The pantheon that Theros is complete! Xenagos has end up being the god of revelry. Yet much from bringing tranquility to the god-realm the Nyx, the satyr"s ascension come godhood has actually only flung it right into chaos, and also the ripples are being felt across the mortal realm.

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Each booster pack consists of 15 cards to add to her collection—and you can expect one of those 15 to it is in a rare, mythic rare, or premium silver paper card!



Includes a player’s overview with pictures of every cards in the pack and also two complete core set deck boxes, nine 15-card booster packs, 80 basic land cards, and also a special-edition life counter.

(* Not easily accessible in all languages)



Everything you need in one ready-made deck. Consists of 60 cards, a silver paper premium rarely card, two sealed 15-card booster packs, a strategy insert, and also a learn-to-play guide.


(* Not accessible in all languages)



Battle prefer the best, best out the the box. Includes a tournament-ready 60-card deck plus a 15-card “sideboard” to swap in together needed, relying on what you suppose your challenger will play.

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(* Not obtainable in all languages)

Set Name: Born that the GodsBlock: Theros Block (2 of 3)Number of Cards: 165Languages: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Official Three-Letter Code: BNGTwitter Hashtag: #MTGBNG

Release Date: February 7, Online Release: February 17, 2014

Initial Concept and also Game Design: Ken Nagle (lead), Ethan Fleischer, Billy Moreno, note Rosewater, Ryan Spain

Final game Design and also Development: Tom LaPille (lead), Chirs Dupuis, note Gottlieb, David Humpherys, Billy Moreno ;contributions native Matt Tabak


Theros is rule by an awe-inspiring pantheon of gods. Mortals tremble prior to them, feel the sting of your petty whims, and live in terror of their wrath.


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