Avatar: The last Airbender - 10 points You to let go In The western Air temple "The west Air Temple" is a pivotal episode on Avatar: The last Airbender. Below are 10 points you missed about it.

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there are numerous reasons why "The western Air Temple" is among the greatest episodes that Avatar: The critical Airbender. Not least of these is the reality that this is the episode once fan-favorite character Zuko ultimately joins Team Avatar. This is a an extremely important episode for Avatar"s overarching story, and also it"s really as soon as the series starts heading in the direction of its epos conclusion.

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But there are plenty of little details and also references that also come with each other to do this illustration truly great. To demonstrate, below are ten things around "The western Air Temple" that you may have actually missed. Spoilers for the entire series lie ahead.

In Avatar"s sequel series, The Legend of Korra, the western Air temple locale stands the end for a roundabout reason. This reason is that it is the only among the cardinal temples to not show up at any point in the series.

The southerly Air Temple appears in episode 2 of book 2, "The southerly Lights." The east Air Temple appears in illustration 9 of publication 2, "The Guide." and the north Air Temple appears in illustration 7 of publication 3, "Original Airbenders." However, the west Air temple is nowhere to it is in found.

character deaths in Avatar room generally couple of and far between. Even when a character does die, their death isn"t constantly explicitly stated. A most this is due to Aang"s nature together a pacifist, and his hesitancy to death people, and also that the intended audience is youngsters in despite the of its regularly mature themes such together death and also war.

Because that this, combustion Man"s death stands out together shockingly intense. Going out in a blaze the glory favor he did is a fitting finish for someone v his powers. Conversely, Aang can feel bad about killing people, it seems that the mighty Sokka harbors no such hesitancies as soon as it involves self-defense.

contrasted to the various other three temples, it is clear the the west Air temple suffered lot less damage at the hand of the Fire Nation. Specifically when seen against the east Air temple or even the southern Air Temple, it is clear the the west Air Temple obtained off easy during the Air wanderer Genocide.

Unsurprisingly, this is definitely due to the temple"s distinctive architecture. Being developed under a mountain as opposed to on optimal of one means that it"s harder to find. Also, the Fire nation didn"t have war balloons at the moment of the Air nomad Genocide, for this reason they had actually to find another way to invade.

7 The west Air temple Is The last One that Team Avatar Visits

Any point where Team Avatar visits an Air temple usually represents an important turning allude in Aang"s journey. The only exception is "The north Air Temple," i beg your pardon is more so a prelude come Team Avatar arriving at the north Pole.

Visiting the southern Temple marks the beginning of Aang"s journey. Visiting the Eastern temple marks the middle of his journey, as well as his biggest failure. Lastly, visiting the western Air holy place marks the start of the end, within Aang and also Zuko finally join pressures to take down the Fire Nation.

In one of the episode"s funnier moments, Zuko imitates both Iroh and Azula as soon as he"s do the efforts to figure out the best way to strategy Aang and his group. In the end, he decides come go with what he thinks is best, i m sorry is a basic hello.

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But it appears that imitations room a trait the runs in the family. This is because, in episode 8 of book 2, Azula imitates Zuko while talking to Aang. It"s another an easy funny moment, yet it"s amazing how both moment are amplified by the expertise that the brothers are, deep down, much more similar 보다 they seem.

5 The west Air holy place Was inspired By Bhutanese Monasteries

Avatar: The critical Airbender - The art of the animated Series is a exorbitant companion piece for any fan the the show. It"s additionally interesting exactly how the publication reveals details details about the production of the show that audiences might not have actually otherwise known.

One such detail is about the stylistic origins of the western Air Temple. The book tells readers that, when designing the west Air Temple, "the developers referenced the roof layouts of Bhutanese monasteries." It"s a neat detail that more brings the civilization of the display to life, and also it adds to the long list of the designers" real-world inspirations for the setting.

~ this illustration concludes, the display can neatly be separated into two four-episode groups, with a one-episode rest in the middle. If the last of these teams is simply the four-part "Sozin"s Comet," the very first consists that Zuko walking on adventures with Aang, Sokka, and also Katara, respectively.

What"s amazing is the this method that Zuko virtually seems to have more screentime 보다 Aang. Zuko is featured prominently in all episodes in both groups, if Aang is just featured prominently in the last group and the very first episode of the first group.

3 Appa Senses the Zuko has actually Turned Good

A few times in Avatar, Appa is shown to it is in a particularly good judge the character. Typically speaking, the skies bison has actually a good sense of determining whether someone is good or bad. This is why it"s specifically important that Appa greets Zuko through an affectionate lick. Appa is the very first member the Team Avatar to correctly recognize the Zuko has turned good, and also is ready to befriend him.

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Unfortunately, this isn"t quite sufficient to convince the rest of Team Avatar that they need to trust Zuko. Sokka, in particular, is fast to compose it off. Yet the reality remains that, in the end, Appa was right about Zuko.

when trying to talk to Zuko in the middle of the night, Toph finds herself on the receiving end of the firebender"s overly-anxious self-defense. This results in Toph"s feet being burned, i beg your pardon prompts her to crawl far frightenedly.

What"s interesting about this scene is merely the means that Toph crawls. Her method of crawling actually resembles exactly how badgermoles, the initial earthbenders, crawl. This provides sense since she to be taught earthbending by badgermoles. This is actually explored much more in detail in the an extremely next episode, and Toph is checked out crawling the an extremely same method once again.

1 Zuko joining Aang below Is an instance Of one Storytelling

A fascinating information that is revealed in this episode is that the west Air holy place is the an initial place the Zuko searched as soon as he began his hunt because that the Avatar. It is definitely significant the Zuko join Aang in the same ar that he began his quest to catch him.

For the very first time due to the fact that the an extremely beginning of book 2, we watch the old Zuko, who has actually just to be banished and is complete of rage. This punctuates just just how much Zuko has actually changed. His advancement over the food of the series is gradual, yet when we see these two versions of that contrasted against one another, it"s rather jarring.

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