Blood in your urine is referred to as hematuria. The amount may be very tiny and only detected through urine tests or under a microscope. In other cases, the blood is visible. It frequently turns the toilet water red or pink. Or, you might see point out of blood in the water after ~ urinating.

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There are many possible causes that blood in the urine.

Bloody urine may be because of a problem in your kidneys or other parts that the urinary tract, such as:

Cancer that the bladder or kidneyInjury to the bladder or kidneyKidney failure

If over there is no structural or anatomical trouble with your kidneys, urinary tract, prostate, or genitals, your physician may examine to view if you have a bleeding disorder. Reasons may include:

Blood thinning medications (such as aspirin or warfarin)

Blood the looks like it is in the urine might actually be comes from various other sources, together as:

The vagina (in women)Ejaculation, often because of a prostate problem (in men)A bowel activity

The urine can also turn a red color from certain drugs, beets, or other foods.

You may not see blood in your urine due to the fact that it is a little amount and is microscopic. Your health care provider may find it if checking her urine during a regimen exam.

Never neglect blood you see in the urine. Obtain checked by your provider, especially if you likewise have:

Discomfort with urinationFrequent urinationUnexplained weight lossUrgent urination

Call her provider appropriate away if:

You have fever, nausea, vomiting, shaking chills, or pains in your abdomen, side, or backYou space unable come urinateYou are passing blood coagulation in your urine

Also contact if:

You have actually pain with sex-related intercourse or hefty menstrual bleeding. This may be due to a problem related to your reproductive system.You have urine dribbling, night urination, or difficulty starting your urine flow.

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This may be native a prostate problem.

Your provider will carry out a physics exam and ask inquiries such as:

When did you very first notice blood in her urine? has the lot of your urine increased or decreased?What is the shade of your urine? Does your urine have an odor?Do friend have any kind of pain with urination or other symptoms of infection?Are girlfriend urinating much more often, or is the should urinate much more urgent?What drugs are girlfriend taking? have actually you had actually urinary or kidney troubles in the past, or recently had actually surgery or an injury? have actually you recently consumed foods that may reason a adjust in color, favor beets, berries, or rhubarb?

Tests that might be done include:

Antinuclear antibody test because that lupusTests because that sickle cell, bleeding problems, and other blood disordersUrinary cytologyUrine culture24-hour urine repertoire for creatinine, protein, calcium

The treatment will count on the reason of blood in the urine.