Backstage, Dario Cueto swings his vital around prior to Johnny Mundo interrupts him and also blocks his path. Mundo claims he"ll it is in the first to host the LU title and Gift of the god title at the same time. Taya movies a documentary top top Mundo, who claims that that is giving notification that he desires his LU title enhance next main if that doesn"t success Aztec war tonight.

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Mundo states he can win quickly tonight, therefore Cueto transforms his number 12 entry into him beginning second and claims it"s time because that him to placed up or closeup of the door up. Matt Striker talks about how the ring will "swell v humanity" tonight. Matanza come down and also Dario tells him the Mundo is currently the 2nd entrant instead of Sexy Star.

Aztec warfare III because that the Lucha secret Championship

Mundo outfoxes Matanza come start and pokes his eye, yet a flying lining is met v a pseudo powerbomb chokeslam. Kid of havoc comes down and twin stomps Mundo"s ago in a Samoan drop, bring about Matanza gift sunset flipped for two. A high/low crossbody and also legsweep combo gain two before Jeremiah Crane come down. Anyone kicks Matanza to the floor and also Crane access time a diving spear ~ above Havoc for two. Pentagon Dark comes down, causing an ad break.

Pentagon superkicks everyone, however Mundo flips that off and also then gets tossed right into the corner anyway. A Tower of doom to Mundo leads to PJ coming down and also hitting a shore to coastline kick that gets two on Crane.

PJ and also Mundo do a range of double team moves, ending with Mundo landing difficult on his head. Mariposa comes down and also gets hit v something by Crane, who then gets got rid of by Matanza"s sidewinder German suplex. A spinout uranage takes out Mariposa, then Rey Mysterio comes under as we head come commercial.


Mysterio fights turn off the worldwide Underground through kicks and a DDT. Pentagon Dark and also Mysterio square off while the underground hide under the ring. Dr. Wagner Jr. Come down and also he teams up with Pentagon against Mysterio.

Mysterio slingshots turn off the rope to armdrag lock down, but Wagner hits a slide dropkick. Matanza and Marty cheese it out before Matanza is sent out to the floor and eats a dive. Striker talks about this fight with his this clenched for part reason. Jack Evans comes down and also the Underground assaults Havoc.

A twin superkick and also a triple-team end it for Havoc. Sexy Star return to challenge the Underground. Star eats a three-on-one beat under after the break prior to Evans flip dives ~ above Marty.

Mundo does a corkscrew turn off the height onto Marty prior to Ricky Mandel return to eat a package piledriver. He goes to rest his arm, yet Black Lotus and also a clan the ninjas beat the up and also one access time a Canadian Destroyer -- giving Mundo a success over Pentagon and also then Mandel.


Mascarita Sagrada comes down to battle Matanza. A double-spin Wrath that the Gods ends him. Famed B enters at 15 and also gives Mysterio his card, however Mysterio provides him a 619 rather of dialing 423 and also gets the win. Marty prevents a 619 to the Underground before getting spiked off a success roll by Mysterio and eliminated. The Mack comes down and stunners Marty. Matanza brawls v Wagner and "The Mack sends Jack onto his back!"

Joey Ryan come down and gets compared to offered toilet file by Striker. Ryan handcuffs self to a concrete-posted railing this year. Mack kicks Mundo before Mil Muertes comes down with Ryan in his path. Muertes rips the cuffs and also tosses Ryan in to shed to a flatliner if Matanza takes the end Wagner.

Matanza and Muertes connect in part clobbering before Kobra Moon returns. She hops top top the announcement table and also Mack is tossed into the barricade. A Mack stunner takes the end Evans mid-ring. A pop-up stunner takes the end PJ. Drago comes out at 20 and also brawls v Kobra Moon before his strange cradle gets the victory on her.

A moonsault fallaway slam takes out Drago. Anyone squares off v Matanza if the fans cheer for Mysterio. He war Matanza, who hits a backbreaker top top Mysterio before tossing the overhead. A Muertes spear, Star codebreaker, and also Mack stunner hit prior to a flying chuck rocks Matanza.

Mysterio hits Matanza through the 619 and a springboard dropkick leads to an additional one, but Matanza grabs that instead and also Mysterio turns it into a code Red to eliminate Matanza!

Matanza beats up the ref and also then Mysterio. The Wrath the the Gods hits Mysterio if Mundo flips off Dario behind his back. Matanza punches Dario! Mundo pins Rey! Star cradles Mundo for two. Evans and also PJ strike Star prior to Angelico return by diving off the balcony onto castle mid-ring!

Star consists Mundo to beat him! Mack eats a sick DDT from Muertes and also gets eliminated -- leaving Sexy Star to go one-on-one with Mil Muertes.

He tosses she down before grabbing a table. Muertes goes for a spear, but Star DDTs the on it. She hits him over the head a ton with the chair and also gets two. The goes to spear her v the table, yet she moves and also gets a near loss off a schoolboy.

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Muertes punches Star in the face and he puts her up top, yet his super flatliner is countered and she shoves him off and also pins that after a twin stomp! Striker then talks about this gift a moment that will stand in time.