Ancient ship are one of the collectibles in Horizon and are relics that the past, or Old Ones. Lock are basically cups/mugs with various designs top top them and also can be uncovered in scrap piles, comparable to something favor a Scrapper pile. One surefire method to recognize you discovered the appropriate pile is that there will certainly be a violet marker above the pile, similar to the loot markers you watch whenever you recognize an foe has items. There’s a complete of 12 ship in the game, with 4 being in every set. Remember that you deserve to purchase a map that mirrors you the basic locations of every one of the ancient Vessels in the game.

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1) Faro - Southwest of Brightmarket is a Sawtooth Site marked on her map, i m sorry is not too much from the cliffside. Simply a little bit southwest the the Sawtooth mite is a ruined wall with a zipline attached to it. The old Vessel will be in ~ the base of this damaged wall.

2) Arches - walk to Devil’s Thirst and you’ll discover this collectible southwest the the place’s icon. Within the find radius offered to you, head come the southwest edge of the perimeter and look on the southern side the the river there. You have to see a little ledge jutting out, through some debris you deserve to search. You recognize you’re in the appropriate spot, as the debris will have actually a purple icon; the ancient Vessel is in the pile.

3) DroneHop - uncovered just west of the Devil’s thirsty Bandit Camp. From the leg that leads right into the camp, follow the roadway south a bit and the purple-laden debris pile will be ~ above the eastern side.

4) Wayfarers - indigenous the Devil’s thirst Vantage Point, go northeast/north until you find the main path. Follow this north and you need to see a debris pile through a purple icon on the side, which has this ancient Vessel.

5) Miriam - indigenous the campfire you provided to remainder at the Revenge the the Nora key quest, monitor the key road come the east, passing under a large ruined building. The Vessel will certainly be follow me the key road, in a debris pile, just to the left the the icon on your map.

6) USRC - indigenous the campfire you offered to rest during the Revenge of the Nora main quest, monitor the main road to the east, past the cultist camp, until it splits north and south. Walk south and at the following split, head west to uncover the ancient Vessel in a heap not far along this path. It is simply south that the vessel icon on the map.

7) KZ - Head south from the USRC old Vessel and also you need to spot part Corrupted Scrappers turn off to the east. From wherein they are patrolling, go right south and also look because that a square archway the sorts, i beg your pardon is housing the scrap pile with this old Vessel. The is a little bit west and very slightly south of the vessel icon on the map.


10) Metallurgic - In the northwest edge of the map is the ruins of Maker’s End, i beg your pardon you will visit during the main story. Just a small southwest the the ruins symbol is a campfire. Go to the campfire and also not plenty of steps north of that is the debris pile v this ancient Vessel.

11) Jomei - throughout the main quest, The field of the Fallen, you will visit the Dimmed Bones damages with Erend. As quickly as you get to the height of the area with the ruins, you must see the scrap pile with the purple icon as quickly as you arrive.

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12) Thunderheads - throughout the key quest, Maker’s End, girlfriend will have to go through two camps the Eclipse enemies, the second of i m sorry will have actually a Corruptor. After ~ that, you will certainly come top top a drop that will lead to a short scene revealing a Deathbringer. The path right prior to that drop homes the pile through the ancient Vessel.