Shop distinct Assassin creed hoodies because that men and women at From diagonal zip, fifty percent zipper, black flag, eagle, sleeveless hoodies, sweatshirts & more, you have actually a selection to pick from. We have different hoodie styles, indigenous Assassin's Creed Revelations and Rogue come Unity Styles and so much more. Through our hoodies coming in a range of colors favor blue, light grey, white, grey, black, you have a selection to choose from.

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Do you know what the best part about Assassin's Creed fashion is? The reality that creed hoodies are mainly unisexual. As a result, females can likewise get cool assassin hoodies to your preference. Cardigans, pullovers, light black color flag sweaters, and also vests are also popular alternatives among Assassin’s Creed fans.

Looking for Assassin’s creed jackets and also hoodies with styling alternatives for a modern-day look? Browse v our Assassin’s Creed collection and also buy yours now at a low price! when purchasing the hoodie, there are different styles the you need to consider to obtain the perfect item that will certainly suit your tastes, preference, and also budget.

What to look out for when shopping for Assassins Creed Hoodies online

(1). Assassin Creed style choices for alternative fashion

Different Assassin Creed hoodies and pullover styles conquer the fashion market, and getting the perfect piece to suit her taste can be challenging. However, with tips ~ above the different styles to go for, friend can easily get your wanted hoodie. Right here are some of our recommendations.


If you are a pan of avant-garde fashion, climate you will be happy to recognize that Assassin’s Creed hoodies also come in this details variation. Avant-garde hoodies have a loose drape like feel to it, hearkening earlier to the medieval assassins’ looks. You deserve to pair an avant-garde hoodie v a cool graphics t-shirt and a pair the dark thin jeans. Carry out her ankle-length boots to complete the look. Due to the fact that this details hoodie format is influenced by goth fashion, friend can also choose come accessorize with skull jewelry.

Another sports of the avant-garde style Assassin’s Creed hoodie is the one with a next eyelet accent. This certain variation looks much more of one assassin’s garb thanks to the asymmetrical cut and sharply sharp silhouette developed by zipping up the hoodie. Pair v black animal leather biker-jeans and boots, and also you will certainly feel choose a genuine badass assassin. You can leave the chain unzipped and wear a t-shirt inside, despite it take away away lot of the jacket’s uniqueness once unzipped.

Assassin’s creed sleeveless hoodie

If you desire to sport a zip-up half-sleeve hoodie to present off those arms and shoulders you have actually spent hours working ~ above in the gym, then a long-sleeveless hoodie can be the right fit because that you. Heavily inspired by biker-fashion, this format is unique. Instead of a traditional t-shirt, you deserve to wear a tank-top inside and accessorize with a skull locket as a throwback to the pirate fashion format epitomized in Assassin’s Creed black Flag. Wear a fancy skull ring or multiple rings to make the look more badass and pirate-like.

Ninja-style hoodie

If loose is no your style, friend can consider the close-fit ninja-style Assassin’s Creed hoodies with zippers akin come those worn by the franchise’s modern protagonist, Desmond, in the first five games. Unlike the avant-garde style hoodies, the ninja layout hoodies are much shorter and have an ext embellished details. This hoodies usually come in red and black or black and also white shade combinations signifying the assassin and also templar sides. A well-fitting pair that biker blue jeans is a must since the hem of this hoodies rests above the belt level. You can likewise pick increase a stylish belt with a big buckle to emphasize the hoodie’s brief length. Accessorize the look through bracelets due to the fact that the sleeves are much shorter than usual.


Turtleneck hoodies do a fancy job in making friend look an ext like a ninja-assassin 보다 the constant Assassin’s Creed hero, taking concealment to the next level. An accented u-hem hoodie with kangaroo pockets, for instance, is both stylish and also functional once winter is at full blast, protecting her hands, neck, and also face.

Assassin’s creed sweater

If you think in the old speak ‘elegance lies in simplicity,’ you deserve to go because that a simple, unadorned cardigan through a cowl sewn in. Cardigans don’t have the flashiness that the assassin’s creed style hoodies and jackets, making castle the closest garments item adhering to the ‘social stealth’ ide of the AC franchise. You have the right to pair cardigans with anything, starting from a dope men’s tee to a formal shirt or polo for upper body wear. You could pair with any bottoms, starting from formal pants to biker jeans without looking the end of place.


Assassin’s creed jackets and hoodie designs have actually seen a enormous uplift since Assassin’s Creed syndicate come out. The steampunk fashion layout of Evie Frye has led come the popular of long-length pullovers and jackets among ladies that are huge fans of the Assassin’s Creed wear. Females usually tend to pair hoodies and cool jackets with leather leggings to add an edge to their look.

If friend want, you can customize this looks and an ext to your liking through a small help of different clothing and accessories. Because that the best Assassin’s Creed hoodies, coats, and also jackets and other assassin creed garments accessories, browse v our assassin creed merch for perfect alternatives to complete your look.

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Whether you are a die-hard fan of the collection or desire a item of Assassin’s garb as a pass fancy, is the perfect place for friend to pick one to your liking. Not just will you uncover a vast array that Assassin’s Creed hoodies and also jackets for sale that offers you a lot of alternatives to pick from, but also other fashion merch, accessories, and clothing to pair off v your favorite Assassin’s Creed layout apparel, such ascoats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, and also more.

Starting from boots, biker jeans, men’s accessories, and also more, you will find all you need to finish that perfect modern-day assassin look. Our men’s clothes will take care of all your different fashion needs, and also the same goes for our women’s clothing. Take some tips from our handy styling guide to uncover out which contemporary Assassin look at suits girlfriend best. Great luck, initiate, and remember- nothing is true, everything is permitted!