Brendon recounts a wild night in Hollywood that motivated the notorious 'high heels' lyric.

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It was true all follow me - Panic! in ~ The Disco"s Brendon Urie yes, really did lose a bet to a guy in a Chiffon skirt. And he made those high heels work!


Fueled by Ramen

Brendon was chatting come Coup De Main during his recent tour that Australia and new Zealand around the meanings behind few of his all-time favourite Panic! track lyrics, including the now infamous line native Death that A Bachelor album monitor "Don"t Threaten Me v A good Time".

Turns out, it was based on a true story:

"I was in Hollywood and I visited a bar, there was a male in a beautiful chiffon dress - yes, I understand what chiffon is! He remained in a chiffon skirt and wearing high heels, he was in drag, i was like,"Wow that’s amazing!"We ended up talking and hanging the end for a little bit, he had said basically,"I an obstacle you to watch who can fit an ext hot dogs in your mouth"- the bar had hot dogs. For this reason he won, I shed immediately. I believed I was simply going to win, ns was like,"Let me redeem myself, who have the right to chug a beer faster?"I shed again, so that was embarrassing. The said,"Okay now, below comes the moment for the bet, you need to put on this high heels."I had to undertake them because that the whole rest of the moment I was at the bar - ns was only there for one more hour maybe. That didn’t make me was standing in them every day because that would’ve probably simply killed me, I had the ability to sit down, yet I wore them and also I traction them off very well."

Note to me - never get into a beer chugging dispute with a Hollywood drag queen. You will certainly lose.

That heel occupational will certainly come in handy currently that Brendon has actually been actors in the lead role in Broadway music Kinky Boots, authorized the production this might in new York because that a run v till August.

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me: i hate musicalsthem: yet brendon urie is in kinky boots!!11!me:

— ( April 11, 2017

Just make certain you"re no as think as you drunk ns am when you are on phase Brendon!

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