Former Names

Orlando stadion 1936-1946Tangerine key 1947-1975Citrus bowl 1976Orlando stadion 1977-1982Florida Citrus key 1983-2013Orlando Citrus bowl 2014-2016Camping human being Stadium 2016-present


Camping world Stadium, the grandfather of the Orlando Venues facilities, started as a works Progress management project by chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. The basic was named the Orlando Stadium and also was constructed for $115,000. The stadium was change the name the Tangerine bowl in 1947 and also the very first college soccer bowl video game was played below on January 1, 1947. Catawba College beat Maryville college 31-6. At the time, the stadium seating capacity was 10,000.

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In 1952, the stadium volume was increased by 2,000 seats and also was hold to the “Little Bowl v the large Heart,” because all proceeds indigenous the game went directly to charity. In 1968, the stadium underwent one more expansion happen seating volume to 17,000 and also the very first press crate was constructed. The Tangerine key underwent growth from 1974 to 1976, to carry the total seating capacity to 50,000.

Florida Citrus Bowl

In 1983, the Florida department of Citrus became the location sponsor in ~ a price of $250,000. Start in 1989, the stadium, then well-known as the Florida Citrus Bowl,underwent a $30 million expansion and renovation job to add new upper decks to both sidelines that the field and also 30 exclusive suites. Each single upper deck includes 9,000 seats. The decks were manufactured of precast concrete and also wrap about the existing stands, placing spectators together close to the ar as possible. 4 concrete ramp towers were additionally erected at the corners the the stadion to provide accessibility to the decks and give the stadion a coliseum-like appearance.

The stadium has been host to plenty of high school, collegiate and professional football games. It has actually been the home ar to the Orlando Broncos that the southerly Football organization from 1962-1963, the Orlando Panthers the the continental Football league from 1966-1970, the Florida Blazers of the people Football organization in 1974, the college of main Florida from 1979-2006, the Orlando americans of the American Football association in 1981, the Orlando Renegades the the United claims Football organization in 1985, the Orlando Thunder that the people League that American Football indigenous 1991-1992, the Orlando Sundogs of the A-League in 1997, the Orlando fury of the XFL in 2001, the Florida Tuskers the the united Football organization and nearby Jones High School. The stadion has additionally served as hold for national Football league preseason games for the Tampa only Buccaneers and the brand-new York Jets and several neutral field, regular season university games, most notably Florida vs. Mississippi State and also Florida State vs. Notre Dame.Presently, Camping world Stadium serves as organize to the MEAC/SWAC an obstacle presented by Disney, theFlorida Blue Florida Classic, the Autonation cure Bowl, the Cheez-It key (formerly the Camping human being Bowl) and the Citrus bowl (formerly the Buffalo Wild wing Citrus Bowl).

The stadium has a storied background with music, too, hosting “Rock Superbowls” featuring together performers as The rojo Stones, The Who, Genesis, Pink Floyd, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Guns’n Roses, Billy Joel/Elton John and Eagles. On April 14, 1979, Camping world Stadium – then known as the Tangerine key – held the Florida people Music Festival, generally known as the “Florida Jam.” The acts consisted of Aerosmith, Blackfoot, Brownsville Station, Cheap Trick, open minded Marino, Mahogany Rush and Ted Nugent. In October 1981, the stadium became the only venue to function Van Halen and also The rolling Stones together.

On march 30, 2008, the stadium hosted WrestleMania XXIV and collection an attendance record of 74,635 fans. In fact, when tickets go on sale end 41,000 were offered within the an initial hour. It came to be the highest-grossing event in the stadium'shistory through a total ticket sales gun of $5,854,590.

Orlando Citrus Bowl

Following a huge $207.7 million repair in 2014 that gave in a 90% all-new stadium, the name was adjusted to the Orlando Citrus Bowl. Among the new amenities and also enhancements in ~ the modernized stadium room 41,000 reduced bowl seats v armrests, chair backs and also six added inches that legroom, two 360-degree concourses, multiple giant video displays, a 20,000-square-foot plaza deck, one open-air facade and unique at home & outdoor society spaces to accommodate 5,000 patrons.

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Camping civilization Stadium

On April 27, 2016, thevenue was renamed Camping human being Stadium as part of a multi-year naming legal rights sponsorship with Camping World, the premier one-stop-shop for recreational vehicles (RVs).