When it involves repelling insects, it’s tough to find a product that’s an ext effective 보다 Raid. However is it safe to sleep in a room you’ve sprayed simply moments before? Is over there a set amount of time you must wait prior to you can go into the room? these are few of the concerns we’re around to answer.

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Keep in mind the the science behind every Raid product was occurred over the food of sixty years. Therefore if I had actually to provide you solution right off the bat, I’d say the you must trust the instructions the brand has printed top top the spray can. Still, simply to be sure, we’re walking to try to reach our very own conclusions. V that in mind, stop just get into it!

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How lengthy After Spraying Raid have the right to You go into the Room?Safer Insect warding off Alternatives

Is Raid Harmful come Humans?

According come Johnson & Son, the firm behind Raid, the insecticide is fairly safe if you usage it according to the indict provided top top the packaging. However, as some world have proven in the past pair of years, girlfriend can’t always count on the being the case.

Since 2018, there’s been an uptick of intentional insecticide poisonings. Namely, some civilization have required to huffing, smoking, and even injecting Raid because that the purposes of gaining high. Also though fatality is a feasible outcome of doing this, various other symptoms the insecticide poisoning have the right to be just as dangerous.

So, in that sense, Raid and also other insecticides like it deserve to indeed be harmful to humans. I’ll take a minute to explain exactly what might happen if you breathe it in later. Because that now, friend should just know that you won’t need to worry around any potential side results if you follow the instructions to the letter.

Naturally, Johnson & Son has taken every precaution to protect itself against lawsuits. Many importantly, the agency has printed an accurate instructions right on the spray can. The very very first sentence the the directions says that using the product in “a way inconsistent with” its label is a Federal legislation violation. That must tell you precisely how volatile those chemicals are.

For example, the Raid Multi Insect Killer contains a total of .2% the the two main energetic ingredients the the spray, d-phenothrin and prallethrin. The remainder of the spray contents is much more or less a mystery, despite the ingredient list does suggest that sodium nitrite and also petroleum distillates are a part of it.

Suffice it to say, nobody of those points are useful to the person body. Yet let’s view what happens when you breathe them in, anyway.

What happens If You breath Raid In?

Most people who’ve offered Raid in the previous know exactly what happens as soon as you accidentally breathe it in. You have actually a coughing fit, operation for the sink come splash some water on your face, and also gurgle part for an excellent measure. Afterward, you might experience some shortness of breath and congestion — however these symptoms typically go away after a while.

And that doesn’t always stop at that. There are other potential side effects of inhaling or eating insecticides, such as irritation, headaches, sneezing, and dizziness. As we have actually established, some people have willingly inhaled Raid to obtain high. Aside from death, which to be the ultimate an effect of numerous of this cases, those people additionally experienced:

Erratic behaviorNauseaHeadachesThroat irritationRedness in the extremitiesInflammation and also paralysis that the respiratory systemSeizuresCardiac arrest

Recurrent, prolonged, and intentional exposure come insecticide can eventually an outcome in neurological damage and loss of consciousness. Still, it’s safe to say that these much more serious after-effects of insecticide poisoning have the right to only happen if you disregard to read the directions. Therefore let’s check out what the product label has to say around the main question that the day.

How long After Spraying Raid can You go into the Room?

Spraying Bugs Directly

Some Raid sprays are only used for spraying the bug that you desire to gain rid of. ~ eliminating the insect, you have to wait because that 15 minutes however there’s no need to leave the product’s residue in the room.

So, in case you’re making use of this sort of product, you should spray it straight on the pest that you want to eliminate. After ~ you’re done, you’ll have to wipe far what’s left of it with part soap and also water. The way, you’ll eliminate your trouble without having to breathe Raid overnight.

Raid assets That release Mist

Other Raid commodities need come sit in a closed room for number of hours, at least according to the directions. Therefore if you were going through the book, you’d only get to go into the room 2 to 4 hours after application. And also even that will only be for the functions of opening all the windows. ~ letting the vapors air the end for fifty percent an hour come an hour, you’ll have the ability to go in as usual.


There space two main types of Raid assets that release a mist the insecticide into the air:

The preparation for making use of either of these insecticides is pretty lot the same. You’ll must close every doors and windows to make sure the product no evaporate before it has a opportunity to carry out its thing. Then, after application, you’ll desire to let regular aerosol sit for around two hours.

Meanwhile, foggers are design to obtain into every corner of a room, therefore you’d additionally open every closet and cabinet after closing all doors and windows. After you activate the machine as per the instructions, you’ll have to leave the room for around four hours.

After the allotted time for the product you using has actually passed, you’ll require to get in the room. But don’t stay any type of longer 보다 it takes to open all the windows and also doors. You’ll know that the room is properly aired out if you deserve to no much longer smell the Raid in the air.

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Can friend Sleep in a Room after ~ Spraying Raid In It?

As we have actually established, the odor is the finest indicator of how safe a room is after ~ a Raid application. Therefore if girlfriend can’t smell the insecticide, it must be safe to sleep in the room — provided that you have aired it the end properly.

But be advised, using insecticide in sleeping locations may not be that simple. Our bedrooms space treasure troves of items that deserve to stubbornly organize onto toxicity fumes. We have curtains, bedding, carpets, not to mention clothes lying roughly everywhere. For this reason if possible, you have to remove as countless as those objects before applying any kind of Raid products.

As because that items the can’t it is in moved, choose mattresses, I advise you to cover them up in ~ least. Once the Raid is done soaking in, take the covering off and also wash it. Use this as an possibility to placed clean sheets top top the mattress and also replace your pillowcases, just to it is in safe.

How long After Spraying Raid Is It safe for Babies?

Babies and also pets are specifically vulnerable to the harmful results of Raid. It can cause serious respiratory problems and even damages their central nervous systems. However, if you take the time to completely air out a room and also clean any type of residue, both children and also pets need to be safe in a room that’s been treated with Raid.

To elaborate, most of the danger originates from the main energetic ingredients in Raid — a group of compounds called pyrethroids. These are generally harmless to humans, but obviously, not all lifeforms are safe from its damaging effects. Besides, as we have actually established, those no the only potentially harmful ingredient that enter commercial insecticides.

In any type of case, in enhancement to being able to death bugs, Raid is likewise highly toxicity to fish and also aquatic invertebrates. It is why you need to cover any aquariums you have actually in the rooms she treating. Bigger mammals are less likely to suffer, yet you need to still remove any other pets you have from the room prior to spraying it.

But what around babies? Well, aren’t babies just together helpless together insects and also pets, when you think about it? Their smaller lungs certainly couldn’t was standing a chance versus airborne poisons. Therefore it’s finest to store your child away when you use Raid and also for a if afterward as well — particularly if they already have a respiratory condition like asthma.

Safer Insect pushing back Alternatives


If she still not sure around how for sure it is come sleep in a room did you do it sprayed down through Raid, you may be in search of alternative solutions. Luckily, there room plenty of lock to select from — and some are also made by the exact same brand we’ve been discussing. So also if she a Raid loyalist, right here are some other things you deserve to try.

Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are incredibly effective at recording all sorts of flying insects. They’re completely non-toxic and they work both indoors and outdoors. If girlfriend go looking for these kinds of traps, you’ll discover two basic kinds the products:

The point is to placed these catch in locations that are regularly frequented by insects — namely, close to lights.

Electric Zappers

Electric zappers are gadgets that very first attract insects then zap them v an electrical current. Most of them look prefer lamps, and they’re completely odorless and also quiet, for this reason you can treat them favor a night light. However, they only attract flies, moths, and also mosquitos — they won’t assist you if you struggling to save spiders at bay.

You can additionally get handheld electrical zappers the look a bit like tennis rackets. They space wireless, battery-powered devices, and they’re frequently rechargeable as well.

Repelling Plug

If you have kids or pets, you may not want to have an electric zapper in her home. Fortunately, plug-in commodities are a great way come fend off insects if you don’t want to zap them into oblivion.

Most plug-in tools either use ultrasonic soundwaves to press pests away or they release a steady stream of a non-toxic insect-repelling vapor. Both kinds of assets are extremely efficient and fully safe to use even while friend sleep.

Natural and Homemade Insect Repellants

If she in a pinch, there are numerous homemade insect repellants you can use till you discover a method to get rid of the bugs once and for all. I’ve even explained some that the an ext popular approaches in a vault article, despite it mostly involved mosquitos.

Still, things prefer tea tree oil, coffee grounds, and also garlic water should all be efficient at chasing off most insects. On height of that, numerous plants offer off odors that space distinctly uncomfortable to bugs. Humans have actually used lavender, basil, lemongrass, rosemary, and also mint, among other things, to safeguard themselves indigenous insect invasions for centuries. Even now, you deserve to find plenty of of those plants as the main ingredients in part commercial repellants.

Insect Barriers

The surest way to keep insects out of your house would it is in to equip all her windows and doors with bug screens. Also if girlfriend spray your home down with Raid, installing these mesh screens could save you from having actually to execute so again. The mesh will store the bugs exterior while quiet letting plenty of air into your home.

There are likewise chemical obstacles you can use, such together the Raid Ant & Roach Barrier. Simply spray the solution roughly your doors, windows, and near the structure of the house, and also you have to be bug-free for the foreseeable future.

Kill ‘em Dead however Be Smart about It!

As the tagline goes, Raid kills Bugs Dead! girlfriend just have to make certain you remain unscathed while that does that. Fortunately, the comes down to very closely reading the instructions prior to using the insecticide in whatever type you end up choosing.

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You could likewise implement some additional common-sense tactics, prefer taking absorbent materials such together bedding out of the room prior to spraying the down. Alternatively, you deserve to stick with preventative measures like insect screens, plug repellants, and sticky traps.