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If you’re worried about bed bugs, to trust Maine’s premier bed pest elimination team in ~ Pine State pest Solutions. Specializing in bed an insect detection and also elimination, we offer proven services for bed bug infestations in:

Single-family homesCondos & townhousesApartments & multi-family housingSchools & daycaresNursing houses & medical care facilitiesHotels & advertisement lodgingsOther advertisement properties

Ignoring bed bug bites or tossing infested mattresses will not resolve your bed bug problem. Pine State’s Bed bug Division provides the most progressed bed pest treatment choices in Auburn, Portland, and also Augusta and throughout the entire state the Maine.

Bed bug Inspections

Locally owned and family-operated, our Maine insect control agency has been giving effective, industry-leading bed pest control services due to the fact that 2010 and also take proud in helping building owners state-wide identify and also get rid the bed bugs. The first step in bed pest elimination is confirming the existence of bed bugs. In bespeak to recognize if bed bugs space infesting a house or business, an inspection is necessary. At Pine State, we offer two varieties of bed bug inspections – intuitive human and also certified canine.

Visual Bed bug Inspection

One of pine tree State’s trained bed an insect control specialists will perform a detailed 10-point inspection of the area(s) whereby bed bug activity is suspected searching for live bed bugs, shed skins, fecal spots, and also others signs that show these biting pests room present.


In instances where there is reason to think that bed bugs are present however an investigate performed by among our bed bug specialists was unable to discover evidence, we may recommend a K-9 bed pest inspection*.

*Pine State will carry out quote because that this business

Bed bug Heat Treatments

Pine State supplies Thermal Remediation®: a highly effective procedure that makes use of dry warmth to death bed bugs. In addition to exterminating every life stage from egg to adult, bed bug heat treatments performed by pine tree State room completed in one functioning day (typically therapy takes in between 7-12 hours depending upon the square footage of the infested space), have actually been uncovered to get rid of other insects, and also removed odors.


Our warmth treatments space successful since we monitor a proven process every time. First, we’ll act the infested area(s) with an applications of residual chemical. As soon as that’s completed, we’ll:

Bring Heat. electric bed pest heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating boil air v a target temperature no to exceed 135°F.

Monitor. Temperatures room monitored in genuine time native a remote place using wireless sensors come ensure lethal temperature are reached without damaging the an are and the contents.

Move Air. High temperature fans relocate heated air transparent the room to with insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

Once the warmth treatment has been completed and also as we’re breaking down equipment, we’ll install security devices and also mattress encasements.

Approximately 2 weeks later, we’ll return to apply one more chemical application to make certain the bed pest infestation was fully wiped out.

Conventional Bed pest Treatments

Pine State pest Solutions gives conventional bed pest treatments that are an ext than simply spraying pesticides at the problem. Our combined Pest management solution for bed bugs is appropriate for light infestations or as a preventative to keep these biting insects out.


We begin with a complete inspection of the house, including areas approximately the bed and also living spaces and also then move on come treat infested locations with steam and/or vacuum. Areas we target include mattresses, box springs, furniture, and also any other locations where our team is may be to view bed bugs and eggs.

When you select this bed bug treatment option, we’ll also install special security devices and high quality, versatile fabric, water proof bed an insect certified mattress and box encasements. Not only will this defend you and also your bed if the therapy is in process, the protects against future bed an insect infestations.

Before us leave, our technicians will strategically use kid-safe and pet-friendly pesticide to kill hiding bed bugs and unhatched eggs.

A follow-up bed pest service will certainly be perform within two weeks of the initial service to for sure bed bugs room eradicated!

30-Day Bed an insect Guarantee

For property owners who qualify, pine tree State insect Solutions offers a 30-day bed pest guarantee starting from the day we offer your residential property the all clear. Please ask us for details.

Schedule A totally free Bed an insect Inspection

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Commonly asked Questions around Bed Bugs?

Do bed bugs spread out disease?

No, bed bugs are not known to spread disease. An additional skin infections may take place if bed pest bites room scratched excessively. Lose of sleep and also stress might adversely impact those who have a bed bug infestation in your home.

What space the signs of bed bugs?

Finding live bed bugs in the crease of her mattress or crawling in your sheets is the easiest method to understand for you have actually a bed bug problem. Other indications of bed bugs include:

Bites on her face, arms, and also legs and also other exposed locations of skin. Girlfriend may uncover them under clothes too.Rust-colored blood spots and/or fecal matter on the mattress or various other furniture these pests have actually infested.Shed skins from where bed bugs molted.

In the situation of well-established bed bug infestations, girlfriend may notification a sweet, musty odor.

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How go I acquire bed bugs?

Really, the possibilities space endless. If friend went ~ above vacation, you might have lugged them house from the hotel or airplane. If your college-aged boy came home, it’s possible they lugged them native the dorm. If you purchased offered furniture or various other items in ~ a garden sale, they may have actually been hiding inside.Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and are likely to be discovered in locations where people congregate. Hospitals, education homes, even movie theater are qualified of hosting bed bugs.