Alton Adelbert Powers(July 5, 1950 – April 6, 2015), well-known professionally asBen Powerswas one American actor. Powers was ideal known for his role as Thelma Evans’s (portrayed by Bern Nadette Stanis) husband, Keith Albert Anderson, during the sixth and final season the the CBS sitcomGood Times(1978–79). Strength was additionally a actors member on the NBC tv comedy seriesLaugh-Inin 1977. Powers passed away on April 6, 2015 at age 64 because of liver cancer.

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Powers was born in Brooklyn, new York and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. The attended the Rhode Island college of Design. Powers obtained his first break in the 1970s v Adrian Hall, director at Trinity Repertory theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, his hometown. In enhancement to stage acting, strength did stand-up comedy, impressive impressions, and sang standards and original music the wrote. The was uncovered by a Hollywood certified dealer in Providence, signed top top to execute movies, and entertained at the Playboy clubs in ras Vegas, brand-new York & Boston. AfterGood Times, powers guest starred on a number of popular TV dramas and sitcom shows of the 80s includingGimme a Break,Flamingo Road,The greatest American Hero,The brand-new Odd CoupleandLaverne & Shirley. Powers was likewise a regular on the CBS-TV fight detective drama showMickey Spillane’s Mike Hammerin 1984-85, till the star, Stacy Keach, was arrested in London for cocaine smuggling and also the present was canceled if Keach walk time in England. Powers left the Hollywood scene at the end of 1985, before the detective series was picked up again. In the at an early stage 1980s, Powers appeared in a handful of big-screen movies which includedCheech & Chong’s following Movie,Things Are tough All OverandThe male Who love Womenas well together a number of made-for-TV movies, largely in smaller sized supporting roles.

Personal and also death

Powers married Julia Harper (1950–2012) on might 4, 1981.

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They would certainly have four daughters: pair Maleah Cameron Powers and Raleah Cameron Powers, Augusta Valeria Powers, and also Simone Emerson Powers. Powers passed away of liver cancer on April 6, 2015 at the period of 64 and also was cremated.