I'm do the efforts to acquire a full set of Edengate gear. However, after ~ completing one of the raids, i can't role for any kind of of the loot due to the fact that it says "loot already received"/"you've already received loot." However, over there is nothing brand-new in mine inventory, I'm specific of it, plus i can't actually role for noþeles in the an initial place. Just how am I supposed to collect multiples the the exchange items if I deserve to only (apparently?) receive 1 items 1 time from each of the raid instances? ns am super confused and also I'm certain there's miscellaneous I'm lacking here. I gain that "rewards space obtainable weekly," yet I thought that only used to the tomestones and also blades of early antiquity. Go this apply to every one of the drops upon completion as well?

edit: thanks for the rapid responses!


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Does this apply to all of the drops upon completion as well?

Yes it uses to the armor/accessory item drops at the end of each Eden boss as well.

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All the drops space obtainable 1 time every week, it way that you have the right to only attain 1 item every raid floor every week for this reason 4 tokens and also the blade which you obtain automatically upon perfect the 4th floor.

If you desire the full collection you'll should wait numerous weeks


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