about I great He Didn"t to trust Me So much

"I wish He Didn"t to trust Me for this reason Much" is a tune written and recorded by spirit musician Bobby Womack, released together the top track turn off his 1985 album, So plenty of Rivers, the so-called trilogy to The Poet series of records Womack tape-recorded for Los Angeles-based Beverly valley Records. The song ended up being one that Womack"s final R&B chart-topping hits peaking in ~ number-two on the chart. Womack likewise shot his first-ever music video clip with the tune which proved Womack to sing the track live in a recording studio (the taped version had different vocals). The song was later on referenced through rapper Nas on his tune "Blunt Ashes" i beg your pardon talked about Womack"s rapid marriage come Sam Cooke"s widow Barbara Campbell.more »

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I"m the finest friend he"s gotI"d provide him the shirt turn off my backHe to know he have the right to trust me with his lifeBut he"s tryin" to leave me aloneLeaves me alone through his wifeI wish he didn"t trust me therefore muchI think he yes, really trusts me also muchHow can he be so blind?We"ve both obtained the same good tasteHe should recognize when he"s gone on his company tripsI can"t help watchin" his woman"Cause I"m losin" my gripI wish he didn"t trust me for this reason muchI think he really trusts me too muchThough ns swear, all is no my willBut there"s a wayThere"s a means she do me feelLord, I"m scared, so fear of what i doIf she start feelin" same means tooYou shouldn"t trust me therefore much(We obtained a problem)I think you really trust me also muchIt"s not that she leads me onI"m gettin" there every by myselfBut simply being through her all, all aloneI can"t help but hopin"That he never comes homeI wish he didn"t trust me so muchI think girlfriend really trust me as well muchI great he didn"t to trust me so much(We gained a problem)I think girlfriend really to trust me as well muchThough i swear, all is not my will(Is not my will)But it"s somethin" about the wayThe method she provides me feelLord, I"m therefore scared, scared of what ns doIf she start feelin" the same method tooI wish he didn"t trust me therefore much(Ooh)I think he yes, really trusts me as well much(I got a problem)You deserve to see, I"m captured up(I wish he didn"t to trust me so much)Caught up in the middle(I think he really trusts me also much)And I"m down, tired of play

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Bobby Womack Robert Dwayne "Bobby" Womack ( /ˈwoʊmæk/; born march 4, 1944) is an American singer-songwriter and musician.

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An active recording artist because the early on 1960s whereby he started his career as the lead singer of his family musical team The Valentinos and as Sam Cooke"s backing guitarist, Womack"s career has spanned an ext than 50 years and also has covered a repertoire in the layouts of R&B, soul, rock and also roll, doo-wop, gospel, and also country. Much more »