Alternative Name: 带着农场混异界Author: 明宇/Ming YuCategory: Chinese web Novel, Reincarnation, Farming, animal Husbandry, FantasyStatus: OngoingSource: LinkTranslator(s)/Translation Group: Armored RavenSubscribe: RSS

Description: “If he’s being badass, ns gonna plant my own crops. If the messes through me, he will not live past following year.”

Homebody Zhao Hai carried ‘QQ Farm’ follow me in his traversal to one more world and resided within the human body of a fallen noble. His fief to be a black color land i beg your pardon nothing could be planted, and an ext importantly, he even had a peerlessly powerful fiancee, who was in reality the follower of a duchy and future grand Duchess!

Even more importantly, he is a magical and martial cripple who could not find out magic and also martial arts. His crippling was an extremely thorough.

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“I can’t find out magic, but I have the farm. You dare attack me? I’ll release bugs come eat up her rations and also crops, and also put pesticides and weed agents right into your water sources to make your lands thrive weeds. View if you dare to attack me. What? friend wanna hire killers come assassinate me? Hehehe. Ok hide within the little house in mine farm and see just how you can strike me. When you leave, ns gonna terminate her country’s chop productions, and then every one of your world will revolt. Check out if you challenge to death me.”

Watch exactly how this rather black hearted hobo offers his QQ farm yard in the people of swords and magic to end up being a globally known nightmarish existence.


Armored Raven’s description:

Doomed to live in a place of death and despair, a tiny family was all that’s left of one illustrious noble line. As soon as all hope was lost, one man’s heart made an unanticipated journey indigenous Earth, all the way to the people where Ark Continent resides. What came with him was a mysterious but incredible farming space, together he now had actually to live together the critical heir of stated family.

Enter Zhao Hai, hobo native Earth and full time internet novel writer, whose life to be thrown right into one that cunning, farming, fighting and survival. He need to make usage of every one of his wits if he’s to endure a rigid civilization of castes where the aristocracy reigns supreme.

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With the Water of Void having actually crippled every one of his method of discovering magic and battle auras, it’s up to his self-evolving farming space to aid him and also his family members through his trip of discovery, hardship, harvest, and triumph. Hell afoot no fury choose this farmer scorned, however not everything in the people was together it seemed. Join him as his adventures clearly what make the human being into what that was, and also the assorted powers the were hiding behind the shadows.

Chapter 1 – overcome OverChapter 2 – unlucky IdentityChapter 3 – wake up UpChapter 4 – Spatial FarmChapter 5 – Heaven-defying Cheating ToolChapter 6 – PlanningChapter 7 – ‘Not mine Rules’Chapter 8 – ArrangementsChapter 9 – Sooner or Later, One Day…Chapter 10 – HopeChapter 11 – ArrangementsChapter 12 – HeadshakeChapter 13 – changes Of The MindChapter 14 – an ext Than Meets The EyeChapter 15 – Level UpChapter 16 – RatioChapter 17 – LunaticChapter 18 – JoltedChapter 19 – selecting CropsChapter 20 – ExperimentChapter 21 – Lakewater ProblemsChapter 22 – MatureChapter 23 – being FrankChapter 24 – an excellent PlaceChapter 25 – came to be SmarterChapter 26 – new CrisisChapter 27 – 5000 Kilos a DayChapter 28 – horse BonesChapter 29 – RewardChapter 30 – damaged AgainChapter 31 – Rollers, MillsChapter 32 – Sowing SeedsChapter 33 – sudden InspirationChapter 34 – LearningChapter 35 – OnslaughtChapter 36 – Horde that MonstersChapter 37 – go into the SpaceChapter 38 – finding out WordsChapter 39 – brand-new FunctionChapter 40 – RiceChapter 41 – Oath
Chapter 239 – Bull-Headed judgment FlagChapter 240 – ProphetChapter 241 – Extermination by The Flick of A WristChapter 242 – ‘As numerous As friend Want’Chapter 243 – Sneaky MoveChapter 244 – Re-evaluationChapter 245 – Liar through A complicated IdentityChapter 246 – ‘I desire The fight Flag’Chapter 247 – Battle RationsChapter 248 – healing Is CostlyChapter 249 – suddenly ChangeChapter 250 – DeterminationChapter 251 – AnytimeChapter 252 – 3 JobsChapter 253 – Beheading Blood OathChapter 254 – GiftChapter 255 – PlanChapter 256 – tool Spirit?Chapter 257 – transforms of Iron mountain CastleChapter 258 – Fighting ChanceChapter 259 – move Forward, and Move forward AgainChapter 260 – Herculan Bull Tribe’s PlightChapter 261 – Poetic PaybackChapter 262 – ‘Finishing Him turn off After Drinking’Chapter 263 – Gasol’s FrustrationChapter 264 – two BladesChapter 265 – start the Bull-headed Race’s TerritoryChapter 266 – Shocking News: key Camp LostChapter 267 – Who was It?Chapter 268 – MastiffsChapter 269 – Large-Horned Raging BullsChapter 270 – Regretful GasolChapter 271 – No chance WhatsoeverChapter 272 – complicated Human MerchantChapter 273 – youngsters IssuesChapter 274 – national PolicyChapter 275 – Teaching material Frustrations Chapter 276 – ‘You have actually Won’Chapter 277 – ideal Time to CounterattackChapter 278 – In require Of A ManiacChapter 279 – West Wonder King’s Camp