The battle of Ticinus to be the first skirmish/battle fought in between the Carthaginians and also Romans on Italian soil. The was less of a formal fight than it to be a present of stamin or intent form both sides. Hannibal necessary to screen courage, in a bid to acquire allies in northern Italy indigenous the Gallic tribes that stayed in the area. Whilst Publius Cornelius Scipio had currently tried to engage Hannibal in ~ the Rhone, but Hannibal chose to not engage him there.

The Roman military built a pontoon bridge across the Ticinus River, Scipio through his military entered the plain and set up camp on its west bank. Scipio to be Consul at the time so may have been in command that 3 legions, however the bulk of these legions would certainly not be used in this confrontation.

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Hannibal would have scouted Scipio’s army. Hannibal would have actually possibly been surprised that Scipio had actually made it back to Italy with his complete army. The would have no way of learning that the mass of Scipio’s force brought onto Iberia, to threaten the Carthaginian hold there. Hannibal camped follow me the Po river on the eve of the engagement.

The work of the engagement Hannibal marched his military towards the plain where Scipio was encamped. Both armies proceeded in the direction of each other, spring for very early victory getting support of the local Gallic tribes. Hannibal marched 6000 mounties onto the plain, whilst Scipio had approximately 4000 cavalry and 2000 velites (light javelin infantry).

Hannibal would certainly have had actually his Spanish cavalry in the front, v his faster and lighter numidian cavalry behind on each flank. Scipio had his velites in the former reasy to disrupt the Carthaginian line, with his allied Gallic mounties in reserve. Rather of skirmishing v the Romans, Hannibal charged the front line of the Romans through his cavalry, bring about the roman velites to retract without cram a javelin. This resulted in a brutal melee, v both sides cavalry fighting head on. Countless horseman dismounted to fight ~ above foot together the steeds were panicking. Because that a if the fighting to be stagnant yet this to be a present of Hannibal’s brilliance early on in the war, he sent his Numidian cavalry about the back of the roman line, killing many and injuring Scipio himself. The Carthaginians whereby unable to kill Scipio here, one story has actually it the a Ligurian servant rescued him, another that his kid Publius did. Either way Scipio survived and also called a complete Retreat, the day to be Hannibals.

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This victory although small gave Hannibal the leverage he necessary to obtain allies in northern Italy and also replenish his troops. Regardless of this, castle didn’t send as lot as to be needed. So he sent out a mounties contingent to a grain depot referred to as Clastidium but with a hit of luck, the commander was from Brundisium in the southern of Italy. That defected to Hannibal’s side along with the totality garrison that troops and also food. In return for 400 yellow pieces.

This was the very first step in dismantling Rome and also there would be more brutal disputes along the way. During the 2nd Punic War.