“And the Clay room We Created,” the last brief story in Isabel Allende’s collection The stories of Eva Luna, is based upon a genuine event. Omayra Sanchez was a young victim the the 1985 earthquake in Colombia. The story is said by the heroine that Allende’s third novel Eva Luna, who lover, Rolf Carlé, is the key character. Through a carefully crafted plot and delicate images, Allende illustrates the template of self-discovery with love, the very same theme that runs with all the story in this volume.

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The story’s first line, “They found the girl’s head protruding native the mudpit, eyes large open, calling soundlessly,” not only begins the activity and to adjust the story but additionally establishes the photo of the eyes and also the theme of insight. The last sentence the the i foreshadows the ending: “Rolf Carlé . . . Never suspect that he would find a fragment the his past, shed thirty years before.”

Rolf finds the past; the girl, Azucena, allows him come close the gap between his experiences and also his feelings therefore he can confront it. Azucena is just one of twenty thousand victim of a volcanic eruption that has actually wiped out whole Latin American village. Arriving by helicopter, Rolf, a machine of tv documentaries, finds himself an initial on the scene filming the volunteer trying to with the girl, who is hidden up to her neck in quicksandlike mud. In ~ minutes, the girl’s plight is broadcast throughout the world.

Rolf stays by she side. Transparent the night the tells story of his adventures as a newsman to keep up her courage. Mile away, the narrator, Eva Luna, the town hall television and feels the ache of both Azucena and also Rolf. She tries to gain a pump sent out to the site, but her initiatives are futile. She also tries to aid Rolf through her “force the mind.”

later on she the town hall the morning broadcast. Things have degenerated, however Rolf, now close to exhaustion, quiet tries to save the girl’s soul up. Much more cameras and also equipment arrive, and the worldwide focus ~ above the young girl intensifies, making the step so actual to Eva that she envisions it s her by...

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