By now, you’ve more than likely seen the Wrigley’s Extra gum commercial that mirrors the love story of Sara and Juan.Set to a hauntingly beautiful covering of "Can’t help Falling In Love"by American Idol alumHaley Reinhart, it earned over sevenmillion YouTube see and much more than 78 million on facebook views (with over 1.1 million shares) within a main of its Oct. 8 digital release.The song alone marketed 19,000 download in that time, debuting at No. 48 on’s Digital song chart.And that was prior to it struggle primetime tv Oct.19.

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“In twenty years in marketing, I’ve never seen the consumer reaction I’ve watched this beforehand with any type of piece of declaring I’ve been affiliated with,” said John Starkey, Wrigley’s vp of gums and mints.

"We had actually the perfect song, the perfect voice and also the perfect story," claimed Andrés Ordoñez, the evp and also executive an imaginative director of energy BBDO, the Chicago-based advertising firm behind the campaign.

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The story the “Sarah and Juan” goes back to 2013, when energy BBDO came up through a campaign titled “Origami” for Wrigley’s "Give extra, obtain extra" project forExtra gum, who brand strategyis about making meaningful connections. The one-minute spot featuring a father and daughter bonding end the year through tiny origami numbers made through gum wrappers was a large success. Wrigley inquiry BBDO for a follow-up.

Ordonez and also his team come up with the love story that Sarah, one American girl, and Juan, a Spaniard, a bicultural pair who reflect the fact of the marketplace.

Starkey fell in love with the concept.But BBDO also wanted to connect it come a song, together opposed to making use of generic elevator music choose “Origami” had.

The energy BBDO music team, led through Daniel Kuypers, sorted v some 120 songs prior to settling ~ above "Can"t assist Falling In Love." lock listened to “all threezillion covers and the original,” states Kuypers, but wanted miscellaneous more contemporary and tailored to the spot. ~ listening to 35-40 artists, they commissioned demos from a handful.

“My instructions were, ‘make me cry,"” claims Kuypers.

One of those artists was Reinhart.

Executives at BBDO knew her, no just due to the fact that she’d ended third in the tenth season of American Idolback in 2011, but also because they’d heard her sing through Postmodern Jukebox and thought she voice to be perfect because that the feel the spot wanted to convey.

The fact that Reinhart to be a emerging act was additionally appealing.“We’re yes, really trying to do strides in the music space, and also this is just one of the methods we have the right to do that,” claims Kuypers. “We’re very cognizant of making use of someone who is in your career arc and also if we deserve to be a pivotal moment for them, we desire to do that.”

Haley Reinhart it is provided Jazzy "Seven nation Army" Cover

As it had actually happened, Reinhartwas currently signed to a publishing and also recording attend to ole Media Management, who’d been actively pitching she to BBDO. Over lunch in Nashville through Randall Foster, ole’s senior director of an imaginative licensing, Kuypers request if Reinhart would certainly be interested.

By the complying with day, she yielded a demo with longtime collaborator Casey Abrams in ~ the piano. BBDO love it. They placed the music come the storyboard and took it come Starkey.

“Andres played the song and we said, "That"s it,""Starkey recalls.

Up until then, Foster believed he had actually simply win a an excellent synch deal.

“Until I saw the mock up of the commercial,” claims Foster, who was sitting in his car in rush hour traffic as soon as the attach came in and he watched the on his phone. “My eyes welled up,” he says. “If a grown male watches a commercial and it cd driver me come tears, ns knew it would connect.”

At the point, what was merely a cover because that a commercial became a single.

Reinhart, who hadn’t checked out the project up until that point, went earlier to the studio come re-record the track, to give it the intimacy the spot dubbed for. Ole moved production, mixing and mastering and also then pulled all its strings to gain the solitary onto iTunes the very same day the project launched ~ above YouTube.

Now, BBDO and also Wrigleyare wait for reaction to the one-minute, 30-second and 15-second television spots, which introduced Oct. 19. A 15-second spot is airing ~ above Spanish-language networks.

As for Reinhart, this could be the charm.After her American Idolstint in 2011, she to be signed by Interscope, then dropped after ~ one album when they label let walk of an ext than 50 acts in late 2012.

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Now, with ole, she slated to release her following EP of original material.“Falling In Love” may administer the perfect launching pad because that the album, claims Foster.

“It’s bring away off prefer nothing I’ve ever before been a component of,” that says.“The EP was nearly done and we were trying to number out the ideal time to release it. This created a catalyst.”