August is a weird month come me where you’re fifty percent in the hazy oppressive warm of so late summer and half in the bright-eyed optimism of a brand-new school year. Even though I’ve been out of school for 9 (NINE!?!?) year now, there’s still a level that magic that “back-to-school” aesthetics lug me. It’s a good time come clean the end your closet, shot a brand-new hairstyle, or take on a creative habit (ahem…journaling, perhaps?)

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So August’s journaling prompts reflect that mixed bag that summer nostalgia and also autumn eagerness.

Some things of note: alternate writing, doodle, and also photo prompts are still here. I uncovered in July ns was actually writing on the “doodle” days too because the prompt was triggering a storage or left me wanting to leaving context because that what i drew. So ns tried to channel that once picking doodle prompts for August.

You additionally might be asking, “What’s a moodboard, Kaitlyn?” I experienced a “moodboard” notice in mine scouring that prompt lists and also I thought it was the perfect addition for this collage love gal.


An plan of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. Intended come evoke or task a particular style or concept.

Oxford Languages

I’m sort of imagining this prompt prefer a vision plank for august filled v text, colors, doodles, patterns that define “August” (either in general, or your specific expectations because that this August). Do something that gets you excited for what’s come come!

Finally, you’ll notice some “FREE WRITE” work this month i m sorry I’m most excited about. (You all know I love to keep offering myself challenges!) I had been noticing this book on mine shelf an ext recently.


One of my favorite varieties of newspaper prompts (especially if I’m feeling specifically stuck in creating or life) are list prompts. I’ve constantly been a lover of lists. I feel lost and also disorganized if i don’t begin my day/week/month v a perform of points to do. And sometimes listing out basic concepts or large ideas is every I require to obtain over a an innovative block. I got “List her Self: Listmaking as The means To Self-Discovering” by Ilene Segalove and also Paul Bob Velick as gift several years ago, and also though I’ve flipped v it a few times, I’ve never made the focused effort to complete any prompts. Hence I’ve now scheduled the in come my normal writing/journaling regime for the month!

So this is your sign to pick up that guided journal/coloring book/mindfulness workbook/devotional/etc that you’ve had stashed away “for a cost-free moment” and actually use it on these days!

Finally, I start a brand-new journal in august so I assumed I’d present off its pretty cover before it is overstuffed and chaotic from some top quality journaling.


Remember if you’re adhering to my 2021 prompts come share what you writing/creating v me over on Instagram, and check the end my innovations on my stories!

Happy journaling mine friends!


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