I have some mild back acne and wasn't sure if obtaining a tattoo end it would certainly either reason a difficulty down the roadway or while obtaining the tattoo. Any kind of info would be much appreciated.

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EDIT: thanks for every the feedback. I knew the wouldn't be the finest idea, but wanted to acquire a first hand advice on the topic.


I'm a tattoo artist. Us can't give medical advice but we execute make the decision of that to occupational on. It would be difficult to give you any type of suggestions without seeing it first hand. If it's a small little diverted whitehead, then that's not a problem. If it's a huge widespread rest out, then, i would imply putting the tattoo off. A tattoo is a wound and also can acquire infected if not appropriately cared for, so acne have the right to only complicate that. Simply my 2 cents. :)

Too lazy; didn't click: It's no a great idea to gain a tattoo end an acne breakout. Wait till is gets rid of up, then obtain the tattoo.

I had a tiny pimple on my chest where my tattoo is now. There's one uncolored part of my tattoo where it was. It's a poor idea.

I don't understand why this is acquiring downvoted. I guess much more and much more people don't recognize what pimples in reality are? castle are very tiny diverted infections. The pore it s okay filled with not-good bacteria (infectious!) and your inflammatory response occurs.

Simple solution, you heard that ProActive? well theres no should pay up the ass for that shit, just go to your regional pharmacy/chemist and you should be able to get a ance to wash from there, at about 1/4 the price,just ask them..anything with benzoyl peroxide, it gets rid of acne up cursed fast!

2% salicylic acid functions great, too. Selsun Blue dry scalp shampoo makes good face and also body wash - cleared me up immediately.

glad you asked this, together I have actually the same difficulty on my upper shoulders (though now it's largely acne scars), desperately want to acquire a piece to cover that up. Now I'm certainly thinking twice around it, judging from the responses therefore far.

That stuff is great for all sorts! ns make a tea the end of it cos its good for load loss and general health and AWESOME ~ a large meal when you feel favor you are about to burst! Have likewise tried this for dandruff and it worked yet it made my hair stink hehehehe

Not a an excellent idea for a couple of reasons.

The pimple itself can cause discoloration in the tattoo, therefore there might be a lot of of tiny dots transparent the design.

Tattooing on a pimple can hurt. Fairly a bit.

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You operation the risk of epidemic even an ext so.

If friend ask me, I imply trying to acquire it cleared up as much as possible, climate go and see her tattoo artist. It's a an excellent idea to get a tattoo in a place that might cover up acne scars ( I have one the covers a trouble spot I had in High college on my lower back. Extended it up great. )


Welcome come tattoos




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