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In many traditions throughout the centuries, selenite is believed to have an effective healing benefits. Some consider selenite to be one of the most vital crystals in an power worker’s toolkit.

Not just is selenite thought to lug potent energy that can administer protection and also improve well-being, it’s likewise said come cleanse unwanted energies from her surroundings.

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Selenite is a crystallized kind of gypsum that’s mostly typically found in the kind of a translucent, multifaceted stone. It’s developed when sulfate and also calcium-rich saltwater evaporates, and it has actually a hardness that 2 on the Mohs scale.

Many people believe selenite is a powerful healer with multiple benefits, despite there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

However, over there is proof that selenium — i beg your pardon is selenite’s trace element form — has actually multiple health and wellness benefits. A trace facet is a chemical facet found in a very little amount in living things.

Here are a few of the key purported healing services of a selenite crystal:

promotes peace and also calmprovides clarityclears clogged energyelevates the spirithelps you access your intuitionis one effective space cleanservibrates in ~ a an extremely high frequencypromotes connection and also camaraderieenhances strength of manifestation

Promotes peace and calm

“Selenite is a crystal that vibrates at a an extremely fine vibration level,” states crystal healer Samantha Jayne. Therefore high frequency, “it’s one of the most an effective crystals in the universe.”

Jayne says that selenite carries an power of peace and calm. This makes it an ideal crystal for any type of situation where peace requirements to be restored.

Clears clogged energy

Crystal healer Charlotte elegant agrees.

“Selenite vibrates in ~ a super-high frequency, meaning it’s a very powerful healer,” she says.

Grace likewise notes the selenite is efficient at clearing heavy, clogged energy. This allows energy to circulation at a high vibration, she says, elevating the spirit.

Grace recommends making use of selenite to cleanse:

your energyyour homeyour belongingsother crystals

Provides clarity

Some people think selenite can an increase mental clarity and also open the door to her intuition. Jayne agrees.

“From a healing perspective, it has the capacity to calm the mind, to carry the soul to peace, and to lug clarity to those who need it,” she says.

Increases positive energy

It’s additionally believed the selenite deserve to increase positive energy.

“Selenite deserve to be provided to recharge you, your space, and your crystals,” grace says.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that this reported services of selenite are based on anecdotal evidence only.

Selenite is associated to Greek mythology, v a background that dates back centuries. That is name originates from the Greek word because that “moonstone,” and it’s linked with Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

That said, selenite isn’t related to the crystal well-known as moonstone.

Selenite “carries the imprint of every that has actually happened in this world,” Jayne explains. “It’s additionally believed to have been offered to store evil spirits the end of sickrooms… clergymans would like it into a paste to paint onto the doors the a home if someone was ill.”

Selenite can be uncovered in countless variations and also colors. And each one is believed to have actually subtle distinctions in the properties and uses.


Hourglass: used for grounding and raising awareness, and also helps release an unfavorable patternsWand: provided to cleanse the aura, relocate stagnant energy, and encourage flowTower: creates a safety shield, amplifies energy, dispels an unfavorable energy

Grace keeps a selenite wand through the front door come cleanse energy as she go in. She also suggests making use of selenite come amplify the energy of various other crystals.

“Selenite towers amplify energy, so if you put a selenite tower near other crystals, mean a huge increase,” she says.


White is the most common color of selenite, yet it deserve to be discovered in gold, peach, and rose hues. Some are designated with unique names.

White: supplied for clearing, cleansing, and also communication with greater realmsGolden: lifts awareness and also connects to external energiesPeach: connects to the sacral chakra, help balance emotions, and expresses high vibration sexualityRose: changes mental and also emotional programming and also connects to the 3rd eye chakra, intuition, and also manifestation

Cleansing is critical step once working with crystal energy. Elegant notes the all crystals soak up an adverse energy.

Some believe selenite doesn’t should be cleansed, but Grace disagrees. Cleansing is important even because that selenite, regardless of its high vibration, she says.

To cleanse her selenite:

Place your crystal in a bowl of dried salt.Place your crystal in sunshine for a preferably of 30 minutes.Place it in moonlight overnight.

After cleansing, the time come recharge your crystal. You can use a decision charging plate or location your decision under the sunlight or moonlight come soak up added energy.

“Once your decision is cleansed, charging your crystals will offer them energy to carry out at your best,” elegant explains.

There are countless ways to use selenite, including:

meditating while holding itwearing itplacing it end the chakrasusing it to cleanse other crystals

“In my work as an angelic healer and entity clearer, I usage selenite as a protective great in my healing clinic,” states Jayne. “I have actually inserted on my shrines in my heal clinic and in my home, together they bring peace right into the home.”

Grace provides a selenite bowl to charge her decision jewelry each night.

“It can likewise be used around your home to renew energy and also remove any toxic buildup,” she says.

Chakras are thought to be energy centers in her body the relate to psycho-emotional functions. Some think crystals can influence these energy centers and also remove blockages.

Grace notes the selenite is connected with the crown chakra, which needs to do with:

higher consciousnessmanifestationcreative energy

Jayne notes that selenite have the right to help type connections with the heart world and also what she call the angelic realm.

She urges placement in ~ the 3rd eye, the crown chakra, and also the spirit star chakra, which is claimed to be a chakra located external of the body.

Jayne additionally suggests making use of selenite to calm anxiety. To carry out so, she sometimes locations it at the solar plexus.

“It brings a quiet energy and slows under the chakra if the spiraling out of control,” she says.

While utilizing selenite might be a donate complementary practice for some, the is not a replacement for stress treatment. Talk with a healthcare professional if you have persistent stress and anxiety that interferes v your top quality of life.

However you choose to use selenite — or any other decision for that matter — it’s crucial to carry out your research and also buy native an honest source.

Jayne recommends independent sellers to prevent fakes. She likewise suggests letting her intuition guide you.

“Always allow yourself to be attracted intuitively come the seller and the crystal. Allow your spirit steer you to the decision it demands right now,” she says.

Grace proposal tracing her crystal back to that is source. Look because that a sustainable and also ethical password of conduct post on their storefront or website.

“If in doubt, ask,” she says.

Selenite is stated to be a powerful healing decision that disclosure peace and also calm, mental clarity, and also well-being.

It’s also believed by part that this crystal deserve to remove an unfavorable energy and aid you connect to greater realms.

There’s no proof to assistance the metaphysical or heal properties of crystals. Still, girlfriend may find subjective benefits from making use of them in rituals and meditation techniques or put on them as jewelry.

Many people swear by crystals, and there’s no injury in giving selenite a try.

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