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15. Ancient Roman coins : DENARII

The denarius (plural “denarii”) is a little silver coin the was provided in old Rome. Acquired from the Latin “deni” meaning “containing ten”, a denarius had the worth of ten asses. Today’s “dinar” is a usual coin in the Arab world and also is named for the old roman coin. The dinar surname was preferred in the days when Arabs were conquering large swathes that the old roman Empire.

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17. Court exhibit, possibly : DNA TEST

I’ve constantly been fascinated through the truth that the DNA that living things is therefore very similar across different species. Person DNA is nearly exactly the same for every separation, personal, instance (to the degree of 99.9%). However, those small differences are adequate to distinguish one individual from another, and to determine whether or not people are close family relations.

19. Customizeds : MORES

Mores room the accepted customs and practices that a certain group. “Mores” is the plural of the Latin native “mos” which method “custom”.

20. ’70s org. Because that 21-Down : WHA

The civilization Hockey association (WHA) was a skilled league energetic from 1972 come 1979. The WHA was a contender to the national Hockey league (NHL). 4 WHA groups (the Edmonton Oilers, brand-new England Whalers, Quebec Nordiques and also Winnipeg Jets) joined the NHL once the WHA ceased operations.

22. Viking household dog the comics : SNERT

“Hägar the Horrible” is a comic strip that was created by the so late Dik Browne and is now attracted by his son, kris Browne. “Hägar the Terrible” (not “Horrible”) to be the nickname provided to Dik by his sons. The strip’s title character is a red-bearded Viking living on the Norwegian coastline during the middle Ages. Hägar resides with his overbearing wife Helga, his sensitive child Hamlet, his nice daughter Honi, and his clever dog Snert.

24. Next issue? : THORN

A thorn in the next (often “thorn in the flesh”) is one idiom describing an irritant. The phrase originates from the 2nd Epistle to the Corinthians in the Christian Bible:

And lest I need to be exalted above measure through the variety of the revelations, there was provided to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger the Satan to buffet me, lest I have to be exalted above measure.

26. Piano __ : TRIO

In the world of chamber music, a trio often consists of a piano. Typical forms are:

Clarinet-cello-pianoClarinet-viola-pianoClarinet-violin-piano30. “Microsoft sound” composer : ENO

Brian Eno started out his music career with Roxy Music. However, Eno’s many oft-played ingredient (by far!) is Microsoft’s “start-up jingle”, the 6-second sound you hear once the home windows operating mechanism is booting up. Eno might have annoyed the Microsoft folks once he proclaimed on a BBC radio show:

I composed it on a Mac. I’ve never ever used a computer in mine life; ns don’t prefer them.

31. Standard children’s story around healing : THE secret GARDEN

“The mystery Garden” is a children’s novel composed by Frances Hodgson Burnett, an initial published in serial kind in 1910, and then as a complete book in 1911. The story is so famous that it has actually been adjusted on an ext than one occasion, for the stage, huge screen, and television and there are likewise numerous animated productions as well.

34. “What’s Hecuba come him, __ come Hecuba”: Hamlet : OR HE

In “Hamlet”, wilhelm Shakespeare employs the “play-within-a-play” device. Hamlet engages some experienced actors to stage “The killing of Gonzago”. After ~ watching the Player King deliver a moving soliloquy, Hamlet himself makes a speech, including the lines:

What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba,That he must weep for her?

35. St Ives collection : TATE

The museum well-known as “the Tate” is actually made up of 4 separate galleries in England. The initial Tate collection was started by sir Henry Tate as the nationwide Gallery of brother Art. The is located on Millbank in London, ~ above the site of the old Millbank Prison, and also is now referred to as Tate Britain. Over there is additionally the Tate Liverpool in the north of England situated in an old warehouse, and the Tate St Ives in the west nation located in one old gas works. My favourite of the Tate galleries is the Tate modern which lies top top the financial institutions of the Thames in London. It’s a beautiful building, a converted power terminal that you have to see come believe.

36. ’60s TV sidekick : agent NINETY-NINE

The satirical comedy series called “Get Smart” was the creation of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, and also starred Don Adams as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart. Certified dealer 86 worked for the spy agency CONTROL, alongside the lovely certified dealer 99. CONTROL’s sworn opponent was the criminal organization dubbed KAOS. Smart’s shoes phone was a hilarious prop provided in virtually every episode. When Smart dialed the number 117, the shoe converted right into a gun. Cool ingredient …

43. Discount tags abbr. : IRR

Irregular (irr.)

45. Put the kibosh top top : NIX

Kibosh is something that constrains or checks. “Kibosh” looks choose a Yiddish word however it isn’t, and is much more likely English slang indigenous the early on 1800s.

46. Actors Glass and Silver : RONS

Ron Glass was an actor finest known for play Det. Ron Harris ~ above the sitcom “Barney Miller”.

Ron Silver has actually a long career playing relatively small roles on the large screen and also television, with roles in famous films choose “Mr. Saturday Night”, “Ali”, and “Garbo Talks”. Notably, silver- was the chairman of Actors’ equity from 1991 come 2000.

49. High seas adverb : THAR

“Thar she blows!” is a phrase that originated on whaling ships. A lookout spotting a whale surfacing come breathe could see the spray indigenous the blowhole brought about by the expulsion the carbon dioxide. Thar (there) she blows!

50. Creamer that the LPGA : PAULA

Paula Creamer is a American golfer, winner that the 2010 united state Women’s Open. She is a local right here where ns live in the mountain Francisco only Area. Indeed, together her career took off we were members that the same golf club here in town. That said, I never ever met the talented Ms. Creamer …

52. Search result : URL

Internet addresses (like and are an ext correctly referred to as Uniform resource Locators (URLs).

53. “Rocky IV” antagonist Ivan : DRAGO

Dolph Lundgren is one actor and martial artist from Sweden. Lundgren’s debut role was a tiny one, acting as a KGB henchman in the James bond movie “A check out to a Kill”. His big break was starring the opposite Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky IV”, play a scary Russian boxer named Ivan Drago.

59. Hyundai 1990 beginning : ELANTRA

The Elantra is a compact automobile made by Hyundai of south Korea. There to be a long-standing dispute between Hyundai and manufacturers Lotus and Mitsubishi. Lotus completed that the Elantra name was also close the Lotus Elan, and also Mitsubishi didn’t prefer the similarity to the Mitsubishi Elante.


2. Festival of lights symbol : MENORAH

There is a seven-branched menorah used symbolically in ancient temples. However, the Hanukkah menorah is a nine-branched lampstand the is lit during the eight-day holiday dubbed Hanukkah, also known as the Festival that Lights. “Menorah” is the Hebrew word for “lamp”.

14. Floatplane function : PONTOON

The aircraft well-known as a floatplane different from a flying boat. The former uses pontoons under the fuselage to provide buoyancy, whereas the latter’s buoyancy originates from the fuselage itself.

21. Six-time Hart Trophy winner : HOWE

Gordie Howe is a retirement Canadian hockey player. Regarded as among the games greatest players, Howe is sometimes referred to together “Mr Hockey”. He is the just hockey player come have contended in the NHL for five years (from the forties with the eighties), and holds the NHL document for many games and also most seasons played.

The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded every year to the player judged to it is in most an important for his team in the NHL. The award is called for Dr. David Hart, a Canadian who donated the original trophy to the league.

28. Resources of west Australia : PERTH

Perth is the resources city of west Australia. Perth earned itself the nickname the “City that Light” in 1962 as the essentially all the town’s lights were turned ~ above at complete power as soon as astronaut man Glenn happen overhead in earth orbit in Friendship 7, so that he can see the city below. The city offered a repeat performance for glen in 1998 when he pass overhead in the an are Shuttle in 1998.

29. Faun look-alike : SATYR

The satyrs the Greek mythology came with a very high sex drive. They space the “rude” masculine subjects drawn on the side of old Greek vases. The nubile maidens well-known as nymphs were often things of attention for the satyrs.

Fauns are pertained to as the roman mythological tantamount of the Greek satyrs, but fauns to be half-man and half-goat and much more “carefree” in personality 보다 their Hellenic cousins. In the modern-day age we space quite acquainted with Mr. Tumnus, the faun-like personality encountered by the youngsters entering the world of Narnia in C. S. Lewis’s “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.

33. Cartoon canine : REN

“The Ren and Stimpy Show” is an animated television present that ran top top Nickelodeon native 1991 come 1996. The title personalities are Marland “Ren” Höek, a scrawny Chihuahua, and also Stimpson J. Cat, a rotund Manx cat. Not my cup of tea …

38. Hospital triage agree : ER NURSE

“Triage” is the procedure of prioritizing patients because that treatment, specifically on a battlefield. The hatchet “triage” is French and method “a sorting”.

39. Mayberry’s home: Abbr. : NCAR

Mayberry is the fictional North Carolina city in i m sorry the “The Andy Griffith Show” is set. Mayberry is said to based upon Griffith’s own hometown of mount Airy, north Carolina.

41. New York county phibìc of Erie : NIAGARA

Niagara ar in the state of new York is house to the magnificent Niagara Falls. The city the Niagara falls is the largest in the county, but the ar seat is Lockport.

42. 2016 World series MVP Ben Zobrist, e.g. : EX-ROYAL

Ben Zobrist is a experienced baseball player. Zobrist won the 2015 World collection with the Kansas City Royals, and also the the 2016 World series with the Chicago Cubs. Because that the latter win, he was named the 2016 World series MVP.

55. Dogfight participant : ACE

A paris ace is an aviator who has actually shot under a variety of enemy planes throughout combat. The qualifying variety of kills seems to vary, however five is common. The an initial use the “ace” was during WWI once the French newspapers referred to as pilot Adolphe Pegoud “l’as” (French for “the ace”) once he shot under his 5th German plane.

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57. Choose : A LA

The phrase “in the format of” deserve to be translated in “alla” in Italian and also “à la” in French.