The miniature elephant mount can carry one person and is used to actively transport trading goods throughout Valencia. Although this adorable mountain moves fairly slowly and has a an extremely slow AFK speed, it is much much more efficient than making use of a steed or walking together it can carry more weight. In ~ level 1 it has actually a maximum weight limit of 830LT and 16 perform slots. The elephant can go approximately a maximum of level 15, in ~ which that can bring a maximum of 1200LT. When you have your elephant you will should feed that Carrots (just favor a horse) to boost it’s stamina/endurance.

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The miniature elephant is only obtainable by following a short quest heat in Valencia.

You will require a full of 40 million silver to finish the quests, make certain this is adjusted into 4 x 100G bars and brought with you.

You should likewise bring 20 empty Bottles through you to conserve time.

Go to Shakatu’s Villa simply west the Shakatu village in Valencia. Buy a 7 day happen at the Villa keeper “Dumaham” just external the entrance. This expenses 10 million silver. As soon as you have your pass, head inside and talk come the Villa servant “Serazad”. She will have a search for you which will send you to Shakatu village to choose up a permit. The permit costs 30 million silver and will unlock the rest of the search line. If the pursuit does not display up, push “O” to open your pursuit log and also make certain all pursuits are selected at the bottom (like in the picture below).


Go back to Serazad at Shakatu town and complete 2 collection quests:

fresh Scooped Cool WaterYou will require 20 empty Bottles for this component of the quest. If you carried some with you, there is a tiny fountain outside of the villa wherein you can gather the water. If you didn’t bring them v you, they have the right to be bought at the material seller in Shakatu village. There is a tiny body that water at Shakatu village where you have the right to gather the 20 party of water required for the quest. Was standing in the water climate right-click the empty bottles in her inventory to begin gathering. As soon as you have enough water, go earlier to Shakatu villa and also give the water to the elephant external the Villa entrance. Freshly ready FodderThis search requires you to conference a complete of 100 weeds. There are assorted bushes around Shakatu and also south that the villa that you deserve to gather the weeds from. Star Anise tree at Shakatu farmland and also Date Palm tree in Shakatu will give you weeds. As soon as you have actually gathered 100 weeds, you have to go back to the elephant external the villa and feed it.

Next, you need to go back inside and also talk to Serazad. She will send you earlier to Shakatu town to speak to the stable master “Batirma”. After talk to the secure master, you will be given a it is registered token i m sorry you have the right to use at any stable to it is registered your new elephant.

This quest line can only be completed once, but there room repeatable quests that become available afterwards. This repeatable pursuits are availabe indigenous the NPC “Shakatu“. There are a full of 4 quests with different complete conditions:

Give Shiny golden Seal – x20Give Shiny golden Seal – x20Give Shiny golden Seal – x10

In addition, you will likewise require 2 x 100G bars (20 million silver). The search will provide you a “Haystack for Elephant” as a reward. This needs to be put on a farm yard (garden/fence) and also takes up 10 grid spaces. As soon as the elephant is totally grown, you have the right to harvest it like a regular plant, to obtain a Miniature Elephant registration token.

Miniature Elephants have a preferably level of 15 and can discover the skills noted below.

The most desired skill is the quick Run, which boosts the Elephants as whole speed. You deserve to reroll the an abilities using a Mount readjust Coupon, however it is much much more efficient come just gain a new Miniature Elephant by perfect the repeat quests and also leveling it ago up again.

IconSkill NameHow to UseDescription
Quick Start

(Requires one Elephant Mask)

Elephant charges enemies (same as equine Charge skill).

Can be used whilst the elephant isn’t relocating to soon run

Quick Turn + whilst runningElephant can quickly turn on the spot
Fore ChopSame as the Fore Chop steed skill
Joyride whilst runningElephant will obtain a burst of speed (similar to instant Accell)
Quick Halt whilst runningElephant will conveniently stop

(Requires Elephant Stirrups)

Regenerate HP and also Stamina because that 30 seconds (same together Roar equine skill)
Side Steps OR Elephant deserve to strafe to the left or right (similar come side step on a horse)
Quick Run +

(Requires Elephant Saddle)

Elephant can sprint much faster for a short period of time (same as equine sprint skill)

Heavily wanted skill

Miniature Elephant equipment can be amplified using Black rock (Armor) up to +5.

You must then use concentrated Magical Black stone (Armor) indigenous +5 approximately +10.

If the improvement is +6 or higher and fails, it will certainly go down by one improvement level. Because that example: If the equipment is +7 and also you fail to improve to +8, it will certainly drop ago to +6.

Green Gear
IconItem NameDetailsHow come Obtain
Small animal leather Elephant ArmorDP: 14(+3 DP every enhancement)Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 3)Fine Soft Hide x5.Wool x10,Flax fabric x5
Small leather Elephant MaskMax HP +70(+4 HP per enhancement)

Acceleration +2%(+0.2% accel per enhancement)

Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 3)Titanium Ingot x2,Flax cloth x2,Supreme slim Hide x2
Small leather StirrupsBrake +2%(+0.2% every enhancement)

DP: 10(+2 DP every enhancement)

Requires Horse equipment Workshop (Level 2)Vanadium Ingot x2,Black stone Powder x25,Supreme hard Hide x2
Small animal leather SaddleMax HP+70(+4 HP every enhancement) Max Stamina +2000(+400 stamina per enhancement) rotate +2% (+0.2% turn per enhancement)Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 1)Elder Tree timber x2,Palm Plywood x5,Supreme Soft Hide x5

Blue Gear
IconItem NameDetailsHow come Obtain
Muzika leather ArmorDP: 20(+4 DP per enhancement)Crafted at Duvencrune 9-2 or Stonetail equine Ranch 3Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 2)Flax towel x20,Wool x20,Supreme Soft Hide x25,Pure woodland Breath x10
Muzika animal leather MaskMax HP+100(+20 HP every enhancement) Acceleration +3%(+0.3% Accel per enhancement)Crafted in ~ Duvencrune 9-2 or Stonetail steed Ranch 3Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 2)Titanium Ingot x10,Supreme thin Hide x2,Golden Pearl x7,Pure woodland Breath x10
Muzika leather StirrupsBrake +3% (+0.3% Brake every enhancement)

DP: 20(+2 DP per enhancement)

Crafted at Duvencrune 9-2 or Stonetail steed Ranch 3Requires Horse equipment Workshop (Level 2)Pure Vanadium decision x10,Supreme challenging Hide x10,Glue x105,Pure woodland Breath x10
Muzika animal leather SaddleMax HP+100(+20 HP every enhancement) Max Stamina +5000(+500 Stamina every enhancement) turn +3% (+0.3% turn per enhancement)Crafted at Duvencrune 9-2 or Stonetail steed Ranch 3Requires Horse gear Workshop (Level 2)Sturdy Palm Plywood x5,Supreme Soft Hide x5,Supreme an intricate Feather x20,Pure woodland Breath x10

Camels came right into the game with the Valencia spot Update. In the Valencia desert, all horses (other 보다 the Unicorn T9 Horse) have actually slower movement and cannot use skills. Therefore, camels room the best means to travel.

Once you have your camel you will need to feed the Dry Thicket to recover it’s stamina/endurance. Camels have the right to level up to a max that level 20.

There are 2 ways to acquire a camel mount:

Quest RewardImperial Seals

Quest Reward

The search takes only a few minutes to complete. The only need for this pursuit is that you must be level 54+. Go to the stable grasp “Bochlo” in Sand serial Bazaar in Valencia and also pick increase the search Your best Friend in Desert. Girlfriend must obtain 3 piece of knowledge by talking to NPCs around Sand grain Bazaar. The search is straightforward but can just be completed once. As a reward, you will certainly be given a irradiate Brown Camel Voucher which can be registered in ~ the steady Master.

If the quest is not reflecting for you, make sure you have actually all quests turned top top in your search window.

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Imperial Seals

You deserve to exchange Shiny golden Seal – x5 because that a irradiate Brown Camel Registration. The easiest way to attain the seals is to record a wild tier 5 horse and also then level it as much as level 15.

If friend aren’t sure where or just how to capture a horse, examine out or equine Taming guide

You have the right to now take it it to any kind of Stable Keeper and put the steed in the stable. You will then have the “Imperial horse Delivery” alternative which allows you to trade the equine for 50% that its horse market value and you will also recieve 5 the the Shiny golden Seals. The lot of seals you obtain is connected to the Tier the the horse, i beg your pardon is why it’s faster to capture one wild tier 5 horse and level it.

Once you have actually the seals, take them to among the adhering to Stable goalkeeper NPCs to exchange them for a light Brown Camel Registration:

Tanzine – Valencia CityVatonee – Valencia CityNassr – Valencia CityBochlo – Sand serial BazaarBatirma – ShakatuKadram – rock PostEugene – Ibellab OasisNidgoveh – Ancado inside Harbor

You can additionally exchange 15 seals because that a Deep Brown Camel which is a reskin with little benefits. This camel has 105% base stats in ~ level 20, contrasted to the irradiate Brown Camel i m sorry only has 100% basic stats. It additionally has slightly greater weight limit yet requires more EXP to level up.