The form of the buttocks play critical role in one’s in its entirety figure and body contours. If you’ve ever before felt her behind is doing not have in size and shape, the Brazilian butt lift can attain your human body goals.

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This procedure will carry out volume come the buttocks and has the added benefit the slimming down the waist. You deserve to enhance the curve of her body to your desires with a Brazilian target lift!

What is a Brazilian butt Lift?

ABrazilian butt Lift or BBL is a procedure that uses your own body’sfat to provide the buttocks a lifted, fuller, rounder shape. Utilizing yourown fat, dubbed a fattransfer,is desired over buttock implants to enhance your backside becauseit is your very own body’s tissue.

Dr. Fedele removes larger quantities of fat from other areas of your body, especially around the hips, flanks, lower back, and abdominal areas to contour them and administer donor fat to add volume to the buttock area. The fat is then injected into the buttocks to provide shape and fullness providing you the curves you desire in the right locations while making friend shapelier around the hips and waist!

This procedure is composed of liposuction and also injections. Dr. Fedele implements tumescent fluid and also ultrasound liposuction to aid smooth the end patient’s bodies and harvest undesirable fat. The fat is climate purified and also placed in syringes. Your buttocks will certainly be rounded out and your totality appearance transformed!

Before and also After Photos







The advantages of a Brazilian target lift don’t end with your bum. Countless patients space impressed by how much the procedure impacts their whole figure. A fat transfer procedure calls for slimming under at the very least one various other area of her body. Common locations treated incorporate the flanks, abdomen and thighs. Due to the fact that the fat is injected into the buttocks you don’t have to worry around incisions or scarring along your bum.

A Brazilian target lift will provide you a comprehensive body makeover!


Thisprocedure is terrific for ladies looking to boost the curvature andvolume of your bum. Perfect candidate will be healthy and also active. Aconsultation with Dr. Fedele will aid you decide if a BBL is a goodsolution for her concerns. Schedule a meeting this particular day to discover more!If you room bothered by a ns of volume or always wanted a morevoluptuous behind, the is time to take into consideration a Brazilian butt lift.

Personal Consultation

You have actually the opportunity to accomplish with Dr. Fedele and also create a personalized treatment arrangement that fits your body and aesthetic goals. Dr. Fedele will inquire about your medical background and existing lifestyle to recognize if a BBL is a healthy an option for you. Our score is to educate you top top procedure approaches so you have the right to make an educated decision.

We want our patient leaving their consultation emotion excited and also looking forward to your treatment.

All operation procedures lug risks and also Dr. Fedele will invest time v you at your consultation come explain the procedure in detail and also any risks involved. This website is design to offer you some simple information around Brazillian target Lift and is no a substitute because that a considerable consultation and also exam with Dr. Fedele.


Fill prescriptions and arrange rides to and also from your appointment. You won’t be able to sit on her bum because that a couple of weeks after ~ surgery and will must enlist rides to grocery stores and the such.

Setaside an area that your house where you have the right to rest and lay on her stomachcomfortably. This area need to be stocked v snacks, medicines andentertainment.

Themorning of her appointment, dress in clothes that will certainly not applypressure to your bum or treatment areas. Us encourage each patient toarrive early on so they have a stress-free morning!

Brazilian target Lift Procedure

ABrazilian target Lift is typically performed under sedation or withanesthesia together an outpatient procedure.

A fat move is called a Brazilian butt lift as soon as the fat is transferred to her butt. The procedure is generally performed under regional anesthesia in Dr. Fedele’s office, however can be excellent under sedation with other procedures.

The Brazillian butt Lift procedure takes about one hour and also you will be discharged home when stable.

When you come to her procedure, tumescent fluid will it is in administered come your treatment area(s). Dr. Fedele will insert an ultrasound probe through tiny incision. The soundwaves will certainly fluctuate the air bubbles existing in the tumescent fluid. This activity will tenderness dislodge fat cell from neighboring tissues. The fat cells and also fluid will certainly be suctioned from the area through a slim cannula. As soon as Dr. Fedele has actually removed enough fat and artfully sculpted the therapy area, incisions will certainly be closed and also the accumulated fat will be processed and placed in syringes.

Inthe 2nd step of your procedure, fat will certainly be injected all follow me thebuttocks. The goal will be to round out the bum and help it appearlifted and also voluptuous.


In the an initial three to four days girlfriend may have actually some bruising and also swelling, however by applying ice and also keeping her head elevated you deserve to diminish this swelling. Compression garments will must be worn around the lipo treated areas. These clothes will help regulate swelling and help the body readjust to its new shape. You will must stay off her bum because that a mainly or two and then sit on a pillow together your target adjusts come the brand-new size and also contours.

Mostpeople are earlier in the “public eye” in ~ a few days and earlier toexercising and full activities in 2 to four weeks.


A Brazilian bum lift is a long-lasting procedure! friend will have the ability to enjoy a lifted, rounded target for years to come. The best means to keep your outcomes looking amazing is to continue to be healthy and also maintain a regular weight.

Complementary Procedures

ABrazilian butt lift is a great treatment to integrate with otherprocedures. Countless patients refer an attention in boosting theirfacial features. Dermal fillers and facial fat transfers space a greatanti-aging solution. Change not just your body, however your challenge too!

Ifyou are interested in among these treatments and also combining the withyour BBL, asking Dr. Fedele around your easily accessible options in your privateconsultation through him.

Brazilian target Lift Cost

Ourteam of specialists take pride in enhancing the stays of the males andwomen who go into our office. Brazilan butt lifts have gained popularin recent years and are help our patients accomplish attractive,sensual curves. The cost for these procedures varies in between patientsbecause castle are very customizable. Call the facility for Plastic &Cosmetic surgical treatment today because that a an individual consultation and also learn moreabout the “Art of Plastic Surgery” with Dr. Fedele. You have the right to reachus at (216) 464-1616, we look forward to conference you!

For truly superior results, schedule a Brazilian target lift procedure!

How lengthy does a Brazilian butt lift last?

A Brazilian target lift must last you her life. Save your outcomes looking incredible v an energetic lifestyle and also healthy weight.

What is the recovery time because that Brazilian buttlift?

It often takes 3 to four weeks to feel yourself and also be able to sit under without a cushion. Patients often see their best results approximately two months after treatment. The restore timeline will be different for each person. We desire you looking and also feeling your best in no time. Follow post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Fedele and also remember to take each day as it comes. Obtaining plenty that rest, continuing to be hydrated, and engaging in low-key activities will aid your recovery walk well and also quickly.

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Can you gain weight after BBL?

Yes however a BBL would certainly not reason you to obtain weight. Remember come eat healthy and also live an energetic life to save the pounds away. Being healthy and balanced will help you keep your results and also look good for a long time!

How lot is a Brazilian buttock lift?

A Brazilian buttock lift is a highly customized procedure that contains two separate approaches to bring about your perfect results. Due to the fact that of the personalized touch us provide, the expense will differ from patience to patient. Call our office this day to learn more about BBL procedures and how friend can acquire started under the path to a curvier body.