If you’ve traveled through several of the world busiest airports, you’ve likely seen it— DFS Group, the deluxe travel retailer boasting modern, sleek storefronts with sleek marble entryways, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and also sharply pull salespeople beckoning travelers inside. Yet what you may not know around DFS could surprise you.

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Open come All: windy Shopping in DFS

You don’t have to hold an worldwide boarding happen to shop in ~ DFS—domestic travelers deserve to shop tax-free on many items in this stores. In the joined States, DFS is located in san Francisco global Airport, Los Angeles worldwide Airport, man F. Kennedy global Airport, Honolulu international Airport and Kahului airplane on Maui. The stores market a curated choice of luxury assets including fashion, watches, jewelry, accessories, beauty, fragrances, spirits, wine, tobacco, food and gifts.

Domestic travelers can shop luxury beauty lines, select fashion brands and also confectioneries while international travelers can shop all lines and also products.


Exclusive assets From worldwide Brands

DFS uses exclusive, luxury assets not found anywhere else, and brands often release assets to DFS very first before they launch in market. For example, Hermes exit a watch band exclusive to DFS shoppers only, Christian Dior introduced a perfume bar at LAX, and Martell exit its Cordon Blue Extra Cognac to DFS a year prior to it was easily accessible to the public. Stop into a DFS store and also check the end their spring repertoire of 70 exclusive assets by brands including Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Estée Lauder and Longines, amongst others.


Complimentary Services

From hand massages come makeovers come wine and also spirits tastings to cacao samples, DFS supplies unexpected, free benefits and also bonuses to its shoppers. Yes no far better way come relax prior to a flight than a mini massage, and no much better way to revitalize native a job of take trip than a makeover through a skilled makeup artist. Sample a brand-new cabernet or whiskey before you purchase a bottle, or taste a sweet before you acquisition a gift—DFS always offers cost-free beauty services and often disperses complimentary tastings. 


Entertaining experience in DFS

DFS offers interactive and playful marketing projects in their stores that immerse shoppers in object themes and also events. Because that example, the stores have launched projects for Chinese new Year, Carnival and also for travel and gifting—offering promotions, photo opportunities and also festive celebrations.

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“This isn’t simply shopping, this is retail entertainment—we’re happen the retail setting to life,” said note Sullivan, regulating director, north America DFS Group. “Our score is to surprise and also delight v experiential offerings.”


Unparalleled customer Service

DFS employee is extremely knowledgeable around all deluxe brands and also products the stores carry. Employees market product specialization and social intelligence—and all room bilingual; DFS employee speaks end 25 languages.

Professional, sophisticated, well-informed salespeople sell a curated, luxury shopping experience. DFS also offers the high-end rewards regime "LOYAL T." The membership offers exclusive access to products and also select services, private occasions and committed experiences. Sign up with the regimen by make a purchase.