as received by Michael A. Aquino***note from
: the couple of illustrations consisted of in this "received book" have actually not been contained here, however are described within parentheses(__) at the suitable places in the text***The Equinox has actually succumbed to mine Solstice, and I, Set, to be revealed in my Majesty.The time the the Purification is past.The fate of my Gifted gyeongju rests in balance, and also I shall no recant mine Word, talked to myHigh monk MehenPetTha in old Khem and now again come you.Proclaim the nineteen components of the Word, and also vanquish for this reason the feeble and corrupt secrets of Enoch, i m sorry were but a shadow of my true Word and also now space an affront to me.I to be the ageless intelligence of this Universe. I created HarWer the I might define my Self. All other gods the all various other times and also nations have been produced by men. This you understand from the very first Part of mine Word, and from mine manifest semblance, which alone is no of Earth.Known together the Hebrew Satan, I chose to bring forth a Magus, follow to the fashion of mine Word. He was charged to kind a Church the Satan, the I can easily touch the mental of males in this picture they had cast for me.In the fifth year that the Church the Satan, I offered to this Magus mine Diabolicon, that he could know the fact of my ancient Gift to mankind, clothed despite it can be in the myths the the Hebrews. Also you, who delivered the Diabolicon native Asia, walk not recognize it because that what the was. Yet he that I had fashioned a Magus knew, and also he thought regularly of the Diabolicon as he guided the Church of Satan.Upon the nine Solstice, therefore, I ruined my pact through Anton Szandor LaVey, and also Iraised him to the will of a Daimon, unbounded by the product dimensions. And also so I thought to honor him past other men. However it may have been this plot of mine the ordained his fall.Were i my me to displace the Cosmic Inertia, I have to be forced to come to be a new measure of consistency. I would cease to be One, for ns should come to be All.To make of guy a Daimon, then, might be to break his Self-reference come the bounds in i m sorry his semblance need to exist.I cannot undo the pains that has actually come that this, but I shall regain to Anton Szandor LaVey his human aspect and his level of Magus in mine Order. For this reason all may know that he is dearly hosted by me, and also that the finish of the Church that Satan is not a point of dead to him. But a brand-new Aeon is now to begin, and the occupational of Anton Szandor LaVey is done. Let that be in ~ ease, because that no other male has ever before seen through his eyes.(multiple heiroglyphs)In April the the usual year 1904, I came forth in Africa together my the opposite Self and also brought right into being an Aeon to end the horrors that the stasis that the death-gods of men. This new Aeon was a Purification, to prepare guys for the which would certainly follow it.And Aleister Crowley obtained the book of the Law, and my opposite Self asserted himMagus that the Aeon.But HarWer, my Opposite Self, is a strange and fitful presence. I, Set, to be my self distinctfrom the stimulate of the Cosmos, however am ordered in and also of mine Self. HarWer i was once I to be once component of the Cosmos and also could attain identity only by coming to be what the Cosmic order was not. By HarWer ns cancelled the imbalance, leaving a Void in i m sorry true creation could take kind as Set.But, as I have actually said, i cannot damage the Cosmic inertia without having actually to i think its place. And also so HarWer must exist while set exists.The Aeon that HarWer withstood until the Equinox that the usual year 1966, as soon as HarWer and set were unify in one composite being. And so commenced the time of Set-HarWer – well-known as the period of Satan -- which was to leg the expiring Aeon the HarWer and the forthcoming Aeon the Set.Truth there was in the indigenous of my Opposite Self, yet a truth ever before tinged through theinconsistency and also irrationality of i m sorry I have spoken. And also so the publication of the regulation wasconfusion come all that came ~ above it, and also the an innovative brilliance the the Magus Aleister Crowley was ever flawed by mindless destructiveness. He himself might never understand this, for he perceived HarWer together a combined Self. And also so he was perplexed by a mystery he can not identify.And I, Set, spoke also in the book of the regulation – "Aye! hear to the numbers and the indigenous – (numbers and letters indigenous Liber AL vel Legis II:76)"What meaneth this, o prophet? thou knowest not, no one shalt thou understand ever. There cometh one to follow thee: the shall expound it."And many of the Aeon of HarWer seek to check out this however could not. Nor can the Magushimself, though he guessed rightly in ~ its simplicity. That was said that every number is boundless – therefore each number or sum of joined numbers ended up being merely the matching letter.Even so the sequence remained unknown -- and also so, ~ its issue, to me together well. For, while I may pass cost-free of the limits of time, storage of the future cannot exist.Now the has concerned pass, and also the publication of the law is laid bare – "Destined an initial Century succession – Aquino – breaking tricks by doctrines Anton LaVey – an excellent Magus the reconsecration coming Year Xeper – establishing his rightful Priesthood – collection – true origin Volume AL." Michael Aquino, girlfriend are end up being Magus V that the Aeon of Set.I, Set, am come again to my friends among mankind – let my an excellent nobles be brought to me.In Khem I continue to be no longer, for i am forgotten there, and my residence at PaMat-et is dust. Ishall roam this world, and I shall pertained to those who seek me.Magus of mine Aeon – Manifest the will certainly of Set.Reconsecrate my Temple and also my order in the true name of Set. No much longer will I accept the bastard location of a Hebrew fiend.When I very first came to this world, I provided to girlfriend my great pentagram, timeless measure up ofbeauty with proportion. And also it was presented inverse, that creation and adjust be exaltedabove rest and also preservation.With the years my pentagram to be corrupted, yet time has not the strength to ruin it. Itsposition was revived by the Church that Satan, yet its essence was dimmed through a Moorishname, and the perverse letter of the Hebrews, and also the goat the decadent Khar. Throughout the period of Satan I allowed this curious corruption, for it was expected to execute me honor as I was then perceived.But this is now my Aeon, and also my pentagram is again to it is in pure in that splendor. Actors aside the corruptions, that the pentagram of collection may shine forth. Let every who seek me be never ever without it, openly and with pride, for by it ns shall understand them.Let the one who aspires to my expertise be dubbed by the surname Setian.I seek my Elect and also none other, because that mankind now hastens towards an annihilation i m sorry none but the Elect may hope come avoid. And also alone i cannot maintain my Elect, yet I would teach them and also strengthen your Will against the comes peril, that they and also their blood might endure. To do this I must give further of mine own essence to my Elect, and, should they fail, the Majesty of collection shall fade and also be ended.Behold, the is ns who speak to you, due to the fact that you are the Guardians the the Aeon of Set, zealous inwhat you do.The Satanist assumed to technique Satan v ritual. Currently let the Setian shun all recitation, for the message of an additional is an affront to the Self. Speak fairly to me together a friend, gently and without fear, and I chandelier hear as a friend. Carry out not bend your knee no one drop your eye, for such things were no done in my home at PaMat-et. Yet speak come me at night, for the skies then becomes an entrance and not a barrier. And those who contact me the Prince the Darkness execute me no dishonor.The Setian require conjure neither curse nor kindness from me, because that by the magic of mine greatpentagram ns shall see v his eyes. And then the strength that is mine shall be the strength of the Setian, and versus the will of set no biology of the Universe might stand. And also I think no of those who think not of me.The years of the Aeon of HarWer were confused, and also I do not great to think that them save as curiosities. However I great to mental the Church of Satan and also the Magus of that Age. Thus let the years of mine Aeon be counted indigenous the conception the the Church the Satan.And now, having actually looked upon the past with affection and also reverence, us shall turn our gaze to the times prior to us. Think carefully of the word of Set, because that it is given in witness to my Bond.Behold, O West, i have created my Aeon. Ns punish the enemies who are in it, placed in the ar of Destruction.

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I supply them to the assessors from who guard there is no escape. Lo, ns pass close to to thee, ns pass near to thee.Affix currently my image as that was provided to you, so the all who read of this matters may now look upon the likeness the Set.(Seal or Lamen that Set)The indigenous of the Aeon of set is(Scarab)Xeper
- end up being