How execute Ascendant difficulties work?

There are full of 6 Ascendant challenges which rotate each week, and also we"ve damaged down exactly how they work simply below.

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Once you"ve gained access, you"ll have to visit Petra and also accept she Ascendant difficulty Weekly Bounty.Next, you’ll a unique consumable item called the Tincture the Queensfoil. It’s a arbitrarily item that have the right to drop native chests in both the Dreaming City and throughout the game people in general. There appears to it is in a higher drop price from an ar Chests in the Dreaming City, so this is your finest bet.When you use these Tincture potions, you’ll have the ability to see unique secrets and also portals that’ll bring about these Ascendant obstacles within the Dreaming City.Complete one Ascendant challenge and you’ll be rewarded with an effective Gear.

Ascendant Challenge: how to complete Week 6

Weeks Available

1st January - 15th January reset19th February - 26th February reset2nd April - 9th April reset

To complete the last Ascendant an obstacle in the weekly rotation, you"ll must head on over to Rheasilvia, i m sorry is end to the phibìc of the Dreaming City.

As every usual, popular music a Tincture that Queensfoil and also locate the portal in the very first area i beg your pardon is tucked behind a large circular arena filled through Hobgoblins.

Jump through and you"ll with the Cimmerian Garrison. Run and also platform your way along the greatly linear route, being careful not to loss off or get captured out by big mobs. Take her time and also pick them turn off from a distance, or opt to zip previous them - it"s your call.

Once you"ve reached the end, you"ll need to remove an Ascendant Knight. We"d recommend popping your Super directly away and also letting loosened on the boss and the mobs which"ll generate in. Switch to a strength weapon to end up it off, wait because that the chest to spawn and collect her reward!

Ascendant Challenge: how to finish Week 5

Weeks Available

25th December - first January reset12th February - 19th February reset26th in march - second April reset

For this challenge you"ll must head to the just of wishes which is located simply behind the main landing region in the Dreaming City. As soon as you"ve landed, pop your Tincture of Queensfoil, turn around and head right into the surrounding Lost Sector.

Just make your way through the shed Sector together normal and also keep an eye top top your appropriate for the portal. Don"t worry around clearing adversaries here, it"s better to just run and also jump previous them all considering you"re key aim right here isn"t shed Sector completion.

Once you"re inside the Ascendant Realm, the whole an obstacle revolves around following the orb that light every the method down come the bottom. It"s actually pretty simple, simply take your time and make sure each of your jumps space all nicely time to prevent falling to her doom. Few of the later platforms revolve slowly, therefore don"t get too hasty!

When you"ve got to the bottom, you"ll face off against some powerful Wizards therefore pop her Super and whip the end a Shotgun or strength Weapon to clear the area quickly.

KackisHD"s video clip is a perfect video clip guide to Week 5"s Ascendant Challenge. If you discovered it helpful, execute make sure you offer it a thumbs up and also consider subscribing to the channel for much more insightful Destiny 2 content.

Ascendant Challenge: just how to complete Week 4

Weeks Available

18th December - 25th December reset5th February - 12th February reset19th in march - 26th march reset

To complete Week 4"s Ascendant difficulty you"ll must head end to Harbinger"s Seclude, popular music a Tincture the Queensfoil and scale rather a finicky frostbite in order come jump v the normal portal.

Once you"re in the Ascendant aircraft follow the floating orb and hop across the platforms till you reach a big circular arena include a variety of strong hive enemies. An initial off, you"ll require to get rid of a wave of Wizards, Thrall and also a variety of Acolytes. Trigger this encounter by attacking any kind of of the opponents in the centre.

We"d recommend either remaining on the move, or acquisition refuge on among the side routes that branch turn off from the main arena as all the opponents will funnel towards you and make it simpler spray lock down.

Complete this step and also you"ll be prompted to pick up a Hive Relic knife from the center of the arena. It is in warned, as as soon as you do this you"ll trigger the last boss wave. Every one of the yellow bar Hive Knights will spring to life, as well as the usual mobs that Hive too. Time to start swinging!

The crucial here is to save on the move and also take swings as soon as you"ve got enough armour and also health to afford being static for a 2nd or two. Thankfully knife swings stagger the knights, so don"t be afraid to gain up near and personal and chain large hits come chunk their wellness bars fast.

Once you"ve cleared the room, you"ll then must do a bit an ext platforming and also slashing, except this time it"ll it is in a much easier to loss into the abyss below. Time your jumps right, and even go about changing your glide or equipping boots that"ll give you maximum air time come avoid any mishaps.

Open the chest at the end and also you"ll be done! Make certain to inspect out the video by Esoterickk together it"ll give you a finish walkthrough the what to do and also where come go. It"s additionally worth subscribing to their channel as it"s filled v brilliant Destiny content.

Ascendant Challenge: exactly how to complete Week 3

Weeks Available

11th December - 18th December reset29th January - fifth February reset12th in march - 19th in march reset

This week"s ascendant difficulty is located in the Spine the Keres. Psychic the introductory mission come the Dreaming City? Well, we want to double back all the means to this starting area prior to popping her Tincture the Queensfoil.

Dive into the portal and you"ll notification a large spire with a broken spiral staircase leading every the means to the top. Your aim is to gyeongju your method to the top, protect against the bombs and eliminate the bring away Phalanx at the top - and also that"s it!

Honestly, just ignore all the opponents on the way to the top and pop your Super when you"ve got to the boss. Simple.

PlanetDestiny"s got a an excellent video outlining the process which we"ve connected above. Perform make sure you provide it a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you found it useful!

Ascendant Challenge: just how to finish Week 2

Weeks Available

4th December - 12th December reset22nd January - 29th January reset5th in march - 12th march reset

Courtesy that Arekkz, here"s just how to finish this week"s Ascendant Challenge. We"ve connected his video down below, therefore if you discovered it helpful, execute make certain to offer it a thumbs up and also consider subscribing if you"re after an ext content like this.

For those the you who can"t clock the video clip for every little thing reason, here"s a quick breakdown of every the essential steps:

Speak come Petra and also purchase she Ascendant difficulty Weekly Bounty. The reads, "At the overlook"s edge, the garden grow onwward".Spawn into the Dreaming City, head right right into the cave and upon exiting the cave take an additional right. This"ll command you increase a lengthy winding path into the Gardens that Esila.Pop the Tincture that Queensfoil item.The portal you must go v is nestled on the left side of this area. Save an eye on the cliff edge and also you"ll spot it eventually.You"ll generate in a vast an are with three Orbs dotted approximately the edge and a vast blight in the centre. Your aim below is to grab each of the orbs and also dunk castle in the middle of this area.Be responsibility of the Blight fields as they"ll sluggish you down.Once you"ve dunked every the orbs it"ll generate a bunch of an effective Taken Knights that are qualified of one-shotting you if you"re no 520+ strength Level. However, a huge pool of irradiate will spawn in the center of the room which will recharge her Super in seconds. Emboldened in and out of this, clean the room and you"ve completed the challenge!

Ascendant Challenge: how to finish Week 1

Weeks Available:

15th January - 22nd January reset26th February - 5th March reset

Credit goes come both mrwhizkid97 and also Houndish for all the info.

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There’s a lost Sector situated to the east of Petra’s location in the Strand. It’s simply behind her, listed below the cliff edge whereby she stands.Pop her Tincture potion and move inside. You’ll bump into a take away Portal, therefore hop in!You’ll be transported right into a darkened room called Ouroborea. It’s filled with pillars and also a variety of floating crystals at very first glance, yet turn around and also you’ll watch a number of Taken Blights.Destroy 4 bring away Blights which are all located in the corners the the room. When you’ve done so, a message will popular music up in the bottom left edge of your display screen which states “ A seal breaks. An opportunity.”At this point, move towards the middle and also begin ruining the crystals in the centre. Once all the crystals room destroyed, you’ve completed your an initial Ascendant Challenge!A chest spawns in the center of the room and also should save a item of an effective Dreaming City gear - very nice indeed.