Hallowmas 1894 is Here!

A fierce explode shakes London. That reverberates through the cobbles choose the happen of an underground train. Flakes the ash - or snow? - rain under upon surrounding roofs…An unexpected distribution has brought Hallowmas to her feet!

Hallowmas has returned! The Feast the Masks will take ar from 24th October until the 7th November. This is the season of unexpected guests and dangerous revelations! come begin, find Hallowmas: An to explode Shakes London!, obtainable throughout London.

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Confessions at the Feast of Masks

Don your mask and collect confessions. Then it’s your selection to trade them to friends, factions, or other prominent civilization of the Neath. No mystery is safe.

Confessions will no longer provide the heart of Hallowmas, instead, certain pairings the confessions will permit you to enhance particular companions.

Divulged tricks from particular figures in please London will certainly also permit you come honour castle or betray your trust. Just beware, confessions room tricksy, and also you may find the second week of Hallowmas brings extr opportunities. And of course, be certain to make any kind of decisions around the confessions you’ve gathered from any characters by 7th November!

We’ve collection up a an are to trade confessions, or feel totally free to search out your own with #HallowmasTrade. In stimulate to make a trade v someone else in fallen London, friend will should be details they room on your contact list. Add your acquaintance one of two people by visiting your profile page and also clicking ‘add contact’ or by inputting in your character name during the trade.

At the finish of the festival, Mr. Huffam will certainly still be about, looking come interview festival-goers and also some the your new companions. While the spirit of Hallowmas is lacking this year, you will still uncover a Hallowmas epilogue and also special epithet.


The Feast that Masks, as soon as opposites satisfy at midnight! This is the season of unforeseen guests… who lug terrible glimpses of possible futures.

The capacity to obtain or readjust your destiny will certainly be the exact same as ahead years. This deserve to only be done at certain times of the year, for this reason be sure to take benefit of the chance! begin with attract a Visitor at Hallowmas.

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Exceptionally Scary Stories

Some of fallen London’s stories space darker 보다 others. For the term of Hallowmas, three exceptional Friendship stories will be obtainable for acquisition at a discount: The Haunting in ~ the Marsh-House, The art of Murder, and also The Waltz that moved the World. To purchase one of these exceptionally scary stories, or come restart among them, discover A Hallowmas distinct throughout London, or visit the Fate page.