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Where are progressives advancing too? they really believe they are relocating "forward". What is the goal of his? that every human being can"t be accountable because that his plot no matter just how sick and degenerate it is?



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Elderly Australian woman knocked down & PEPPER-SPRAYED by police throughout Melbourne protest versus lockdowns

Apple & Google delete Navalny’s ‘Smart Voting’ app after height Russian officials suspicion US tech giants the ‘election interference’

Kyle Rittenhouse Judge claims ‘White Power’ Gesture Reminds that of ‘Chef Boyardee,’ advises ‘Proud Boys’ attach to Defendant would certainly Be ‘Poison’ in ~ Trial - legislation & Crime

Pictured: Texas young Kills entire Family & 2 Dogs within RV, short articles Graphic photos & Threatens much more Violence - CrimeOnline

Comrades in arms? West is cheering on Russia"s Communists, but heirs the Bolsheviks even more skeptical that US, EU & NATO than Putin

Sen. Schumer & other top Dems advice Biden to prevent expulsion that Haitian refugees, together UN claims decision may violate global law

‘No lot of Chinese propaganda’ deserve to knock Australia from atom submarine treaty with US & UK – defense minister 

Ankara lashes the end at EU explanation Cyprus and also migration issues, claims it"s "biased, doing not have vision & disconnected native reality"

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More 보다 20 foreign NGOs tried to interfere in Russia’s poll & must now be banned from country, peak Moscow legislator claim