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Am i The only One around Here (also well-known as "Angry Walter") is one advice animal image macro series featuring a screenshot of the character Walter Sobchak (played by john Goodman) drawing a pistol in the 1998 comedy film The large Lebowski. The captions regularly convey the emotion that the poster is alone in holding an unpopular opinion.

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The original photo was recorded from a step in the 1998 Coen brothers comedy film The large Lebowski in which the personality Walter Sobchak becomes frustrated by an additional character stepping end the heat while bowling. ~ expressing his frustration to his teammates, that draws a hand gun and also asks "Am i the only one approximately here who gives a shit around the rules?" (shown in ~ :57 below).

The first image macro using the quote to be posted by Redditor BFM11 come the /r/AdviceAnimals<1> subreddit titled "Angry Walter" on march 24th, 2012. The inscription expressed the poster"s frustration with the misuse of words "literally" and also used a screen catch from a various scene in the movie.



On April 23rd, 2012, Redditor phizzleout posting photo macro come the /r/AdviceAnimals<2> subreddit v the caption "Am i the just one about here / that doesn"t upvoted reposts?" (shown below, left). Within 2 hours, Redditor TLAMP28 it is registered a comparable image macro come the /r/AdviceAnimals<3> subreddit with the caption "Am i the just one around here / who is ailing of reposts in ~ the same day!" (shown below, right).


In the adhering to weeks, the collection was featured ~ above We recognize Memes<4>, MemeCrunch<5> and ZipMeme,<6> with additional instances appearing on Tumblr under the tag "angry walter"<7> and "am ns the only one roughly here."<8> together of July 2012, the Memegenerator<13> page for "Am i the just One around Here" has 262 submissions, the Quickmeme<12> web page for "Am i the just One about Here" has actually 1,851 submissions and also another Quickmeme<11> web page for "Angry Walter" has 3,693 submissions. ~ above Reddit, there room 150 instances the "Angry Walter"<9> and also 120 instances of "am ns the just one approximately here."<10>


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