Yellow yellow Aztec Mayan sunlight Calendar Pendant

Behold a item of rich background and wonder v this intricately in-depth White yellow Aztec Calendar Pendant. The Aztec calendar has the sun God in the center surrounded by fancy symbols to calculate days, seasons, and also year. This well-crafted pendant has actually an amazing amount the detail and design to replicate the original sun calendar stone, and also a diamond cut accent will sure to have actually this pendant glitter and also shine. The excellent Aztec Calendar pendant is a unisex piece that honors the great history and culture of ancient Mexico.

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Available in 3 Sizes:SmallWeight: 4.30 grams (10k) / 5.0 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.0 inchHeight: 1.35 inches

MediumWeight: 6.10 grams (10k) / 7.20 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.20 inchesHeight: 1.65 inches

LargeWeight: 10.9 grams (10k) / 12.8 grams (14k)Diameter: 1.60 inchesHeight: 2.0 inches

Available in 10k or 14k hard white gold.

Made in USA.

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post by Johnny Scott top top Nov 11th 2019

Item arrived in the mail as planned. Ns have obtained several compliments concerning the pendant.

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