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About the Book

A volume in the Anthologies that Jewish Thought series.

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An unmatched annotated anthology of the most necessary Jewish mystical works, A Kabbalah and also Jewish Mysticism Reader is designed come facilitate teaching these functions to every levels of learners in adult education and also college class settings. Daniel M. Horwitz’s insightful introductions and commentary companion readings in the Talmud and also Zohar and also writings by Ba’al Shem Tov, Rav Kook, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and also others.

Horwitz’s advent describes five major types that Jewish mysticism and includes a brief chronology that its development, with a timeline. He begins with biblical prophecy and also proceeds with the at an early stage mystical movements up through existing beliefs. Chapters on key subjects characterize mystical expression through the ages, together as creation and deveikut (“cleaving come God”); the duty of Torah; the erotic; inclinations toward great and evil; magic; prayer and also ritual; and more. Later chapters resolve Hasidism, the an excellent mystical revival, and twentieth-century mystics, consisting of Abraham Isaac Kook, Kalonymous Kalman Shapira, and Abraham Joshua Heschel. A final chapter addresses today’s controversies worrying mysticism’s ar within Judaism and also its potential for enriching the religion.


A gateway into the people of Jewish spirituality. . . . An important resource, very well done.

—Rabbi Jack Riemer, editor of The human being of the High holy Days

Rabbi Horwitz has written a fine book of easily accessible scholarship, one that will certainly be invited by rabbis, educators, and also adult education and learning classes. Strong recommended.

—Rabbi Judith Abrams, the late former head of Maqom, institution for Adult Talmud Study, and also coauthor the The Messiah and the Jews

Very solid, carefully thought-out, and also well researched, do a very complicated subject rather accessible.

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—Rabbi Dr. Byron L. Sherwin, the late former Distinguished organization Professor, Spertus Institute


Daniel M. Horwitz

Daniel M. Horwitz is Chapel Rabbi in ~ Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Houston, Texas. He is a teacher at the Akiba Academy of Beth Yeshurun and the Houston Melton Adult Mini-School.