The three Punic Wars between Carthage and also Rome took location over nearly a century, start in 264 B.C. And ending in roman inn victory with the destruction of Carthage in 146 B.C. By the moment the first Punic War broke out, Rome had come to be the dominant power transparent the Italian peninsula, when Carthage–a powerful city-state in north Africa–had developed itself as the leading naval power in the world. The an initial Punic War started in 264 B.C. As soon as Rome interfered in a problem on the Carthaginian-controlled island the Sicily; the war finished with Rome in regulate of both Sicily and Corsica and marked the empire’s appearance as a naval and a land power. In the 2nd Punic War, the good Carthaginian basic Hannibal invaded Italy and also scored an excellent victories at Lake Trasimene and Cannae before his ultimate defeat at the hand of Rome’s Scipio Africanus in 202 B.C., i beg your pardon left Rome in control of the west Mediterranean and much that Spain. In the third Punic War, the Romans, led through Scipio the Younger, captured and destroyed the city of Carthage in 146 B.C., transforming Africa into yet another district of the mighty roman Empire.

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Background and an initial Punic battle (264-241 B.C.)

Tradition holds that Phoenician settlers from the Mediterranean port of tire (in what is now Lebanon) started the city-state the Carthage top top the northern coast of Africa, just north of contemporary Tunis, approximately 814 B.C. (The native “Punic,” later on the name for the collection of wars in between Carthage and Rome, was obtained from the Latin word because that Phoenician.) through 265 B.C., Carthage was the wealthiest and most progressed city in the region, as well as its leading naval power. Though Carthage had actually clashed violently with several various other powers in the region, notably Greece, its relationships with Rome to be historically friendly, and also the cities had signed several treaties defining trading rights over the years.

Did friend know? The Greek historian Polybius, among the key sources that information around the Punic Wars, to be born about 200 B.C. A girlfriend of and mentor come Scipio Aemilianus, he to be an eyewitness come the siege and destruction the Carthage in 146 B.C.

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In 264 B.C., Rome determined to intervene in a problem on the western coast of the island the Sicily (then a Carthaginian province) entailing an strike by soldiers indigenous the city of Syracuse versus the city of Messina. If Carthage sustained Syracuse, Rome sustained Messina, and the struggle soon exploded right into a straight conflict in between the 2 powers, with regulate of Sicily at stake. End the course of virtually 20 years, Rome rebuilt its entire fleet in bespeak to face Carthage’s an effective navy, scoring its first sea victory at Mylae in 260 B.C. And also a major victory in the fight of Ecnomus in 256 B.C. Though its intrusion of phibìc Africa that exact same year finished in defeat, Rome refuse to offer up, and in 241 B.C. The roman inn fleet was able to win a decisive victory against the Carthaginians at sea, breaking their legend naval superiority. In ~ the finish of the first Punic War, Sicily became Rome’s very first overseas province.