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Hey over there guys. To be a while. January here, former Ask-the-Crusaders.I’ve to be inactive because that so long here, ns feels favor I don’t even belong anymore. Ns tried to force myself to cook up come new comics, come back, possibly even try posting some initial things, but nothing really came out the it.The current drama about twitter and also the so called migration that’s happening follow me side v it has finally encouraged me to properly close this blog and give mine goodbye and also thanks because that these years of fun, support and experience. The blogs won’t be deleted, every little thing will continue to be here, however it’s no gonna get more updates. This time for real.

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Sorry come raise your expectations recently, I assumed some hype would certainly motivate me enough to shot and begin fresh, but it hasn’t been that way.I’m at this time busy through my animation projects to which I’m dedicating myself fully, so one of two people way, my time to contribute to this blog would have actually been minimum to begin with.


I’m still energetic on mine Twitter, however, and also if you room by chance interested in our brand-new and interesting projects, the would mean the civilization to me if you’d start complying with me there. I miss out on you all and I truly desire to get ago in touch somehow.


Frequent YouTube Streams have also been happening, and also I connect to castle on Twitter, therefore if girlfriend want, we can connect together together you have the right to come watch me occupational on my next videos, that’d it is in grand!


A lot has been walk on these years (First the C&D and also Hasbro Stuff, genuine life stuff, climate the YouTube Algorhythm) and also we really need all the support we can get just to get back to the allude where us were before, i beg your pardon is also why we opened a Patreon. If you’re interested, your financial support would typical all. Give thanks to you in development for considering!


We’re functioning really hard to produce something brand-new and new for every one of you come enjoy, yet we’re beginning to fear nobody will an alert because of how difficult it appears to be to getting to out the ours audience best now. This is why I’ve determined to open a public Discord. You’re all welcome to join it!



I am really sorry if this sounds like nothing more than me shamelessly me promoting and also selling out, but all I’ve ever before wanted was to do animations and make people smile.

A series of unfortunately coincidences and also circumstances has made the so that i now need to struggle and also work twice as difficult just come get back on track. I’m no getting any younger and, If this is what the takes, then ns say“So be it” as I swallow my pride and also hope for the best.

Thank you every for taking the time to read and also consider my words.

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To those the you that will concerned the Discord server and my streams and even support me ~ above Patreon or just follow me on twitter:Thank you so much. Ns can’t wait to chat with you!To those the you who decide not to, or that simply don’t care anymore:I say fair enough, and I still thank you because that these past couple of years.