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Use your Existing AA Battery because that D Battery Applications

Features and Specifications:Capable for all applications using D dimension batteryEasy come use, just plug and goSpecially designed for one high capacity NiMH rechargeable AA battery and also 1.5V 2900mAh AA main Lithium batterySize: 32.2 mm (1.27 inches) in diameter x 57.3 mm (2.3 inches) in height; 61.3 mm (2.41 inches) in height with one AA installedManufacturer"s component Number: 80048Note: This is because that one AA battery, when AA installed, slightly much longer than standard D. Diameter slightly better than traditional D cell. May not fit all devices.

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I converted an old GI flashlight right into an LED torch for my son and also it just made feeling to usage rechargeable cells instead of old D batteries. Works an excellent but a bit loose at the terminals.
I read the reviews, and I don"t recognize what was being reviewed but the adapter I gained only hold (1) AA battery. The Specs don"t in reality tell you since they"re blank. Therefore if you were hoping these were choose the 2 - 3 AA Tenergy adapters, these space NOT them.I"m walk to store them since it would cost an ext to delivery them back than they"re worth.
This adapter transforms 2 AA batteries into a D battery. It"s convenient since AA batteries room common but D battery are tough to find. Definitely worth the cost.
ProsIf you run out the D batteries 2 AA batteries are indistinguishable to 1 D battery if you own this adapter.

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This is a great item and it saves me ALOT the money because I always have AA batteries, but never have actually D Cells, which ns should since I collect antique tin litho playthings which usage them. Slight downside in that they space cardboard, but they are substantial and should last forever if installed and removed carefully. An excellent item.
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