An old quote around touchdown celebrations has actually been attributed to a variety of coaches, consisting of Joe Paterno, Paul Brown, and also Vince Lombardi.

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Published27 July 2017

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In July 2017, one old, recycled quote went viral after White House interactions director Anthony Scaramucci attributed the expression “act like you’ve been there before” to previous Penn State coach Joe Paterno:

“On the respect of the job. Remember Joe Paterno? What would certainly he say? ‘Act choose you’ve to be there before.’ Act with honor and dignity and respect and hold the to trust of the presidency.”

The full quote is frequently rendered as a football analogy: “When you get into the end zone, act choose you’ve been there before.”

Many civilization criticized Scaramucci for utilizing Paterno — whose career to be tarnished after ~ a prolonged child sexual abuse scandal — as an instance of honor, but others took worry with the attribution of this quote. Go Joe Paterno yes, really say “act favor you’ve been there before?” no it Vince Lombardi? No, it was Tom Landry. Or probably it was Paul Brown, Lou Holt, or Paul william “Bear” Bryant?

Our study turned increase a variety of credible sources that deadline this expression to a wide variety of coaches. Jack Ham, for instance, a Pittsburgh Steelers player who spent his college years play for Paterno at penn State, composed in the front to the publication “An weird Steelers Journey” the Paterno had actually once provided the phrase:

Andy read the play and close the turn off tackle, making the running back bounce come the outside, and also yet he to be still able to do the tackle. Every one of that and he made the look easy. No large deal. He helped the running earlier get up and went back to the huddle. Business as usual. As Joe Paterno would say, “Act prefer you’ve been there before.”

The New York Times quoted hall of Famer Lou Holtz making use of a comparable phrase in a 1986 article, and also former Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown in 1991.

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Together this quote reportedly sums up the general attitude that coaches have toward finish zone celebrations, it has actually probably been talked by hundreds of different coaches (including Paterno) at once or another: 

Many football coaches have actually a straightforward opinion on how a player must act when he come in the end zone to score a touchdown.

Famous former coaches Darrell royal (University that Texas), Vince Lombardi (Green just Packers), Paul Brown (Cleveland Browns), and also Tom Landry (Dallas Cowboys) are among those who have actually been attributed with saying, “Act prefer you’ve to be there before.”

But who claimed it first? return we have actually yet to discover a critical answer, the Washington Post attributed this quote come Vince Lombardi in 1967:

It is hard to imagine Lombardi not fuming in ~ the sight of a mediocre protective lineman dancing through self-celebratory pleasure after make a routine tackle in the second quarter v the team rolling by 14 points. One of the numerous sayings attributed to him (it had likewise been placed in the mouth of other coaching legend Paul Brown) is something the he supposedly stated to the an excellent kick returner Travis Williams in 1967 when Williams danced after ~ scoring a touchdown: “Travis, the following time you make it to the finish zone, act favor you’ve been there before.” as the story goes, that was all that essential to be said.