There"s nothing normal around the way "Ain"t nothing "Bout You" come together. The songwriting session to be the first time co-writers Rivers Rutherford and Tom Shapiro met. For their first tune, both threw out lyrical principles they"d come up with while in the shower.

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The song was a smash hit because that Brooks & Dunn in 2001, and according come legend, Ronnie Dunn"s vocal power was the an initial and just take recorded.

Rutherford and Shapiro sat down through Bart Herbison the Nashville Songwriters Association worldwide to phone call the Story Behind the Song.


Bart Herbison: how did it happen?

Tom Shapiro: A mutual friend of ours, George Teren, assumed we"d be great together, create a song together. The wrote v me, wrote through Rivers, and also so he put us together. Ns don"t know if either of us really wanted to execute it, however I can"t mental that.

BH: OK, for this reason the very first astonishing thing I find is this is your an initial co-write.

Rivers Rutherford: This was the first, yeah. An initial time I"d also met you.

TS: Rivers come over to mine office and then (said), "Well, what are we gonna work on today?" Well, he come in through this melody and also I think some of those text at the beginning.

RR: Well, girlfriend know, I was in the shower (that morning) and also I thought, "Oh crap! I"m writing with Tom Shapiro, the songwriter of the decade."

BH: Of NSAI, through the way. Songwriter the the Decade, our an initial one we ever had.

RR: and I didn’t even have one idea, therefore I just started to sing in the shower, "I"ve got this yearning in the deep part of my heart because that you." and also "that"s much more than a reaction to your touch." It"s all ns had. … I"d had actually a couple of hits yet nothing huge. But there"s a tiny buzz, and he to be the legendary writer — and also sweet and nice. And then as soon as we"re excellent (talking) the said, "So what you got?" as with that. I simply thought, "Man, I got nothing.” ns said, "Well, I had actually this thing in the shower that I came up v this morning, and I don"t know exactly how to beat it, however it"s attractive to me."

I began running through it and figured out what the chords were.

TS: I believed it to be brilliant. I love the opening melody. It’s exciting you to be in the shower. Ns was additionally in the shower. Not the exact same shower.

BH: But just how many an excellent songs begin there? due to the fact that you"ve got your headspace.

TS: All ns was act was thinking to myself this exercise, “What"s a means of saying ‘I love everything around you’? This can be unusual.” (I started) playing with things and came up with "Ain"t nothing about you. Ain"t nothing around you the don"t execute something to me." OK, he had his melody, which i loved. I stated that to him. He said, "Just think the that?" i said, "Well, believed of the this morning.” Then ns don"t understand what happened. We just started working.

BH: Well, I typical it"s a lyrical match, right?

RR: those funny is, when he said that, i thought, "Wait, exactly how do girlfriend make that musical?"

BH: To me it"s like the cosmos is speak to both of friend in the shower. “Here"s component one, here"s the other part.”

RR: Looking back, what a blessing.

TS: That"s the winter the cosmos is. Now acquire to my recollection, ns think us shook hands, girlfriend walked out. Ns think us both had the same feeling, "Yeah, it"s every right."

RR: Yeah.

TS: I don"t think we were jumping up and also down. My child I had working for me come in and also said, "What was that?" and also I played it because that him, and he said, "That"s a hit. End up it."

Now here"s the component that"s more cosmic. … They"ve had actually a session. I think it remained in December, 6-10, something prefer that. And also the idea to be to cut this one tune that Galante wanted him to cut. Therefore they go in and also they claimed great. Mark Wright to be the producer and said, "Definitely cut ("Ain’t nothing ‘Bout You"), yet we have actually a song we want to cut first." 

"Only in America," is that the name of the song?

BH: Yup.

TS: At 10 (minutes until) 10 o’clock, they perfect (“Only in America”). Ronnie goes, “That sounds great.” that starts wade out. I understand this due to the fact that I had actually some friends that were on the session. Mark Wright says, "You know, us really should try this various other song … .” Ronnie to be looking in ~ the clock and said, "All right, yet I"m done at 10." The record you listen today, mine understanding, is the an initial take.

RR: That"s the just one.

BH: and of three civilization ever, Ronnie Dunn"s one of "em could’ve pulled the off. ... You deserve to feel the energy build throughout the (song), so maybe Ronnie is having actually that epiphanic minute too.

RR: probably so. Yes, he did recognize to a feeling.… We had actually a bunch of hits after that. We sure did. Nothing favor that one, though.

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