Welcome to this page dedicate to the dolls and also toys indigenous the movie, The book of Life! once I first saw the production stills because that this film, ns was at sight excited. It looked original and also unlike something that has been exit yet. Following the story the young love recorded up in a human being of death and also remembrance, we journey through civilizations unlike our own...and what"s more, it all looks for sure beautiful. The book of Life is certain to be a substantial animated hit for this Halloween season, and beyond.With stars together as billy del Toro, Zoe Saldana and also Channing Tatum associated in the project, this giving from 20th Century Fox is bound to carry out very, really well at crate offices throughout the whole globe.As an animator, I"m fascinated through the art form, the story and also the whole procedure of acquisition a an easy image and transforming it into a film, but much more than that...I"m obsessed with the dolls and also toys that come with every an excellent animated film...and I"m at sight excited about The book of Life dolls and toys, the characters are so beautiful created.Right now, there isn"t a large amount that The book of Life dolls and also toys available, but there will be more. So store your eye peeled, and add this web page to her favourites, as I"ll be maintaining it updated when much more and an ext exciting merchandise gets released. Ns can"t wait!In the mean time, if you"re feeling impatient, you can constantly pop along to Amazon.com"s doll and toy page, for The book of Life, ideal here, now!**Updated: November 11th 2014 - Funko pop Book the Life dolls testimonial from youtube, just added! as well as an ext Funko dolls have actually been released...and have actually been included right here, top top this page! So role down and take a peek! Soooo exciting!**

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Even if friend haven"t seen The book of Life yet, which character perform you favor the look at of the most?Are girlfriend a fan of the Channing Tatum character, Jaoquin? Or room you most excited about the main man, Manolo?Perhaps you favor Maria, or even the mighty Xibalba himself?Add your vote right right here now!

Oh my goodness! exactly how beautiful space these activity figure dolls because that the relax of The book of Life?I adore this figure of the animation"s hero, Manolo. The fist to detail is exquisite. And you understand what else, the number boasts 20 clues of coupling - which come you and also me, basically means joints - so you have the right to pose him about into whichever position you prefer! Again, just including to the glory the this fab Book the Life doll.Perfect for any kind of animated film fan!


Those clever world at Funko really know what they"re doing when it comes to creating the dolls for one of fall 2014"s most anticipated man films, The publication of Life.Like the Manolo doll above, this Maria doll has 20 points of articulation. What"s super cool about this, is that if friend get more than one, you can start come pose the doll personalities out to replicate her favourite moment from the film. Isn"t that simply the sweet idea?Fan the the movie or not, this doll will include a details je ne sais quoi, a particular class to your doll collection. Gorgeous!

I can"t protect against watching this Book of Life trailer! Potentially, the most visually arresting animated movie come come follow me in the longest time. The colours and also style are second to none...the story is timeless...give her eyes the visual feast castle deserve! watch the publication of Life trailer best here!

Now this is exciting...Funko have developed not one, not two yet three The book of Life Legacy activity Figures therefore you can collect the full collection of film heroes!If you thought Manolo"s style was intricate and beautifully detailed, then you ain"t checked out nothing yet! examine out the detailing here...amazing, right?If you room gifting hunting...any doll collector, or movie memorablia fan will adore this. Heck! Just get all three!
What would certainly a great animation be there is no it"s Funko POP! activity figures? They"ve provided their figures a gorgeous The publication of Life treatment, and also they look stunning.Whether you room collector of man character dolls, or films in general...or maybe you just collect Funko POP! dolls, either way, this one is a must. Together the command character, Manolo, indigenous the movie, this little guy must surely it is in the one the gets snap up and given pride of ar on her shelf...or wrapped up together a gift for your loved one. I want one so badly!
Looking in ~ La Muerte, you would be forgiven for reasoning that there is something depressing around dead character. Just how bright and also amazingly design is she? La Muerte dram a far-reaching part in The publication of Life, so by adding her to her doll or toy collection, you"re make a wise move.Voiced by one of Mexico"s many successful actors, Kate del Castillo, this personality is all around celebrating the past, and also looking to future...isn"t the such a fabulous philosophy?
The legend Ron Perlman, lends his voice because that this publication of Life character...and what a fine personality he watch too. Feather a little bit favor a gothic santa in drag, again, over there isn"t lot too depressing around this dark character. As a far-ranging character in the story, this doll would be great addition to a movie doll collection....I mean, that can"t be that evil, can he? He has actually an upside down heart because that a nose! Cute, right?
That fabulous youtube duo, MommyandGracieShow have done the honours by reviewing the Funko Pop publication of Life dolls! So, you can see for yourself which space the ideal ones ot buy...although, secretly, prefer these ladies, y"know you"re just gonna buy them all, right?Thanks ladies, for the review!
Funko have actually gone all out through The book of Life and even produced two Manolo figures. You have the alive Manolo, and also the mental version, which is right right here for you!Personally, i really favor this one. Type of morbid, yes, however so, for this reason beautiful. Ns love everything about the style and the principle behind this movie and the characters, and what a terrific way to bring a hopeful spark to remembering those before us.This little guy will look perfect in any kind of collection of movie dolls, and also although standing in ~ a humble 3 and 3/4 inches, this doll is perfect formed. There"s something at sight special about the Funko dolls, and also it"s clean to check out why!
Here with have actually the beautiful Maria! Doesn"t she have actually the biggest hair the computer animation world has seen since Rapunzel? Ok, it"s no long, per se, however compared to her body, it"s nice big!Another fabulous enhancement to any kind of Funko, or book of Life doll collection. If girlfriend watched the great review, simply above, she is the first doll the ladies talk about...and you"ll notice that she"s fairly tricky to stand up - due to her enormous hair! however fear not, those clever folks in ~ Funko have contained a little stand to help! Genius!I love this tiny lady!

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