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The Aztec wandered about Mexico for about 200 years before they cleared up down in the sink of Mexico. Various other tribes were living in the area. Rather than start a battle for a location to live, the resolved down peacefully (at first) in the swampy land roughly Lake Texcoco.

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They were clever people. They adjusted to their environment. They developed canoes to fish and hunt. Lock filled the marshes v a combination of reeds and also stones and also dirt come create more farmland. They built dams and also dikes to cost-free even much more land. Their engineers successfully built a bustling city, with large plazas and many shops, on a swamp.

After lock had resolved in, the Aztec Indians started conquering neighboring tribes. Soon, the whole Valley of Mexico to be under their control. Other tribes had actually to salary tribute come them in the type of food, clothing, goods, and captives to feed the hungry Aztec gods. The Aztec thought in human sacrifice. The was one of the countless reasons the various other tribes hated and feared the Aztec. Yet the Aztec appeared unstoppable.

It was not until the 1500s, once the Spanish arrived, the the Aztec were conquered. The Spanish lugged guns, dogs, horses, and also disease. The was disease that conquered the Aztec. The Aztec realm collapsed. The Spanish took over the whole region.

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Today, in Mexico, there are around one million descendants of the old Aztec, living and working. Human being sacrifice is no longer part of your festivals (thank goodness!), but beautiful Aztec art and also clever Aztec gamings are still appreciated today.

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