Find out how to song the track of Iron and unlock this hidden accomplishment and trophy for Destiny: climb of Iron.

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Bungie has always been known for hiding tiny secrets in their games and Destiny: rise of steel is no exception. When the success list because that the recent Destiny growth was revealed, football player noticed that a covert achievement, title Sing the song of Iron, was also included. Thanks to the brilliance that the Destiny community, we now know just how to complete this accomplishment and unlock the trophy. In this write-up we will certainly walk you through all the info you need to recognize to song the track of Iron and also grab this trophy for yourself.

Find the Bells

The first step come unlocking this accomplishment is to unlock Felwinter Peak, which can be completed by playing through the key Destiny: rise of iron campaign. ~ you complete the first two missions, King of the Mountain and The walls Come Down. As soon as the new social area has unlocked, head over there from the Director, and also make your means up the stairs and into the iron Temple. Follow the corridor every the way to the room with the Iron mr statues, and then locate the stairs on either side. This stairs bring about a set of 6 bells, which girlfriend will need to ring in a specific order to unlock the sing the tune of stole achievement.

Ring the Bells

Now that you know where the bells are, it’s time to acquire acquainted through them. Since you have to do this quickly, we suggest bringing follow me a group of friends (at least two others, for a Fireteam of three total). Over there are five bells in the back of the area, these room bells 2, 3, 4, 5, and also 6. Bell number 1 is actually situated on the own, top top the various other side of the room. As soon as you understand which bells space which, it’s time to discover the order in which you need to communicate with them. This bespeak is an extremely important, as messing it increase will reason you to have to restart the procedure entirely.

Ring the bells in this order: 1-2-3-1-5-4-3-2-3-1-3-4.

If girlfriend ring them fast enough you will certainly hear a enormous sweeping sound, and also a an alert of the trophy/achievement will show up on her screen. Currently that you’ve deserve this surprise achievement, make certain to head end to our Destiny: increase of steel guide, where we’ll share more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks for Destiny’s latest expansion pack.

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Following every the actions we’ve provided above will certainly complete and also unlock the sing the track of Iron achievement and trophy on both playstations 4 and Xbox One. Psychic to lug along your friends, and also work fast. Otherwise you won’t have the ability to get this covert achievement. We’ve got plenty of additional guides and also walkthroughs coming for Destiny: climb of Iron, therefore make certain to remain tuned come Prima gamings for all your Destiny coverage.