Having nicked myself when shaving (more than a few times), i know having a cut down over there is absolutely no fun! come treat cuts caused by shaving, I keep the area clean through washing double a day, and to diminish the sting, I’ve supplied diaper decision cream with an excellent results. Your health and wellness provider may likewise be able come prescribe miscellaneous a small stronger if the cut is extra painful or large. And also if you have actually multiple cuts down there led to by dryness or irritation, be sure to do an appointment appropriate away as this could be a authorize of a yeast infection. Hope this helps!


Ouch! I’ve reduced myself shaving under there and also it’s no a satisfied experience. I’ve never used something on cut nicks — ns just try to store the area clean and as dry as feasible and the cut heals top top its own. If a reduced on your vulva is leading to you pain and also not healing, climate Neosporin no a poor idea. Just keep in mind that Neosporin is for exterior use just — don’t use it to your labia and also certainly don’t apply it in your vagina.

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First, ns can’t help but ask exactly how you obtained cuts down there! occasionally you can obtain cuts from lengthy fingernails if you are emotional yourself down there. Periodically you have the right to have some trauma, prefer landing on your vaginal area across the bar that a cycle if you have actually an accident, but cuts ~ above the vulvar area shouldn’t be continue on a regular basis. If girlfriend are having recurring open areas that seem prefer cuts, you could have one infection like herpes and you need to see your medical care provider. Suspect your cuts are as result of an errant fingernail or young trauma, Neosporin everyday for a few days is exactly what i would perform to help the area heal and also not get infected. For the ache (which might be intense as soon as you pee and also the urine hits that area), you can use Tylenol and/or Vaseline ~ above the area prior to you go to the bathroom. For bleeding, it need to stop really soon ~ the early injury, yet if the keeps coming back you need to see your medical care provider.

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This is no intended come be medical advice. Everybody is various so please make certain to above your physician if you"re having actually issues. Perform not delay or refrain from seeking experienced medical advice from her physician because of other you have actually read on this site.

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