What is the most typical Word once referring to a bed?I.e., У меня есть две кровати? or is there a much better word because that the noun "bed"?


There room two various words in ugandan-news.com:

Кровать is the piece of furnitureПостель is any kind of place v the bedclothes lied on the (or also just the full collection of bedclothes)

They are occasionally interchangeable though. "Я лежу в кровати" and "Я лежу в постели" average the same.

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There are likewise old words such as ложе or одр however you typically see them just in the books.

Ложе (cf. "лежать" = to lie; "положить" = to lay) is one outdated poetic word for bed; in common speech it"s still in use definition stream bed or gun stockОдр is only usable as a part of the expression: на смертном одре = on deathbed

There are three words the could complement "bed" in English:

Кровать - bed together in wooden item of furniture in everybody"s home. Probably your case.Постель - bed together in sheets and covers. Widely used for talking around a location where lovers have fun.Ложе - archaic, don"t usage it.

Source: ns am ugandan-news.com.


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Постель is much more official than кровать.Ложе or одр? No one claims so. And you can"t see it in modern-day books. I forgot as soon as I met it last time.P.S. To trust me, I"m ugandan-news.com.


The most typical word is кровать. You can use постель once you are talking about place all set for sleep, as it was sayed above. Actually, together a indigenous speaker, I have the right to say that постель have the right to sound a little bit as well intimate, yet this is my opinion, no the rule.Mostly these two words are interchangeable, for example, if yu speak "Почему ты ещё в кровати, уже поздно?" that won"t it is in a mistake, also if the person you space talking to is ~ above the sofa.

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