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FYII have to relate some very sad news for those that don"t recognize it Mike Cropo passed away on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. R.I.P. (His passing was due to... Phase 4 lung Cancer and also heart difficulties related come it )SOL Link web Site
And in the rage of this darkest hour I will be your light A lifetime for this destiny For ns am Winter born and in this moment..I will certainly not operation It is my ar to stand We few shall bring hope within our bloodied hand (bloodied hands) and also in our Dying, we"re an ext alive-than we have ever been I"ve live for these couple of seconds For ns am Winter born The CruxShadows "Winterborn" (This Sacrifice)

Am i m really sorry to hear that always was to plan on reading more than just book 1. He to be a top quality amateur writer that is because that sure... Its a shame how may of this folks write for fun and enjoyment theirs and ours and one day... They take a break - they"re no feeling well. Few months later on - many thanks for the memories. Ns couldn"t also tell you who they wherein anymore yet several of my favourite SOL authors have unfortunately passed together well. Sad point is a lot of several of these authors had actually been retired for simply a couple of years... Gotta take better care the yourself now while you room young and also in good shape. You can make it come 100 if girlfriend exercise, learn something new everyday - stretch the brain. The practice helps flush the toxins out of body and mind so you will live longer... And eat appropriate - 10% meat 90% veggies and also get that water everyday. No need for an elaborate multi-vitamins, your body just flushes the anyway - you must eat right not shot and cheat - reason you can"t. No smoking and drink sparingly if in ~ all. So right here is hoping Fel it s okay his checkups, his long walks and gets in form if that isn"t so he is v us because that many more years to come!
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Re: Mike Cropo (A Spartan"s battle Series) R.I.P.

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Phantom wrote:FYII have to relate some really sad news for those who don"t recognize it Mike Cropo passed far on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. R.I.P. (His passing was due to... Phase 4 lung Cancer and also heart problems related come it )SOL Link net Site

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What. The. Fuck. 2017.In the previous year I"ve lost my wife, my sister-in-law, 2 cats, found that multiple authors I like had passed away, discovered that one had been paralyzed for months and is only really slowly recovering, and also two others space fighting cancer.And now this.Oh, _and_ I discovered this morning that my 96 year old granny fell and also broke she hip, it to be a negative fall, and also they didn"t think she"d endure surgery, for this reason they"re just doing the ideal they deserve to to do her comfortable. My dad stated that most likely... Well, I"ll most likely be attending a funeral in the following month.Not the best possible birthday, y"know?I"m obtaining real noble of her shit, 2017.