In this experiment, students will discover which brand the bubblegum to produce the biggest bubbles.

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Research Questions:

Bubblegum is a form of chewing gum that is designed come be more elastic so that bubbles can form. Gum is traditionally do of rubber or organic latex, referred to as chicle. You"re supposed to blow bubbles through it--but do some brands produce bigger bubbles 보다 others?

Fun fact: the biggest bubble ever before blown from bubblegum to be by a woman called Susan Montgomery Williams that Fresno, California, USA in 1996. The bubble she has actually blown actions at a chuck 23 inch in diameter.


miscellaneous brands the bubblegum such as: Dubble balloon Bubbleyum Bubblelicious bubble Tape Test subjects Caliper Pen and file for notes

Experimental Procedure:

Hand over a item of each of your preferred brands of gum to her test subjects. Have actually them chew each item of gum for at least one hour before spitting it out and going to the next brand. While they are blowing bubbles to their best ability, measure up the diameters using a caliper. Compose these number down. ~ you room done experimenting, find the typical diameters the the bubbles of each brand the gum. Which bubblegum has actually the biggest bubbles? Is this a reason behind this? Is that in the ingredients? Evaluate your results?

Terms/Concepts: bubblegum;air; chicle


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