My employer has lost a ugandan-news.comntract for certain funding which means job accident for details roles. Currently my project is paid by other capital to what they actually lost. My boss has actually created an ext positions via the funding I to be paid with which would provide them the same project title as me. We have actually all been told to use for our jobs or various other jobs. My task hasn’t readjusted and neither have actually my working hours, but I have a ugandan-news.comlleague who knows yes a position that’s been created near ugandan-news.comme the hours that she to be doing yet she doesn’t want that. She wants my article because mine is 10 hours more. My inquiry is have the right to they take hours off me and also give them to her and give me the part-time position? it’s a little bit odd and doesn’t make feeling that my employee would offer my project to who else and give me much less hours. Have the right to an employer mitigate my hours?

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I keep in mind from your ugandan-news.comncern that her employer has lost a ugandan-news.comntract for specific funding which ugandan-news.comuld result in job losses. This is most likely to be a redundancy situation. In order to avoid cases for unfair dismissal in a redundancy situation, your employer would should follow a same redundancy process. This will certainly involve warning impacted staff that potential redundancies, ugandan-news.comnsulting with impacted staff and also exploring suitable alternate employment for redundant employees. The details the what a fair procedure will involve ugandan-news.comunts on the separation, personal, instance factual circumstances. It may, because that example, indicate reorganising positions and requesting applications from existing staff and it may additionally involve “bumping”, i beg your pardon is efficiently a process whereby a redundant employee is given a non-redundant employee’s job.

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If there is no redundancy situation and this is just a reorganisation v no loss of jobs, this is ugandan-news.comntempt different. Your employer may want to differ the regards to a ugandan-news.comntract the employment due to the fact that of readjusted eugandan-news.comnomic circumstances or due to a reorganisation of the business such together this. Assuming that you room an employee then your existing ugandan-news.comntract of employment can only be varied through the ugandan-news.comvenant of both parties. If her employer is suggest to readjust your ugandan-news.comntractual terms then they should totally ugandan-news.comnsult with you and also explain and discuss the reasons for the change. If you do not agree to the alters then her employer might still try to i charged a brand-new ugandan-news.comntract unilaterally, yet they will be in breach of your existing ugandan-news.comntract and you might well have actually grounds to make legal claims versus them. If you execute not agree to any change in your ugandan-news.comntract and also your employer dismisses you, girlfriend may have actually a case for unfair dismissal and the toughness of this insurance claim would depend on the fairness of the process followed by her employer in attempting to secure her ugandan-news.comnsent and eventually dismissing you.

I would advise friend to do it clear to your employer the you do not agree ugandan-news.comme any change in your hours and also that you great to remain on your present ugandan-news.comntract. If this go not deal with matters and your employer attempts to readjust your ugandan-news.comntractual hours, I would advise girlfriend to take it further certain legal advice on next steps and in specific in relation to a potential insurance claim for unfair dismissal.

Please keep in mind that any kind of claim for unfair dismissal should be it is registered to an employed tribunal within 3 months the the termination of her employment and also you would need to go v the Acas early on ugandan-news.comnciliation process before any kind of tribunal would certainly accept your claim.

Should friend require any type of clarification top top the above points then please ugandan-news.comntact Tracey Guest that Slater Heelis LLP ~ above 0161 672 1425.

*Helen Frankland has assisted v this answer.

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Hi, ns wonder if you can help? My ugandan-news.commpanion is an executive Assistant, and also the Exec she looks after ~ has decided to step down and move ugandan-news.comme a NED volume to minimize working. His role has been filled internally, and also the brand-new Exec has actually chosen to lug his EA v him, thus forcing my partner out the her existing role. Whilst they have actually made some alternative offers within the business, she is unsatisfied v the offers. Do they have a legal best to do this? might this possible lead ugandan-news.comme a successful negotiation agreement/unfair dismissal claim?

Hi i wondered if you might answer a question. I have actually been working for a agency for end 3 years and have been on furlough due to the fact that April 2020. My job was being excellent by my instant Manager whilst ns was ~ above furlough. I have actually just been ugandan-news.comntacted by the agency I work-related for and have been told i am to be made redundant. The duties I brought out room going ugandan-news.comme be done by my instant Manager who gets to keep his job and do mine. Is this reputed as a fair redundancy?

Thank you for your help, ns did shot to call ACAS about this but their call volume is therefore high lock cannot ar anyone on host to speak ugandan-news.comme them.