Players that want to get an edge on their opponents can find details ~ above the best and also worst marvels in civilization 6 in this tier list.

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civ 6 wonder tier list
marvels in Civilization 6 grant their owners a variety of different bonuses, and also obtaining lock can offer players a large edge over their opponents. That said, no every Wonder in Civ 6 is created equal, and also while some deserve to be totally game-changing others are just not worth structure in practically any instance. Because that players that would prefer to have actually a far better understanding of wherein each of this mega-buildings falls in the spectrum, the following Civilization 6 Wonder tier list looks to assist.

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This Civ 6 Wonder tier list attempts to consider both strength level and also how situational every Wonder is. This way that an S-tier Wonder is something the is exceptionally powerful, and also perhaps game-changing, in virtually every situation, and an F-tier Wonder is one that is practically always useless.

Updated on respectable 26th, 2021 by Hodey Johns: with years passing and the video game only becoming more popular, reader are beginning to look up lists favor this once again. While some civilizations can develop many wonders, rather are limited and can develop only a few. In one of two people case, it's crucial to construct the wonders that offer an undeniable advantage, because they take up so many resources. With multiple DLCs and also expansions coming out, it to be time to update this list with all the recent wonders. Additionally, the entries have actually been rearranged based on the modern metagame, factoring in win percentage and also how strong a particular wonder correlates v a specific kind of success condition.

civilization 6 Wonder Tier List

S Tier

Civilization 6 Colosseum developed Next to A River

Oracle Pyramids Colosseum Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Kilwa Kisiwani Forbidden City Ruhr valley Etemenanki

The Forbidden City is the wonder most associated with a win of any kind. The +5 society might do it look like an exclusively cultural victory, but, an ext importantly, it allows for an extra wildcard policy slot. This is a colossal benefit that will help any problem out significantly.

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The desert has actually some quite nice organic wonders, yet most leaders will steer clear due to the decreased resources every tile. That said, the Pyramids make it so contractors can improve an extra tile. Due to the fact that each leader will eventually want every one of their tiles improved, this is an additional wonder the every victory problem should contend for.

A Tier

Civilization 6 Mont St. Michel developed Next come The Mountains

holy place of Artemis Jebel Barkal Mahabodhi temple Petra Chichen Itza Mont St. Michel St. Basil's Cathedral Oxford college large Ben Eiffel Tower Cristo Redentor

most late-game wonders are close come useless because they have actually fewer rounds to contribute than ahead wonders. But huge Ben ranks highly anyhow since it provides a bunch the gold and then boosts treasuries by 50%. Gold is extremely an important for human beings that space struggling to store up.

The temple of Artemis is accessible for construction an extremely early, so since of the rush to build some the the S Tier wonders, it's frequently left out of the marvels race. That's a shame because the food and also housing listed are large benefits to city structure early on. In the end, making use of it deserve to lead to a Diplomatic victory v the ideal tactics.

B Tier

Civilization 6 The good Library beside An Aqueduct

an excellent Library Hagia Sophia Alhambra Angkor Wat Potala palace Venetian Arsenal Orszaghaz Amundsen-Scott research study Station Estadio do Maracana

The an excellent Library was as soon as the height of everybody's tier list, but due to the fact that it offers benefits come science and also culture, it has actually fallen turn off a little bit. Its main bonus rewards players with good Scientist points once another country builds a good Scientist, yet those going for a science victory will most likely want a monopoly of an excellent Scientists, thereby wasting this wonders main purpose.

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The Orszaghaz gives dual the society of many wonders, which have the right to be handy for gaining a cultural victory, but its benefit isn't rather as impressive. It provides 100% Diplomatic Favor when acting as Suzerain of a city-state. It attempts to carry out two victories in ~ once and is likely better off just concentrating on one.

C Tier

Civilization 6 an excellent Zimbabwe developed In the Plains

Terracotta military Meenakshi holy place university of Sankore good Zimbabwe Casa de Contratacion Taj Mahal Bolshoi Theatre Statue the Zeus

If this to be a list the purely measured social victories, the Bolshoi Theatre would certainly be much greater up. It's gained extra work slots for writers and also musicians, which are frequently a limiting aspect for an excellent Persons. But it's useless come every various other victory condition and completing one sends up a signal to warmongering people to attack.

If executing a perfect construct order because that the early game, the Terracotta military is terrific for countries that intend to invest some time involved in war. Yet it's gained this weird bonus that permits archeologists to get in foreign lands. Helpful, sort of, yet not for the dominance victory this wonder seems geared toward.

D Tier

Apadana Colossus Huey Teocalli Kotoku-In Statue that Liberty Broadway Torre de Belem

The Colossus grants a little of money and some an excellent General points, however it has to be developed along the coast. Beforehand on, successful people usually crave freshwater and also landlocked resources, making the Colossus a consolation prize for those who shed the fight of positioning.

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The fact that Broadway provides a complimentary Atomic Era civic an increase reveals just just how late-game this wonder is. Social victories are the the very least likely to view this era at all, generally achieving success well prior to this point. Broadway's bonuses space jaw-dropping, but they're simply too late. Scientific-minded nations will have access to Broadway well before social nations.

E Tier

Hanging Gardens Hermitage Biosphere

The Hermitage is all about great Artists and works that art. Again, valuable for cultural victories and nothing else. The Hanging Gardens increase growth by 15%, which is a small low considering how much need to be invested. It's far better to get big chunks the growth early instead, the 15% bonus is many noticeable in the late-game when excess populace can actually be a problem.

F Tier

good Bath Stonehenge great Lighthouse Machu Picchu Panama Canal gold Gate bridge Sydney Opera home

aside from the late-game wonders that are right here for apparent reasons, Macchu Picchu is one unfortunate inclusion in the bottom tier. The bonus gold as an adjacency price for mountain tiles appears great, but mountain tiles are normally to it is in avoided because of their absence of other resources. Making usage of Macchu Picchu method building urban that are most likely unprofitable in every other resource besides the gold noted by the wonder.

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