GMO cornstarch look because that the non-GMO brand on the product you choose.

Storage and Food safety

Cornstarch need to be preserved in a sealed container and stored in a cool dry place. According to the USDA, it should stay new for around 18 months when stored properly. Cornstarch need to not it is in frozen.

just how to Prepare

Corn starch deserve to be offered in numerous recipes that speak to for flour together a thickener. That is one of numerous low-carb thickeners that can be comfortable to have actually in the kitchen. But cornstarch is thicker, so use about one tablespoon of cornstarch for every 2 tablespoons that flour compelled by the recipe.

When using cornstarch to thicken hot foods items (like gravy, soups, or stew) always blend it with a little amount of cold water or plant-based milk first. Then gradually stir into the hot liquid. Save in mind, however, the if you room making a large batch that soup or stew to freeze, cornstarch is not the best choice of thickeners. When cornstarch is frozen it breaks down. So when your creamy soup or stew thaws, it will certainly be runny and also thin.

Some cooks also include a tiny amount that cornstarch to recipes because that baked items to add structure come treats favor brownies, bread, cakes, and also cookies.

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