The following instructions are based on our experience with countless rhinoplasty surgeries. This information will answer most questions that arise concerning what friend should and also should not carry out after surgery. You and also your family should check out through this information several time so that you become thoroughly familiar with it. Follow these instructions together faithfully as possible, due to the fact that those who carry out so generally have the smoothest post-operative course complying with their rhinoplasty.

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Every operation, no matter exactly how minor, is add by swelling of the neighboring tissues. The quantity of ede varies from person to person. Due to the fact that of the looseness of facial tissue, the ede is more pronounced in this area, and also your facial functions may appear distorted. Medication will be encourage to minimize swelling. Continuous adequate hydration and elevation will certainly help.

Typically, the ede will optimal the second or third day after your surgery. Generally, it will be worse once you an initial arise in the morning—proof the it’s far better to stay elevated as lot as possible. This is not serious, and also is not an indication that something is wrong. Swelling always eventually subsides, and also your face will go back to normal. Friend can aid the swelling to subside in number of ways:

keep your face elevated with your head above the heart, also while sleeping. A recliner come in handy. Pillows will certainly work, but your head might slip off her pillow while sleeping. This will certainly only cause increased face swelling and also may prolong your nasal stuffiness. The key goal is to keep your head above your heart, as swelling, bruising, and also blood every follow gravity and also flow downhill in the direction of the heart. Protect against bending end or lifting for about two weeks. Besides aggravating swelling, these tasks may advanced the blood pressure and also cause bleeding. Protect against hitting or bumping your brand-new nose. Do not choose up small children or pets, and also you might need to sleep alone for 2 weeks after your operation. Proceed to sleep with the head of her bed elevated for at the very least two weeks, or until your swelling and also stuffiness have subsided to your satisfaction. The applications of cool treatment to her eyes and forehead may soothe discomfort and also somewhat reduce swelling for the first pair of days. Apply gel ice cream compresses or baggies that frozen peas across each eye together continually as feasible during the first night and also next day as soon as you return home. But be very careful the the load of the compress(es) does no put pressure on the rail or cause the tape to become wet v condensation. Stop tanning your challenge for numerous months. As soon as showering, shot to minimize water exposure come the sleep dressing. Wash below your neck first, then shampoo and also wash her face and promptly leave the shower. Dab her face and also dressing dry gently. Perform not soak the dressing. Water comes in contact with your face should come native the tap, not from bathtub water or basin. Avoid constant “sniffing”, the is, continually forcibly attempting to traction air through the nose as some civilization do as soon as their sleep feels blocked. This will certainly not relax the emotion of blockage; it will just aggravate it since the suction produced on the inside will cause an ext swelling. Perform not forcibly punch your nose for numerous weeks after ~ surgery, or till instructed to perform so. This might precipitate bleeding. The night of her surgery and for the an initial day or 2 following, there will certainly be nearly constant blood-tinged sleep drainage. This is completely normal, due to the fact that no sleep packing is generally used. It might be quite bloody shortly after girlfriend arrive residence from surgical treatment as the vasoconstrictors used throughout surgery stay off. Merely remain calm, quiet, and elevated, and change the drip pad together instructed as frequently as necessary. As long as you continue to be calm and quiet, within a few hours, the bleeding will slowly diminish in quantity and will become more watery. Apply and readjust the 4x4 gauze as necessary, together we will teach friend in recovery. Do not usage a tissue. If you are tempted to use a tissue, that time come re-apply the drip pad. Tissue is paper, and document has lumber chips in it. Constant dabbing v a tissue can actually abrade the fragile nasal skin. Most civilization can discontinue using the drip pad after a day or two.


It is not inexplicable to have varying amounts of bruising roughly your eyes and face. Like swelling, the discoloration might become much more pronounced after you have actually been discharged. It generally lasts no an ext than a week, every the while decreasing the intensity. However, in part cases, people may have actually bruising that seems to last because that a couple of weeks. The measures that aid swelling come subside will certainly also help discoloration. You deserve to camouflage the discoloration to some degree by utilizing makeup after ~ the lumbering is removed.


If hemorrhage occurs, lied down through your head elevated on pillows or in a recliner. Shot not to obtain excited. Be sure to take her pain medication if necessary to avoid increased blood pressure second to pain. If you room worried, call us.

Do not take any blood thinning drugs such together aspirin or Advil until they room cleared by our office.


Self-Cleansing the the Nose

Interestingly, your nose is self-cleansing. If you simply patiently monitor our instructions, your nose will certainly take treatment of itself. You execute not have to do anything besides follow our instructions. It have the right to be hazardous come perform any type of other interventions. Yet be patient—this procedure takes weeks and weeks.

The first week, the just things the should get in your nose room air and also Afrin. Period. After the Afrin has actually done that is job, girlfriend will shift to sleep Saline and perhaps Ayr Saline gel for numerous weeks. No fingers, Q-Tips, tweezers, Vaseline, scissors, etc. EVER!

After a couple of weeks, you will notice some crusts, bumps, and ridges or person that is abnormal inside her nostrils. These are completely normal, and will resolve gradually on your own. It may be tempting to try to remedy this yourself, but doing so could very easily disrupt your nasal guideline permanently. The sutures stabilizing your nasal guideline are small threads sewn through delicate cartilage, about as flimsy as a contact lens do of candle wax! If you space concerned, let united state look in ~ it before attempting any type of picking or self-surgery.


Everyone handles pain differently. Yes usually only mild pain following rhinoplasty, specifically with no nasal packing. You might experience a bruised sensation as a result of the post-operative swelling that occurs. (This usually seems to it is in worse the very first night.)

Unfortunately, all dental narcotics can cause sensations of lightheadedness and also nausea, particularly in the prompt post-operative period. At her pre-operative visit, we will certainly prescribe an proper pain medication. This is best tolerated and less likely to cause nausea if you take it it as soon as you are house in your very own bed and also after adequate intake of clear liquids.

Use the prescribed pain medicine, or Extra stamin Tylenol for discomfort. Consistent doses the Tylenol (if you appropriately follow the product label) will develop up in her bloodstream, and after a work or two of not lacking a dose, you will certainly have an extensive analgesia indigenous Tylenol alone. Execute NOT take aspirin-related products, including Motrin (ibuprofen), Advil, or Nuprin.


Due to nasal obstruction, discomfort, and also elevation, sleeping deserve to be complicated after surgery. This will certainly get simpler night by night. If you’re still having troubles with insomnia ~ a night or two, friend can shot over-the-counter Benadryl 50mg, or Tylenol PM. No Advil PM. If girlfriend desire a prescription sleeping medication after a night or two, simply let united state know. However, it can be hazardous to incorporate various sedatives such together narcotics with sleeping medicines. Decision for yourself what her chief worry is—pain, insomnia, or anxiety—and we will work-related with you to do you as comfortable together we safely can.


It’s not unexplained for an separation, personal, instance to go with a duration of soft depression after ~ the surgery. No matter how much they wanted the operation beforehand and how lot they were told about what to intend post-operatively, they space shocked once they see their confront swollen and perhaps discolored. If this is how you feel, it is in realistic and realize the this is a very temporary problem which will subside shortly. The ideal treatment consists of remaining busy with the details that post-operative care and also trying to divert your mind.

Keep a Stiff upper Lip

The upper lip is a key area in rhinoplasty surgery, because much the the work-related is done close to this area. Therefore, you should not relocate it excessively as lengthy as the bandage is in place so the the heal tissues space not disturbed. This means:

Avoid extreme grinning and also smiling. Perform not traction your upper lip down (like females do when they use lipstick). Apply lipstick with a brush. Brush top teeth through a soft toothbrush. The reduced teeth might be brushed as usual. Avoid gum or foods items that are difficult to chew. Soups, mashed potatoes, stewed chicken, yogurt, or any type of easily chewable food is permissible. French bread, steak, etc. Have to not it is in eaten.

Resuming Activities

You may sleep without the head of your bed elevated after about two weeks.

Until the bandage is removed, you have to wear clothing that fastens either in former or the ago rather than the form that have to be pulled end the head.

You must walk routinely after a couple of days. This will help mood, appetite, sleep, constipation, and swelling. Start light exercise after about ten days. This may incorporate a slow-paced stationary bicycle or an epileptiform. No influence exercises. Gradually work up to running and also strenuous aerobic exercise after several weeks.

Avoid any activities which may an outcome in an affect to the nose for at the very least six weeks, and any sports for two months wherein your nose can be bumped.

If you must sneeze, let the come out choose a cough—through the mouth.

Eyeglasses may be worn summary while the splint remains on the nose. After ~ that, they must be suspended indigenous the forehead v tape or supported on the cheek bones for a duration of about six weeks. We will show you just how to perform this if you absolutely must wear them. This is important since the pressure of the glasses may change the new contour of her nose.

No Sunglasses for six Weeks!

Contact lenses might be placed a job or 2 after surgery.

Dryness of the Lips

If your lips end up being dry indigenous breathing with your mouth, cloak them through Vaseline or Aquaphor. But under any type of circumstances, avoid ALL moisturizers in ~ an inch or so of the lumbering tape. This may reason premature loosening the the tape and destabilization the the rhinoplasty.



Generally the body temperature rises a bit after surgery, but not usually much over 100°. This rise results from coming to be mildly dehydrated due to not drinking enough water. Patient will frequently think they have actually an boosted temperature due to the fact that they feeling warm. If concerned, use a thermometer and report any kind of persistent temperature over 100°.

Weakness/ Lightheadedness

It’s not unexplained after a person has actually an anesthetic or any type of operation for the or she to feel weak, have actually palpitations, an episode in cold sweats, or acquire dizzy. This gradually removes up in a few days without medication. It’s finest relieved by promptly lying flat on your back for several minutes. Contact us if it persists or concerns you.

Your first Office Visit

You should have your first post-operative appointment around seven job after surgery. If you to be not offered an appointment card, please contact the office to schedule.

And don’t develop up fear and anxiety around your an initial week post-operative visit come the office. You will certainly feel much much better after the dressing is removed. Any kind of sutures inquiry removal will be taken the end at this time. The outer tape and the splint will be removed. A special tape-removing solution is offered to insure this come turn off easily.

Likewise, the material inside her nose will be softened so that it comes out quickly as well. There room no stitches to remove from the within of your nose because the people that will be offered are the dissolvable type.

Returning To work-related Or School

The mean patient is able to return to work-related or school the work after the bandages room removed—that is, eight days complying with surgery. However, the is totally up to you. If you don’t mind returning v the rail on her nose and you’re not forced to physical exert yourself, you can go earlier to work or institution within three days the surgery. As soon as you must return to work-related depends top top the amount of physical activity and public call your job entails in enhancement to the amount of swelling and discoloration you develop.


We all love ours pets, however over the years, we have noticed that a couple of patients who have tendency to sleep with their pet in nearby proximity will sometimes have actually some extra inflammation or possibly even early infection. We recommend that if your pet sleeps on your bed, girlfriend take proper precautions until a couple of days ~ all her sutures room removed. Pets need to sleep ~ above the floor or, if necessary, in a separate room. Do sure every one of your bedsheets, pillowcases, etc. Are freshly washed.

Injury to the Nose

Many people sustain accidental hits ~ above the nose throughout the beforehand post-operative period. You don’t need to worry around this unless the punch is hard enough that bleeding or considerable swelling ensues. Report the injury to united state if you concerned.

It may take a few months for your nasal skin to completely return to regular after rhinoplasty. It’s typical for that to it is in oily or dry, sensitive, acne-prone, pink or red, etc. You might be tempted to use various subject regimens to try to speed up its go back to normal, however don’t! This may cause trauma come the skin or basic structures, and may do more harm than good. Also, perform not pop pimples! merely follow a simple cleansing and also moisturizing regimen. Avoid intensive sun exposure for the an initial week or for this reason after bandage removal, and also then faithfully apply daily sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. Avoid tanning your nose for at the very least a couple of months.

Patience and also Perfectionism

Often, patients space pleased and relieved to an initial see their nose when the splint is removed. They mean their sleep to be swollen, yet are relieved come see positive changes. After about a main or so, a great deal of swelling dissipates—and then fact sets in. It takes an entire year, sometimes even longer, because that the final an outcome to be achieved.

As things settle, various small lumps and also bumps, uneven swelling, etc., can understandably cause concern. The many common comes to are persistent swelling, numbness, firmness, absence of definition of the tip and the area over the tip, and also bumps and irregularities inside the nostrils. As soon as this occurs, we will advise you regarding certain species of massage which deserve to be of part benefit. Yet realize and accept that it takes time.

The nationwide median is that 10% of every rhinoplasties call for some revision. Our actual price is substantially much less than 10%. But no surgeon or nature can develop a perfectly proportioned or perfectly symmetrical nose. Every operated doctor in the civilization has to revise a nose occasionally. That course, every initiative and every one of our training and experience will be offered to the utmost to giving you the best feasible result. However occasionally part revision is required, and also this should be postponed for at the very least one year.

Some anxious patients will fear that a revision might be necessary, but the vast bulk of the time, things clear up down nicely and also no extr work is important after all. The most typical revisions us encounter involve merely a small rasp of a bony prominence because of warping, a little trim of some cartilage, a tiny injection that cortisone, or a filler such together Restylane. Periodically you may incur additional financial costs, together as expense of the operation room or expense of the filler. This does not suggest your rhinoplasty was not successful or was no performed properly.


Remember the things you were told prior to your operation, including:

once the bandage is very first removed, your sleep will show up fat and turned up too much. This is as result of operative ede over the nose and in the upper lip. This swelling will subside to a big extent in ~ a week; however, it will take as much as one year for all the ede to disappear and also for your sleep to reach its final contour. The discoloration will gradually disappear end a duration of 7-10 work in many cases. We have actually yet to encounter a case where that persisted permanently. The thicker and also oiler the skin, the much longer it takes for the swelling to subside. Your upper lip may show up stiff because that a while, and also you might feel the it interferes with your smile. This will certainly disappear in ~ a couple of weeks. The tip of the nose sometimes feels “numb” after ~ a rhinoplasty, yet this ultimately subsides.

If friend have any further questions, please feel complimentary to call us. You deserve to reach us 24 hours a day, and we are right here to aid you. Us hope this help you and reassures you during your recovery.

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