One the the math principles that I have seen students battle with the most, and yet seems so simple at an initial glance, is absolute value. It often seems the the only thing students ever before “get” native an absolute worth lesson is this: absolute value = do it positive. The is NOT, however, the an interpretation of absolute value, and also therefore, i do not care the reason of lot confusion together students shot to apply and use absolute value in more complex problems. This absolute value exploration teaches absolute value in a way that makes sense, and makes it clear to student why absolute value difficulties are unique.

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In order for students to accurately use and also understand absolute value, it is important that the an interpretation be do clear best from the beginning: absolute worth = street from zero.

Then the discussion can revolve to distance and measurement and also why distance need to be positive, and also therefore, the absolute value the a number (or expression) need to be positive.

To demonstrate this for students, I have two student stand beside me and take 5 actions away. One takes 5 procedures in one direction, the various other 5 procedures in the contrary direction. I then ask every student, “How much away room you?” The prize is: “5 actions away.”

The distance is the same, even though they room 5 actions away in different directions.

It might seem at very first glance the this is mere semantics, and also not a distinction worth noting, however trust me, it will prevent numerous mistakes and also misunderstandings down the roadway if students are taught come think with the use of absolute value through this understanding.

For example, if students’ only knowledge of absolute value is the absolute worth = positive, castle will frequently get perplexed or simply overlook the negative in a difficulty such as: x = -|-4|.

They see those absolute worth bars, think “It must be positive,” and therefore solve as x = 4. More complicated problems additionally become confusing when the absolute worth of one expression is given, however the last solution for x is a an unfavorable number.

FREE Absolute value Exploration:

The adhering to lesson is plan to help students not only far better understand absolute value, yet understand WHY absolute worth equations and inequalities must have actually two instances to solve.

Included are some teaching tips, a student handout and an answer key.

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This is not, however, a considerable look at absolute value problems. There will certainly still be many problems to consider after this introduction, such as problems with no solution, and also real human being applications of pure value.

But ns hope you find this absolute value exploration useful and are may be to carry out a solid foundation for her students!

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