Catch increase on Season 7, illustration 5 of speak to the Midwife. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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Misfortune has actually plagued Nonnatus house this season, and also the midwives’ an individual lives have been put on blast. Last episode, the spotlight was cast on 2 of our favorites: sister Monica Joan challenged the reality of needing a cataract operation and also Trixie spiraled earlier into alcoholism complying with a breakup v Christopher. Currently we learn Trixie’s headed off to she aunt’s home for many months to collection herself, and also Christopher vows to be there as soon as she’s prepared to return. As the women continue to be tested with an overwhelming amount of poor luck top top the reg, lock still charge forward — due to the fact that the grind never stops. For this reason let’s run in and see what’s in keep for them as we proceed with episode 5.

1. So late in the Game


This episode, “Call the Midwife” takes us to the residence of Eunice and also Kenny Dobson. Currently parents come their kid Michael, the pair is expecting a 2nd child. Though this would seem like a factor to pop part bubbly and also celebrate (at least for Kenny), it’s clear from the start that there’s problem looming here. Eunice, that looks choose she’s due any type of day now, displays a severe lack of enthusiasm because that her impending delivery and even shows up agitated when her husband questions her about preparations because that the baby.

Of course, her melancholy state appears to go unnoticed by Kenny, and also because that hasn’t fairly mastered the art of telepathy, that isn’t till he fall by the clinic to surprised her the he discovers Eunice hasn’t been to one doctor’s meeting throughout her pregnancy. Once he confronts her, Eunice only responds with a cryptic message, lamenting that her pregnant is “not like just how it to be before.”

2. A secret Stowaway


As the pair works out this *minor* issue, a young seafarer who recently landed on Poplar has found himself in a challenging spot that his own. Forced out that his hiding point out amidst the cargo the a docked boat, presumably come hide his illness, Ade Babayaro has been compelled into the streets of Poplar. When we first see him, his face is covert with a scarf, which shows up to be hiding an uncomfortable ailment or deformity. Together Ade wanders through the city streets in search of the Seaman’s Mission, everyone he comes across is turned turn off by his appearance and also they refuse to help him. Eventually, he finds his method to refuge and also is visibly shaken by the trauma he is experienced and fear the what might be a proceeding illness.

3. Break out Causes scare in Poplar


Sadly for Ade, that only had actually a single day the peace and quiet in ~ the Seaman’s Mission, it no take long for points to take it a rotate for the worst. The secret surrounding his hidden challenge piqued his roommate’s interest, and also after the sailor returned one evening, he drunkenly challenged Ade, demanding to understand what he to be hiding. ~ a tussle in between the men, Ade’s scarf was torn far from that revealing an unsightly vision that lumps scattered across his face.

Bewildered, his roommate presumes this to it is in smallpox and alerts the rather in the building, forcing Ade come flee when again native what he thought would it is in a for sure space. As all gossip does, the news about this potential smallpox outbreak spreads choose wildfire through the city and also Dr. Turner advises the midwives to look the end for Ade and also for symptom of the deadly virus in others.

4. Smallpox unable to provide smallpox vaccines to your patients till medical professionals have confirmed Ade’s sickness, the midwives find themselves on a no hope mission to uncover him. Meanwhile, Poplar’s favorite occasion planners room busy with crucial request indigenous the city councilor. After holding a successful beauty pageant for the community, the power couple has moved onto greater things together they bring back a tradition with the Poplar Picnic. Due to the fact that what goes far better with smallpox than scotch eggs and sausage rolls?

5. Eunice’s great Revelation


After Kenny learns that Eunice hasn’t had actually an appointment with a midwife yet (only sort of essential nine month in), Lucille phone call on the family members to inspect on your baby’s health. During a series of visits, she notices that Eunice is always on edge, resisting medical attention and also even dismissing the idea of a hospital birth. However, as soon as her mother-in-law shows up at their residence unannounced with a handmade sweater for the baby, this sets her off completely. Eunice then tearfully explains that she had actually a traumatic distribution with her an initial child. Consultation through Dr. Turner reveals she’s emerged a phobia that childbirth.

6. An unanticipated Friendship


As party planning starts for the Poplar Picnic, Reggie help Fred and Violet together they collection food donations native the community. ~ above his means home native an errand through Violet, he stumbles ~ above Ade, who has been hiding in an underground warehouse unit close to the docks. Though the sailor attempts to flee, Reggie comes throughout his hideout and befriends him.

7. Not every little thing Is together It Seems


Kind-hearted and constantly eager to help others, Reggie offers to help his brand-new pal and also secretly renders food runs to him every day. Initially, he assures he i will not ~ disclose Ade’s place to anyone, yet it’s just a issue of time prior to Fred and also Violet record wind the Reggie’s excursions as soon as he fails to provide a cake that was donated for the picnic.

When they establish he’s to be exposed come smallpox, they instantly bring in Dr. Turner. Luckily, he doesn’t show any signs that the disease. With a tiny prying from Nurse Crane, Reggie ultimately discloses Ade’s location and also she travels alone to the docks. Over there she find him in bad condition and also in desperate need of clinical attention as his condition progresses. Though Ade protests she help, Nurse Crane examines the and, in a surprised twist, realizes the doesn’t have actually smallpox. Ultimately diagnosed by a clinical officer, Ade finds the end he actually has actually leprosy and also can it is in cured.

8. A new Start


After his brand-new diagnosis, Ade receives word the a specialist hospital in England has agreed to take it him in. Despite the chance for recovery, he knows the leprosy have the right to be fatal and turns to God for comfort. When in prayer in ~ the chapel, he’s startled as soon as Sister Monica Joan viewpoints him. The admits to her that he’s feel alone for some time and worries he’ll constantly be an outcast. Sister Monica Joan reassures the that v faith and God, he’ll never ever truly be alone.

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9. Eunice Pushes v Her fear - Literally


With the smallpox crisis resolved, Nonnatus residence turns the attention earlier to Eunice as she starts to go into labor. Overwhelmed through her fear of providing birth, she locks herself right into a bathroom and forces Kenny to call Lucille. Kenny insists ~ above kicking in the door, pertained to that Eunice could harm herself, however Lucille arrives and also urges versus this. Instead, she is able to talk Eunice down and also encourages her to come the end of the bathroom. Shelagh arrives v Dr. Turner quickly after.

As stressful and also terrifying as you would certainly imagine it to be, Eunice proceeds with her distribution (not that she has a choice). After plenty of tears — from every parties — and pushing, Eunice delivers her baby and also is both relieved and overcome with joy upon seeing she daughter. That a happy moment for all. Also, props come Lucille for dealing with some that the worst cases we’ve checked out this season.

10. Ending On a High Note


To wrap increase this week’s exciting events, the Buckles relocate forward through the Poplar Picnic, something the everyone needed after the entire neighborhood was on high alert. And as if totally free food and also party games couldn’t obtain much better, the team receives a welcome surprised (especially after Trixie’s departure) as soon as Barbara and also Tom return. Their presence is at first mistaken as a visit, but Tom declares to the cheerful crowd the his Mission to Birmingham is complete and also that the pair is home for good. V this, the midwives have actually survived yet an additional day in Poplar. Cheers come that!

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